D&D 5E EB's One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (OOC)

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The level is cleared. And the group will find the NPC prisoners hiding and waiting, they were not brave enough to try and escape on their own.
Looting and heading back to town is possible, I could wrap this all up in one big finsihing story post unless there are still things you wish to do.

Scroll- protection from good and evil
Pit- animal bones at the bottom, 20' deep.

Let me know what you want to do.


Badger will be staying in the cave. It is now Badgers cave. He will be studying everything in the cave. It will henceforth be named “Badger’s Cave”, and townsfolk will talk about all the crazy experiments that go on in there. More in a humorous “Don’t g up there, you’re liable to get your hair burnt off!” Than anything nefarious.

Also, dibs on the scroll. I want to scribe it. That’s 10gp. Are there any other scrolls in the Evil Wizards library?

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You'll need to spend some down time before the cave is good for anything other than RP, and Hassan would want to destroy the summoning room, but I don't think Badger needs that extra area.

If everyone is ok with Badge having the scroll I'll have it deducted from your total gp, for the adventure. But it is not the scroll mentioned in the journal. hint - the quasit had a scroll in its hand before it vanished.

You find nothing else of real value from the wizard's library, a chest with some clothes, extra ink and parchemnt, etc. Interesting note is where is his spellbook??? - Later quest/hook maybe.

The only bodies to bury are the dead wizard, Suto and the wolf. Let me know where you would like to bury any bodies. I know you don't have a magic to keep them from becoming undead, but your actions/prayers could help with that. Don't want Badger to have unexpected company one night.

Will have the loot up after the closing post, along with downtime, and experience all in post #2 to find it easily. Mi'Lady won't have enough money to get her through the month, but for a few days she'll be happy.

A few notes before the closing post in case you wish to do something about the following...
- As I said Hassan would want the summoning room sealed off/caved in maybe.
- There was the odd dwarven tomb that was sealed up. I am thinking that perhaps Snorri would inquire at the nearest outpost/dwarven merchant train to find whatever lost records there may be. And then he could come back with a few dwarves to transport the bones of the entombed back to where ever they truly belong.
- The main item is that when the group reaches the ogre level they find that Blogg is gone, rope and all. Also missing is the cart, a few kegs of ale, some sheep, and the very large chest with all the silver in it. You figure the hobgoblin probably came back and freed the ogre then they both fled for greener pastures. But they might return to haunt the PCs at a later date.

Let me know what your characters wish to do - I am thinking that they will head back to town, spend a couple days there being heroes, then head their separate ways. Then all meet back at the cave a tenday later, Hassan with his demolition team, Snorri with his pallbearers, and Mi'lady just passing through onto her next adventure. By then Badger will have tale to tell, about what was happening at Skulltop Hillock Badger's Cave.


Milady will be pissed the silver is gone! LOL

I say bury the bodies under the tree where the hobgoblin was.

Milady doesn't care about demolishing the chamber or the dwarven tomb (unless it has treasure!), so Hassan and Snorri can have at it. Badger too. She doesn't think she'll ever see them again, so bon voyage and all that LOL


the magical equivalent to the number zero
I imagine the spot under the tree would indeed be the best place to bury someone. Snorri is sure to study the dwarven tomb and return with others to get the corpse over to an appropriate place.

So yes, pretty much like you described.

Too bad about the missing silver, although I have a feeling we'll find a dead (poisoned) ogre and hobgoblin soon, because they took the kegs of ale... :)

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