D&D 5E EB's One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (OOC)


Ok so let's give this a shot and see what happens.

Players can make a character whenever they wish not just one for this first game that I'm about to start. Will do an RG thread (next I guess?)

So the ideal behind the One Shots is to get in a number of games playing the same character(s) but not necessarily with the same party.

Rules: (cuze we all need them, all subject to modification)
1. Newbies to the sight or those players that haven't played in one of the past two games will get priority placement. Want everyone to have fun.
2. PvP is strictly frowned on. So that would be a no to that.
3. No trading of equipment will be allowed - but borrowing something for the adventure is acceptable.
4. Working on downtime/crafting if anyone wishes to discuss this please join us here
5. Have fun! That is a rule so please follow it.

IC here
Ok going to make RG to get a link in here brb
Discuss thread
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I love this. I will certainly be making some characters to use. Or use some of my characters that I've come to love so much.

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Ok everyone this is what things will look like when the status is open (i.e. recruiting)

Game #1:
OOC: For the past few years, an ogre has demanded monthly tribute from the town of Dundraville. Since the demands were ale, sheep, and occasional mundane supplies, the town complied with these demands. The ogre was content to collect his extorted goods, and leave the town alone. However, last month, the tribute changed. In addition to ale and sheep, the ogre demanded gold and building materials! But the situation has grown even more grim. The ogre returned yesterday with yet more demands of ale and worse: townsfolk!

The town is in an uproar and denied the ogre's request. The brute flew into a rage and grabbed two townsfolk and hauled them back to his lair. They're destined for his gullet, no doubt! But with the aid of the local druids and brewer in town, the last batch of ale the ogre took was laced with a mild poison to help incapacitate the brute. Now it's time for brave heroes to finish the deed, and hopefully pull off a heroic rescue as well.

Adventure: for 4-5 LVL 1 (only) adventurers (note: sometimes this will read LVLs 1-3 or the like giving everyone a chance to join in)
Party: all classes welcome (this will be the part where I suggest classes based on what the author has suggested)
Type: dungeon crawl (and here I hope to better describe what the game its environs and such will be like)

After I post all that I just leave it up to you players to decide who wants to play and am here to answer any questions.

The first adventure is posted and I am ready to go. Who's with me? (imagine Jerry Maguire)


Well, luckily I had one character almost complete, I'd been preparing him for another game of yours that filled up too quickly. I'll flesh him out, and see what else strikes my interest for the rest of my portfolio.


Only fitting you have the first character up hafrogman

And a Sorcadin (as Shayuri would say). Nice and could fit in with going to save townsfolk/kill the monster.


I will throw my hat in. Not sure with what yet.

Welcome, and have fun making your characters.

Oh, I'd be interested!. Character concept and sheet coming soon if ok.

Everyone is welcome! And this may give you a shot at trying a druid or cleric for at least one of your characters.

My big goal is to get every player in Talking the Talk to make at least one character for the One Shots! ANother big goal to be sure.

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