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The old woman takes all the complements with a small grin as she watches over her granddaughter. After dinner Pell is taken away to have a long wash. Before she goes she gives each of her saviors a kiss on the cheek (Niklos gets one on both cheeks), as a thank you.

Then as if your bellies weren't full enough, Minny tells you all to dig into the warm triple berry pie she sits on the table. She leaves the heroes alone as she goes to bathe Pell. The two other older children take out most of the leftovers for the pigs and start their evening chores.

OOC: Just need Niklos's downtime and then i'll write up a story post to advance the game a couple days.

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The next couple of days are quiet for the group of Red Larch's newest heroes. Although they go mostly on their separate ways, they do see each other at the Swinging Sword and share a drink, or a meal over at the Helm at Highsun.

The townsfolk greet each of them with a nod and smile, and stop for a pleasant quick chat about how the weather seems to be back to normal or if they've talked to any other ghosts lately. Your treated as one of the community and asked for advice on everything from identifying plants found in the surrounding woods to helping settle disputes that erupt when two men find themselves to drunk to think straight.

Niklos finds himself surrounded by children ever morning, not looking just for the gifts he carves, but just to touch the hem of his coat or pat his hand. The children are dispatched as quickly as they form by their elders and parents. One young girl gets up enough bravery to ask the old gnome if he is an angel, which he finds odd. He is soon out of supplies from all the late night carving, and will need to take another trip into the forest for more.

Terry is a hit at The Helm at Highsun, telling stories and buying drinks. But more drinks are bought for the young herion who was brave enough to face down an ogre and talk a goblin out of his treasure, before Standing in the presence of Lord Sevond. One of her more frequent story telling partners is a lighfoot halfling named Stannor Thistlehair. The young carpenter now works for Waelvur's Wagonworks and during one of his more drunk tales, he speaks as if the both of them were conspirators deep in a secret conversation. He tells of how his boss Ilmeth Waelvur disappears into a hidden tunnel in the back of his own work yard. "And.. andsth, I've seen others to, ooo, ooo." he says in a slightly slurred speech. "Hooded and masked they were."
Terry also continues to ask about the Mirabar delegation and finds that a female half-orc saw them around the same time Brother Eardon had. Zomith is a strapping guardswoman that said she arm-wrestled with a few of the delegation guards. She is impressed by the stories of the young cleric and tells Terry she is headed to Feathergale Spire, to higher own as a guard. She offers to put in a good word for the young woman should she also come seeking employment there.

Cyan has trouble finding a pot made entirely of cooper. She settles for one with a copper bottom and hopes it will do for what she has planed. She spends a couple days experimenting, trying to "catch" her dragon breath inside a bottle of the moonshine she has made. True lightning in a bottle. She gets a spark into a few but they burn out before they can reach the Swinging Sword. Maybe she needs some copper wire or copper bottom bottles? To hold the charge.

Talinthos finds his mark Marlandro Gaelkur in his establishment, a used goods and barber shop, which also serves as an unofficial second tavern for the locals. Gaelkur confides in the elvish rogue after Talin's third day visiting the shop. He tells the elf that should he come across any items made of gold, and at all, that he'll give him a great deal 'in gold' for the items. Talin is suspicious and tries to think of a way to get his hands on some of Gaelkur's 'gold' because the man is surely not making any money chopping hair and selling second hand goods. A human shepherd, Larmon Greenboot, befriends the young elf on one of his visits to the barbers. The old man says he shears enough sheep to know he shouldn't be cutting his own hair. Through a day of talking (and drinking), he invites Talin to stop by his home if he is ever south of Red Larch along the Cairn Road. He hints there are mysteries enough for the curios around the Sumber Hills.

Captain Barakas finds that the Cairn Road is a lot longer than he expected it to be. And from the air most of it can't be seen with all the trees and brush in the way. Cursing the land and wishing for the ability to see for miles around on the open ocean. He returns to Red Larch with no clues, but the cryptic message of a long dead noble. He also hasn't felt the strange savage storm abilities the ghost showed were inside of him, but he knows they are still there, waiting to be unleashed.


And it is morning three days since the groups first adventure that fate once again, gathers the heroes together.

As Terry, Talin, Niklos, and Cyan have a quiet breakfast at a table in the Swing Sword, they watch the brooding Captain Stormsword sitting at the bar. They all know what the ghost had told the blue-skinned teifling about Jolliver Grimjaw and his new occupation as a bandit.

As they ate in silence constable Harburk Tuthmarillar walks into the establishment. He sees the group at the table and walks right up a worried look on his face. "Pardon me, but I was wondering if I might beg a minute of your time."

DM assumes the group is coregel lol

He spins a tale of banditry along the Cairn Road late last night as some hunters were trying to trap a boar. One of the men made it into town no more than two hours ago. He hopes the group is the heroes he thinks they are and asks for them to bring the men in for trial. He offers a reward of twenty gold per captured bandit.

OOC: And as an OOC side note. Should you complete this side adventure "Bows and Bears" everyone will be hitting level 2. Just extra incentive from your DM.


"He took an arrow to the shoulder. And lost a lot of blood getting to town." the constable says solemnly. "I sent for Lymmura at the All Faiths Shrine, she healed him enough so he could tell us his story."

Looking at the seriousness on the winged teiflings face the constable smiles and nods his agreement.

"Bandits are a scourge. I will assist in clearing them from the area."

Talin gives a crooked smile. This was another chance to get in better with the town and it's constable. Having the man on his side might be helpful in the future.


Cyan smiled, however her reptilian visage looked more menacing than anything as she bared a row of sharp teeth. "It was not what I imagined myself doing when I arrived here, but I must admit the excitement of the last adventure has developed a thirst in me that has not been slaked by anything I have brewed since."

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