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5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

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"Some accomplished diplomacy that was." whispered Lorenn behind Sesto.
Suddenly, Sesto's mace burst in flames...

... as Lorenn added some pyrotechnic effect to the threat with a pinch of prestidigitation.

OOC: And maybe giving advantage?


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn ground his teeth in frustration, and stepped forward.

"Translate, priest."

The exact words were not important, attitude was. In a harsh voice, Kalorn intoned "Your kin attacked, us, and for that, they burned. Stay out of our way. Attack us, and burn too. I, Kalorn, have spoken, in one voice. Thus." Feeling his performance wasn't quite enough, he trust the Nail into the ground and flames (prestidigitation) briefly burst from it.

intimidate check following Sesto: 1D20+7 = [5]+7 = 12

advantage on the intimidate check if the GM allows it: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22


Mord saw Kalorn stepping up to speak and cast a spell to help him improve his threat. He also stepped up as well, dagger glowing with eldritch energy as he readied it for any insuing battle.

Guidance: 1d4 1
Not sure if I can cast and help as well, but is somebody else can help that'll help. This guidance sucks anyways.

The troll roared and yelled, "Dey attack yoo? Uv curse dey attack yoo! You coom ta coz trubble like all liddle folks do. We be happy an' safe before yez liddle folks coom. Aks de toadish quin. She telz ye de same as me. Yez liddle folks fooks up ur dragon-boss! He crazy now, nodda gud boss no more, he ant. An den yooz! Kills ur bruddahs an makem joost like da crazy dragon, all skelly-like! We saws em, near de sick man, hidin' inna caven. All skelly-like. Crazy as ur dragon-boss an nod fit fer nuffin. Yer whadayacall..."

He paused, trying to think of the word, and another troll said, "Nekkermunchers."

the first troll yelled, "An eye doon like Nekkermunchers!"

He hefted a rather large club over his head and pounded into the ground for emphasis, nearly getting himself shot by Alhana for the threatening gesture. But, while he left a star-shaped cracked circle in the floor in front of the cleric, he had not moved close enough to reach. Perhaps he was reluctant to truly start a fight after all.

Prickly Pear

Sesto chose to ignore Kalorn at this stage. More threats didn't seem to be appropriate.
The troll's club came crashing down just in front of Sesto, but he managed to keep calm this time. Show no fear, he told himself. And not taking his eyes of the troll, he slowly bent down and picked up his mace.
So, You Don't Like The Dragon-Boss, No? The Queen Toad Don't Like The Dragon-Boss. Sesto paused and, with emphasis, struck his fist to the chest. I Do Not Like The Dragon-Boss Too!!!
Now, We Have Something In Common. You Want To Rid The Dragon-Boss, Yes? I Want To Rid The Dragon-Boss Too. My Friends Want To Rid The Dragon-Boss
, Sesto made a sweeping gesture towards Imani's agents. Now, You And I Get Rid Of The Dragon-Boss Together, Yes?
Sesto paused again to see the how his words affected the troll this time.


Dusty Dragon
In a low tone, Kalorn said "remember why we are here" He didn't speak giant, but the root of the word dragon was the same in almost all languages, and he was becoming alarmed at how often it was being brought up.


Mord shook his head slightly at Kalorn. "We are here as much to defeat this menace as to retrieve our prize. This dracolich is a servant of Dretchoyaster. If we don't deal with it here, we may find ourselves in greater danger in the future."

The trolls could not hide their surprise. One of them gasped, a large inhale of icy breath. It appeared that they had never considered the possibility of turning on their old master. The apparent leader said, "Be rid of da Dragon-Boss? Kinnit be doon? Ol' Icy-Def be tuff mudder when he lived! Now he's skelly-like! The nekkermunchers toldim ittud make him even tuffer! 'Ow kin we killim iffeez tuffer?"


"We're tuffer than we look to you. We've fought a bigger dragon than this and lived. It was even necromunched like yours is. Now we want to kill this one. If you help us we can win." Mord said, expecting Sesto to translate. He even brought up the image of Dretchroyaster again, including a little ice troll for size comparison.

The troll squinted his eyes and thought for a moment, then he opened them as if he'd suddenly had a clever notion, and he said, "Why shud we trade wun Nekkermuncher for annudder?"

The other trolls nodded at his cleverness. One said, "Dat's right!"


Mord smild darkly at the trolls. "Because, when we are done here, we intend to leave this place. We have only 3 objectives here. Kill the dragon, find the human wizard that is a prisoner here, and find a certain horn. Once we have done all these things, we will be gone."

When Sesto translated:

"Dey be Arkin Brudderhud!" blurted one of the trolls, "Lookin' fer Red Horn-head!"

The leader nodded and said, "Makka Red Horn-Head be well. We dint killer. Sheeze dooin works fer Ol' Icy-Def, sos heed spare her. Joost downda tunnel."

"Eye gots ta think." insisted the lead troll, suggesting that the task wasn't easy for him, "Bussides, Makka Horn-Head wud be sleepin' now. It be lateish, an' she wakes early-like. We go back ta Troll Cave. Leave toads in peace. Yoo coom gets us when da ice gets lighted. We shows yoo where she be den, mebbee, less eye think it bedder ta kills yoo fer me bruddahs! Den we make wiv da killings, t'be sure!"

The other trolls mumbled and nodded and the trolls turned and shoved their way past the toad tunnel-guards.

The toads were silent for a moment, and then they returned to their work.

OOC: Want to take a long rest?


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn stayed stone-faced while the trolls departed. He remained so until Echo confirmed they had left.

He then let out a ragged breath and smiled. "We did it. Well done Mord. You too Sesto"... "even you Lorenn ha, quick thinking on that spell". His face grew serious again. "We could have taken them if we had to. Let's hope they aren't false."

One had to remain vigilant, and not show weakness int front of their other allies, the Ice Toads. He looked at Alhana "let's set up some watches. Just in case".

The Ice Toad Queen was very happy when it was reported to her that the trolls had gone. She offered Imani's Agents a cold, misty chamber off to the side of her throne room to rest in, and freezing (but liquid) water in which to bathe, should they desire.

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