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(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


Jack sighed in silent relief at the conclusion of the exchange. While his trust for giants was in short supply, this lot at least seemed to have some common sense.

Plenty of time for knives come night. He turned to follow Quinn, his mind abuzz with thoughts on how to infiltrate the steading a third, and hopefully final, time...

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The giant whistled, a loud, high-pitched sound that reminded one of a strong wind, and another giant eagle, this one even more splendid than the previous one, soared down on great wings and landed nearby. The giant nodded to the group and mounted his eagle, patting her on her shoulder. She beat her wings hard enough to cause large stones from the nearby tors to tumble over, and she took to the skies. By the time the group had made their way to the rocky look-out, where they could see the Steading, the Cloud Giant Castle began to move southward over the hills, and not long later, it was out of sight.

Lord Faldur's man, who was on watch at the look-out, was a man named Garamond - a scout from East Elan. He said after seeing the Castle leave, "I'm very glad to see that gone! But the Steading is still here. A shame. They have doubled their watch, but I think that you can still approach from the north, without those at the Watchtower seeing you."


Is the approach from the north essentially the rear entrance of the steading? For the rest, did we want to wait until evening before we left?
Yes, the North is the back end of the courtyard. I have us at about 2pm as of arriving at the lookout. You've got about 6 hours before dusk, but I'm not sure that night helps all that much. I mean, the hill giants don't have darkvision, but they're not super observant at the best of times. They're quite possibly more likely to expect you at night. It'll take about half an hour to circle north to approach the Steading from out of sight of the Watchtower and guard patrol. So - 2:30 at the north gate, or later?


Quinn spoke metaphorically about stars and twilight and the shadows clung to them under a soft breeze that masked their footfalls and straightened the grass. Jack led the way counter-clockwise around the Steading, using the hills themselves for cover. They came to the forest to the north, and Jack led the way along an old dried-out creek, before passing between two hills and returning to the Steading from the north.

Now the great imposing palisade of the northern courtyard stood before them, with some giants milling about inside, on what would be a passible guard duty, if only they had any discipline to speak of, or any sense of organization or attentiveness.



Dungeon Master of Middle-earth (He/him)
While at the lookout, Bible takes some time to handle and examine the giant's sword, hoping to learn something of its magical properties, after which she joins the party's approach to the steading.


Bible spent some time in conversation with her new sword, getting to know her and attuning herself to its powers.

OOC: Waythe is a unique greatsword +1. When she hits creatures of the giant type, they take an extra 2d6 slashing damage & must make a dc15 STR save or fall prone. Her wielder can use an Action & expend 1 charge to know the direction (but not distance) of the nearest hostile creature within 60ft. She can sense the presence of hostile creatures that are ethereal, invisible, disguised, or hidden, as well as those in plain sight. She regains 1d6+1 expended charges daily at dawn. Waythe is a sentient weapon of NG alignment, INT 12, WIS 2, & CHA 14. She has hearing & Darkvision 120ft. She speaks Giant & Common & can communicate telepathically with her wielder. She believes in freedom & can't abide a tyrant. She is courageous to the point of foolhardiness & vocally urges bold action. She is likely to come into conflict with an evil or timid wielder.

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