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5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


"Save your magic for an emergency. For now, let me tend these wounds."

Harb breaks out his healer's kit and looks pointedly at Miss Imogen and her kerchief bandage.

Everyone who needs it can roll 1d6+9 healing.

Healer's Kit: 1d6+9 10 (for harb now at 28/33 hp.)

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Prickly Pear

Chrysagon looked around the room and stopped at the pedestal in the middle. There was a little curious cube sitting on top of it. I wonder what this is?, he mused aloud as he reached out to grab it but then thought better of it and stopped with his hand still outstretched. Ok... do you think it is safe to touch the cube?, he said and started to carefully examine the pedestal. What did Qawasha say about the text outside the shrine? Something about the serpent hides secrets in the truth, or? Chrysagon didn't always pay attention when someone was talking and this was one of those times. I don't want to set off another trap.
Without waiting for an answer and satisfied that it there was no immediate danger, Chrysagon picked up the cube from the pedestal.

Investigation/Perception check when inspecting pedestal and cube: 1D20+0 = [8]+0 = 8
I don't think Chrysagon discovers anything unusual about the pedestal or cube.

As the others made to bandage wounds, collect arrows, and breathe easy, Chrysagon stepped over to the central pedestal. The mosaic shifted on the floor to show that the serpent had lost its grip on the ape, and the ape was escaping off of the right side of the mosaic.

Chrysagon reached out and picked up the stone cube. It was lighter than he expected - a carved block of vulcanic rock with the shape of a serpent in it.


While the Sticks rested, the crew of the Little Star came to see how things stood. They brought some planks (extra planks had been salvaged from the wreck of the Star Goddess, including a huge amount of rope) and covered the pits, and they began work on tying together a rope-bridge that they would eventually sling across the narrowest gap to bridge the pillar to Omu proper.

Captain Bravewing, after surveying the shrine nodded and said, "We could make this structure into a secure place from which you can venture forth to explore the city. We can raise the Little Star up and down each morning and have Ra-nas work on making you a map."

Weed had come out of the right-hand secret door and showed Chrysagon that it had also found a stone cube. This cube looked exactly like the one that the Paladin held (though perhaps was an ounce or two lighter).
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Harb took the cubes and examined them. They had seemed significant to him on sight and he'd merely been attempting to get to one when the mummies attacked. Now he wasn't sure if they would still serve a purpose or not. But he spent some time searching the temple looking for something to connect with the cubes.

In the room that was behind the hallway's arrow loops on the western side (accessed by a hidden door behind the mummified archer that the Tabaxi had killed in a net), Harb discovered a third cube, on the floor. It appeared that it had once been held in the jaw of a serpent statue there, a duplicate of the one in the eastern room (where Weed had found the other cube). This statue had fallen to decay and its head was crumbled on the floor at the base of the statue. The cube had scattered across the floor at some long-ago point when the jaw had crumbled.

Harb judged it to be an ounce or two heavier than the others, though it otherwise appeared identical to them.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Are they a key?" asks Miss Imogen. "Or do they stack on each other somehow? Perhaps the mosaic floor is missing some tesserae." She checks where she can, her hand running over the surface of any statues and along the tesselated floor as she does so.


Omu/Moah’s temple ruins
Round 0

“I’m foine noo,” Dellrak told Chrysagon, drinking some water from his flask, his wounds either bandaged or closed by magic.

Dellrak eyed the others playing with blocks they’d found. “Lemme ‘ave a look.” When he held them, he felt the slight weight difference and looked them over more closely. “Mebbe some weighted key,” he mused. “Meh. Children’s toys.”

Investigation: 1D20 = [11] = 11

OOC: Death Curse: You now must spend Hit Dice to regain HP in a Long Rest (as well as a Short one) and you only regain 1 HD at the end of a Long Rest. Additionally, Short Rests take 2 Hours. Everything else about resting follows the usual book-rules.

Free Object Interaction:
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Bonus Action: Planar Warrior (first attack that hits)
Reaction: Opportunity Attack

Dellrak Character Sheet
Initiative: +1
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 15
HP: 26/49 HD: 2/5d10+3
Bolts: 18
Bolts used: 1
Arrows: 19
Arrows used:

Detect Portal (1/R): Within 1 mile
Planar Warrior: As a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The next time you hit that creature on this turn with a weapon attack, all damage dealt by the attack becomes force damage, and the creature takes an extra 1d8 force damage from the attack. When you reach 11th level in this class, the extra damage increases to 2d8.
Primeval Awareness (action and spell slot): For one minute per level of spell slot, detect within 1 mile (6 in favored terrain) aberrations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. This feature doesn’t reveal the creatures’ location or number.

