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This is the place for all out-of-character discussion regarding the Dark Days in Sion play-by-post game.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Introduction [Tellerian Hawke] "Bad Bill"

Ok, so, here goes...

My ENWorld username is Tellerian Hawke. Real name: Christopher or just "Chris." (My family and friends call me Chris, so you guys do the same :) ) I tend to go by Christopher at the office. I'm a professional librarian / administrator, and I've been playing D&D since 1979.

Anyway, my character is an Elven Archer named Billanverthorne Varenneth, aka "Bad Bill."

No one knows much about Bill, except the rumors floating around that he was once a soldier, and that he was kicked out of the army because he was wild and bloodthirsty. Most people think he's an unknown quantity, i.e., he's "bad company." ... He's about 6'2", and he's rail-thin, although he is sinewy, and looks to be very athletic. The breastplate that he wears looks to be Elven military issue, although it's a bit dinged up, here and there. He carries a large, composite longbow, and on his back, next to his quiver, in a quick-draw scabbard rig, is a nice-looking greatsword that looks to be of Elvish make. His stern countenance isn't very friendly; he looks to be a rough customer. You notice that the local con men, who are usually all over newcomers, give him a wide birth. It's as if they know better than to approach him...

Narayan told me to tell you the following:

narayan said:
Go ahead and introduce yourself to the group in the OOC discussion thread. Also, inform everyone for me that I tried to change my email address on EN World and now it won't let me re-activate my account and post anything in the threads. I've emailed the administrator but I dunno how long it'll take before it gets fixed.


Thanks for posting that for me Hawke. The admin fixed that for me his morning so all is well now. Great customer service on this forum I like it!
I see that you are possibly looking for new players; are there open slots? What is the expected post rate/progression of the campaign? I have read up on the home world rules, I feel like it's not too complicated to get a grasp on. I have not read up on any of the In Character posts, as I keep that out unless its' relevant. Makes role playing a little more interesting.


Open Slots Available

I see that you are possibly looking for new players; are there open slots? What is the expected post rate/progression of the campaign? I have read up on the home world rules, I feel like it's not too complicated to get a grasp on. I have not read up on any of the In Character posts, as I keep that out unless its' relevant. Makes role playing a little more interesting.
Hello and welcome, yes there are open slots. I expect players to post every 48 hours or less. Most of us do a pretty good job of that so the game is progressing at a good rate thus far.

Here are some links to other game-relevent threads you'll wanna look at.

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Welcome Tellerian! Great to have you on board. Damn I'm enjoying this game a lot, excited about the next scene too :D

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Yeah, I love it so far, I think I'm finally getting into the mindset for Bill, and being able to play him instinctively. That's always the hardest thing about creating a new character (at least for me); getting to know the character well enough to be able to think like him is the point that must be reached, if one desires his character to be believable / convincing. I think I'm just about there.

I can't wait for the party to be all together in the same place! It will be fun to see what we can accomplish together!


Yes good to have you with us Tellerian, your elf is a fun character!

Btw, based on your counsel I have just edited the spot/listen penalties for helms in the house rules.

Please take note anyone who wears a helm or plans on it.
Intro - Svexyn

Svexyn is a wanderer by nature lately. Not tall, but not short, he usually keeps his leather vest and hooded jerkin over his chain shirt along with a few daggers about his body. Otherwise, he seems like an ordinary adventurer barely out of his teens. That is, except for his spiked chain that he keeps wrapped around his torso and ready to be used as needed.

What's even more strange, is his two followers. Having needed some people with local knowledge, he found Mogan and Folg recently and hired their services. Hopefully he won't regret it, having a half dwarf and kobold running around with a human outsider. He's on his own quest, having been given a task to find a certain missing person.

As for me, I've been around these boards for quite a while, played plenty of campaigns, and pretty familiar with 3.5 and Pathfinder rules. I've DM'ed plenty of times, on other play by post sites, a swell as played in plenty of games. I've only read the past scene, and looking to see how you all fill in the blanks. I like not reading the past posts, makes things more interesting being in the dark ;) I've been out of the loop for years, but back to enjoy what I've missed for the past 8 or so years.

Hope we get to meet up in the storyline soon and see just how well we mesh.


Scene 3 Discussion

Just wanted to say great job to everyone. Scene 2 was good but Scene 3 was even better! That sort of deep character development, meaningful dialogue and brave combat makes for a great story. You should all be proud of your contributions. I couldn't be happier with the progress at this point so keep up the good work!

We should get at least two of the three groups connected in this next scene. I expect Burrai and Billanverthorne will meet first, followed by Svexyn and the main group. Ersun may end up with the other PC's next scene as well, depending on how he plays things out. (It will help if he posts more frequently :p )

I have been working diligently adding information to Obsidian Portal about the Quresh, The Sezzara Wasteland, and other things about the world that we discuss in game I do my best to add to the Wiki. I have decided to try and challenge myself to fully map out the political boundaries of Akhenaten before the end of the year. That means several other kingdoms and different cultures will likely arise before I'm finished. Should be interesting!

