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(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


The great eagle took off and the giant returned to the flying castle. Fifteen minutes passed in nervous anticipation, and then a giant strolled into view along the trail from the direction of the steading. He was tall - much taller than the hill giants - and his silver-blue hair was cropped short. His skin was almost translucent, and his armor and clothes were of the finest qualities. He held an enormous sword, in its sheath, over his shoulder.

As he approached, he put up his hand and announced, "I am Prince Thyffon of Castle Volare and I would speak to you, if indeed you are those that have done violence to Giant-Kind."

He said the last as if the act had angered him, but he was still willing to speak.

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Valda stares for a moment at the prince, as if she has some choice words to say to him, but she holds her tongue for the moment. She looks over at the others to see if they want to start the proceedings.

If no one steps forward, she will respond with a short "Go ahead and speak, your highness."

Just a warning that Valda does not have Persuasion and a somewhat complicated view on giantkind. Allow her to steer the negotiation at all our peril. :)

OOC: I don't think any of us have persuasion. Eoghan was our diplomat and with him gone we are kinda in trouble with any form of negotiations. We are just going to have to do the best we can. With my -1 in charisma Quinn is not the one to lead anything.


Prince Thyffon's eyes narrowed as the group all looked about at each other, hoping someone else would step forward. Valda was boldest, though she could not mask her complicated feelings regarding giant-kind.

The cloud giant's hand gripped the handle of his sword, as if he was tempted to draw it, but he released it quickly and spoke instead, "I see that you are warriors and not diplomats. I was once the same, but responsibilities have forced me in another direction, as the wind changes. Let us keep things brief between us, lest tempers grow hot. Tell me: What do you know of the alliance between the giant-types?"


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth (He/him)
Bible, recovering from her speechlessness, over-awed momentarily by the giant's enormity, steps forward, giving a short, polite bow, and addresses him in the most formal Giant speech she can muster, ::I yam Bible, my lord prinsk, Reeve of the humble village of Steelport which for many a year has lived peaskfully with the gianks of the Ponoree Hillside. That truce, which has held for generations of mankind, was forged through mutual respec' between the people of Steelport and the local hill gianks, but the folk of Chief Nosnra are a breed apart, your lofty cloudiness. They ain't got no respec' for no one, raidin' and pillagin' the countryside, takin' prisikners, and killin' the innocenk. And when we were rescuin' our friends in their basemenk, we met a twisked shape-changer they were usin' to spy on their slaves, a type of spirik I heard tales of on voyages far to the Eask, a spirik in tiger form but shaped like a man! Phooey!:: and she spits on the ground out of the side of her mouth in disgust.

::In short, your honor,:: she continues, regaining her calm, ::Nosnra and his followers are a bad lot that is up to no good, and you shouldn'k make no alliansk with them.:: And with that Bible folds her arms across her barrel shaped chest and nods her head firmly to accentuate her point.



The cloud giant chuckled as Bible spoke, which served to make her feel more self-conscious, but also made her feel as if she were succeeding to keep the situation from erupting into violence.

When she was done speaking, the giant sighed and ran his fingers through his silver hair, saying, "A shapeshifting tiger, you say? That is a terrible fiend indeed. Not one that giants should be allying themselves with, no. I must say, I am not impressed with this Hill Giant Chief, nor the company he keeps. You have helped me to make up my mind. I will not return to the Steading; instead I will depart with my castle."


As the group took in this news, the giant paused, as if listening to a voice in his head. After a moment, he nodded to himself and said, "On the other hand, I am curious as to how this Alliance of Giants will play out. As you might imagine, its consequences may hold importance for my kind. I have a proposal. I would lend you my sword (not my arm, mind; the sword itself) in exchange for you reporting to me what information you discover, and what events occur. What say you?"

He took the massive sword off his back and presented it in its sheath, first to Bible. The sword shrunk as he held it forth to a size that was still a very large greatsword, but would be possible for Bible (or Valda) to wield.

Bible could hear a woman's voice coming from the sword. It said: Take me and slay your enemies! I will be loyal and true!


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth (He/him)
"Gorshk! A talkin' sword!" Bible exclaims under her breath as she stretches out her arms to accept the weapon with both hands.

::'Tis an honor, my lord,:: she says, bending a knee before the giant, ::to accepk your grashkous offer. We'll report back to you. Honesk, we will.::

Quinn keeps silent knowing that he can only cause friction with this exchange. When the cloud giant offers the sword to them he shrugs. Since their goals align he had no issue agreeing to this deal. When Bible accepted the sword Quinn speaks.

"Then it is agreed, we will discover what is causing this alliance and report back what we find."

Quinn then turns back towards the steading prepared to continue their mission.

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