1) 4/4 Protection from Evil/Good (Horizon Walker), Jump, Goodberry, Longstrider
2) 2/2 Misty Step (Horizon Walker, BA), Healing Spirit

Kasqa: 17/17 HD 3/3

Rodrigo Di Castalone - male human fighter
Miss Imogen - female samurai, party member, Zhentarim
Chrysagon - male aasimar paladin, Order of the Gauntlet, Kelemvor
Harb - male human monk
Myrral - Tabaxi bard?
Qawasha (NPC) - Chultan druid
Kupalue (Weed, NPC) - vegepygmy
Hu’plo (NPC) Chultan
Kasqa (NPC) - Chultan warrior


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Myrral comes out of his trance energized. He was thinking about the ruin and its history, but didn't come up with much. Tribal history rarely contained something not related to the tribe unless it threatened them in some way.

He looked over the cubes, tried to match their patterns to one another and open the heavier cube by twisting and pushing parts of it. But he soon grew bored with it and bound away looking into nooks and crannies in the rooms around trying to find more.

History: 13, Investigation: 17, Perception: 9 :(

Tabaxi can look into high places so consider all air ducts, fallen masonry from high pillars and such investigated.

Prickly Pear

Chrysagon examined the cubes too but found nothing that the others hadn't already pointed out. No, I don't think these cubes are toys, he responded to Dellrak's comment. Would you put a toy on a pedestal? Or hide away in a secret room, for that matter? No, they are probably just a symbol for the snake god... what did you call the god, Qawasha? Chrysagon hesitated as he raked his memory from just a while back, and then added: Serpent Moa, right?
Chrysagon walked over to the airship and placed the cubes inside his backpack. I'll keep them as souvenirs, he said aloud but in his mind he thought... you never know!

Chrysagon approved of the idea of using the pillar as a safe base from which they could explore the city. The city of Omu was quite large and they had seen many interesting places from Little Star. They also saw some creatures moving about they as flew over.
What do you reckon? Chrysagon inquired. Today we make this place safe and we finish the rope bridge. Tomorrow we can explore the city!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"We're not tourists," Miss Imogen says sternly as Chrysagon pockets the cubes. As she does she is realizing her voice is channelling Matron from Miss Enna's school. "Weed and Harb found two of them, and their comparative size shows they mean something."


"The meaning may become clear to us through further investigation. In the meantime we may want to focus on making sure this place safe and secure. We have already drawn the attention of the locals."

Prickly Pear

Chrysagon sighed. There is always someone that will be Mother and must point out what is fair and whatnot, he thought and reached into the backpack. Here you go, Chrysagon said as cheerfully as possible and handed Harb the heavier cube, I believe you found it. Chrysagon tossed the lighter cube to Weed and said: And this is yours. Catch!

Chrysagon busied himself with the backpack for a while, rearranging the content. He surveyed the city on the far side of the lava pit and wondered what might lie ahead.

By the time the Sticks had finished resting, and had eaten a light meal, the crew of the Little Star had strung their rope-bridge across the gap between the pillar-of-earth on which perched the Shrine of Moa and the north-east portion of the Lost City of Omu. They took the Little Star up into the air to get an immediate lay-of-the-land, and then settled in to man the Shrine, which would serve as a base and safehouse while the city was explored.

OOC: Immediate area. The Little Star, parked in front of the Shrine, and the rope-bridge behind (north).


Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen works her way across the bridge. Her bow is over her shoulder, and she steadies herself as she crosses. The steam frm the the waterfall hitting the lava below rises up and soaks her through instantly, and she thinks, not for the first time, of the damage the jungle has done to her hair.

At the other side (assuming she gets there), her intention is the help set up a perimeter.


Harb crosses over to the other side and dissapears into the nearby buildings, scouting out the immediate surroundings, he has Ukee stay with him, providing a second set of eyes abd ears to his expedition.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Tabaxi hunters stay on the near side of the bridge covering the party with their bows while the shaman follows the monk.

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