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D&D 5E Great Weapon Fighting Style *Fix*


That would help with the greatsword and maul, but none of the other two-handed weapons. And I find rolling d4s annoying (the whole picking them up thing :) ).

That was why I added the third option about raising a low roll to half the die maximum. No rerolling necessary. Using a base 3 is too low, however.

I was actually thinking about going the other direction for a simpler GWF as well. Since you are using two-hands, you are more accurate with your strikes. I didn't include it in the OP since I was trying to keep the "better damage" concept.
No I think that solution could be applied to them in the new weapon tables too. Move the simple weapons to the small pool wide variance damage like one[d8/d10/d12] & the martial weapons getting multiple dice or even multiple dice divided by N Most weapons cap out at 12 (I'm not aware if any d20 or 2d12weapons). That kind of range opens up things like 3d4 (3-12), 2d6 (2-12), 3d6/2(3-9), 4d4 (4-16), 1d6+1d4 (2-10), 1d8+1d4 (2-12), 1d8+1d6 (2-14).

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And with versatile weapons you can chose either? I'd like that.

It always hurts my brain that if you wield a verstaile weapon in two hands, that you downgrade your damage in 5e.
Versatile has its own style that allows them to don/doff shields and other action based equipment options as a reaction and when they make attacks with a versatile weapon using two hands the damage die is increased by one size.

For completeness:
Twf- only one of the weapons needs the light tag and +1 AC while welding separate weapons in each hand.

Protection - as written but defense gets rolled into it .

Thrown weapon- no disadvantage at long range and +1 damage with thrown weapons.

Blind fighting - same as before but ranger/fighter only.( Monks get this or unarmed for free at lv 5)

Interception - as written but scaling changed to be less powerful at low levels but more impactful later (just a flat three times Prof bonus)

Unarmed- +1 damage with unarmed strikes.being being prone doesn't cause disadvantage on unarmed attacks.

I find rolling d4s annoying (the whole picking them up thing :) ).
That's why you get d4s that are dodecahedrons. :p The extra d4 idea is interesting however; not a big as rolling damage with advantage a bit more random than a flat bonus. Or just make it if X result is even add 4, if X is odd add 2. X= dice roll, total or what ever.

Maybe adding something other than straight damage; increased crit range? maybe a bonus stun attack (striking with the hilt), or a chance to disarm again non heavy/thw?
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That someone better
I'd keep it as simple as possible.

Roll Advantage for damage.

Done as part of the damage roll, and less mathy as you are just looking for the bigger number.

Quick and clean during actual play, and gives the PC a tangible benefit.


The best part of great weapon fighting is when a player rerolls...and winds up doing less damage. Which can and occasionally does happen. Yeah, it's a garbage fighting style. There was a discussion of ideas to improve it over in the OneD&D sub-forum.


prof bonus to damage with 2Handed melee weapons. Maybe even 2×prof bonus to damage.


Dueling; prof bonus to damage rolls
GWF: 2×prof bonus to damage
Archery: prof bonus to damage
TWF: adds ability mod to off hand attacks. Adds second off-hand attack in you have Extra attack.
Defense: damage reduction in proficient armor equal to prof bonus. Now we can remove Heavy armor mastery feat. Or not, having 2×prof bonus DR for heavy armor could be it's main selling point. Then just remove medium armor as a category. Increase DR by 1 if you are using a shield that you are proficient with it.


Same as Great Weapon Master.

In general, unless you are almost guaranteed to hit the monster anyways, using this feat can be a losing proposition from what I see. If you have a 50/50 chance of hitting and you reduce it to 25/75 chance of hitting vs. missing, it's not a good trade-off.

HOWEVER, it is made for those who want to SMASH. They want to hit things as hard as they can and do as much damage as they can. They hate the low numbers.

Granted, great weapon mastery does a LOT more damage if you have a stronger/better hit percentage, but it is all about doing the maximum damage possible.

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