Also, don't be shy about asking game-related questions (even hypotheticals) in here. I won't give away too much in way of OOC knowledge, but I'll do my best to help explain the way the rules and the world work. Don't forget, I'm happy to involve players in the world-building and rule-making process as well.
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Thank you Narayan!

It really is a wonderful game and story, thanks for all your hard work :)

Looks like a level up for Wrenwil woohoo! I'll get the character sheet all sorted out etc.


Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Yes, I am having a blast in this game! Billy boy is a few Orc whiskers away from a level himself! :)

I updated his sheet, he's good to go.
Hypothetical question #1... if somehow enough fate points we're saved up to take a feat, does it have to be used at that time, or can they be "banked" and used, but a feat selected at a later level?
Ok, new post - something that hopefully helps you all out. There is a Spoiler feature enabled which means you can use (sblock) text goes here (/sblock) to allow you to write out information, notes, etc that is only displayed if the reader clicks the Spoiler button. Just replace the parenthesis with brackets [] to get it to work. I used to be a forum moderator on another site, and these tips are coming back slowly one by one.

[sblock]Congrats, you have clicked the Spoiler button. Wish there was more to offer, except to note that you can click a button![/sblock]
[sblock=Don't Click This Button] Well, apparently, some people can't read. Then again, I would have clicked it too ;) [/sblock]
By default, if you just use the standard spoiler feature, it displays it as SPOILER button. You can alter this text to anything you want it to show, such as DON'T CLICK THIS BUTTON. Just edit the (spolier=Don't Click This Button) and viola!

In the past, we used it for Knowledge Checks, meaning instead of waiting for results, the DM could post :
Make a Knowledge Local Check for Results:
[sblock=Result less than 15]You realize that your futile attempts to learn about this region might be better served swinging a wooden sword. You couldn't tell if this was a town or a hovel...[/sblock][sblock=Results 15 through 20]You know that the local rainfall makes the raining season one to remember. The nearby stream swells during this time and local fishing is best done during those months.[/sblock][sblock=Results 21+]Having grown up nearby, you know that there is a nearby cave that used to be used by an adventure group that has long gone missing. Might be a good time to investigate and pilfer what was left. Luckily, you know one of the stablehands that knows exactly where to look.[/sblock]

Or for , or even to have a single post with each person clicking their own Spoiler for their character results from a DC 15 Spot Check for all three characters:
[Sblock=Svexyn Spot Result]You note that two people are whispering and pointing in your direction[/sblock][sblock=Mogan Spot Result]Mogan notes that there is a perched crow that has taken an uncanny interest in your conversation, as it cocks its head to the side listening to Svexyn and Folg. Crows are not usually seen in this part of the desert..[/sblock][sblock=Folg Spot Result]A Squirrel!![/sblock]
It can have plenty of uses, and one the DM used to require us to do in another long forgotten campaign was to have our Character Quick Stats in each of our posts, for quick reference. Something like:

[sblock=Svexyn Quick Stats]
Level 3, Init 2, HP 35/35, Speed 30
AC 16, Touch 12, Flat-footed 14, Fort 5, Ref 3, Will 3, Base Attack Bonus 2
Cold Iron MW Cold Iron Spiked Chain +6 to hit (2d4+4, x2) Reach, Adjacent, Trip, +2 Disarm[/sblock]

As you can see, plenty of opportune uses, and for spellcasters, an easy way to keep track of spells per day uses within each post for easy tracking. Even tables, to keep track of your spells in easier to read format. Tables are a lot more involved, so if you want me to build you a custom one, just let me know what you want it to show, and I can get it done. Example Spell Tracker WITHOUT and WITH a Table:

[sblock=Spell Tracking without Table]
Spells Per Day 3/2/1/0/0/0/0/0
Uses Left 1/2/0/0/0/0/0/0 [/sblock]
[sblock=Spell Tracking with Table]
Spell Level0123456789
Spells Known4321000000
Spells Left2100000000

Hope it helps! And sorry for the long read... I ramble at times...


I'm cool to use spoilers if that's what you guys decide is a good way forwards, also cool with stat blocks etc.

Wrenwil wants one of the ancient instant text messaging magics, although back then I reckon sending stones were called iStones :D


Excellent suggestion there Fangor, give Svexyn another Fate Point for that useful OOC contribution to the game. Or, if you prefer, you can give a Fate Point to one of your henchmen who might need it more than you do someday lol


That's true 97mg, many magic items are essentially fanciful copies of common technology in modern times. Btw just sent you a PM here on ENWorld.


Made a little stats block spoiler and dropped it into Wren's last post, let me know if there is anything else you'd like in there :D


Penandpapergames down?

So as of last weekend looks like the old forum (penandpapergames.com) is down. Maybe permanently this time. This is a bummer because there is like... 10 scenes worth of storyline there for backstory that went *poof*. I'm not really a web-savvy guy, I dunno how to download threads and such for backups otherwise I would have done it a while ago. I can't even track down the email address of the forums administrator in case there's anything he can do while its offline.

I dunno if anyone of our current players did any note-taking regarding anything from penandpaper while it was still up? If so let me know.