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5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

At first there was no anwser, and Kalorn carefully climbed the icy slope to the chamber above. Because of his familiar, Kalorn knew what to expect by the time he arrived, but the sight was still unusual: A large shelter was constructed in the middle of the ice-chamber, built of scraps, and in the style of the tents used by the desert nomads of Calimshan, some two thousand miles to the south.

The shelter was made from huge colourful tapestries and was large enough to hold multiple rooms. The bottoms of the walls draped down onto the ground, leaving no gaps underneath. The tent had no obvious entrance, but it appeared possible to slide between any two overlapping tapestries to arrive inside the shelter.

A voice came from inside the shelter and said flatly, "I suppose you should come in, then."

As others came up behind him, Kalorn pushed aside a heavy tapestry. The interior of the shelter was surprisingly warm, thanks to a small stove and simple lamps that were burning aromatic whale oil. Carpets were heaped on the floor in thick layers, and the tapestries that were styled from many different cultures were suspended from a sturdy frame of whale ribs.

Books and scrolls were stacked neatly on tables and reading stands made of hide and whalebone. The only furnishings in the shelter not made from these natural materials were the carpets and tapestries, and a portable writing desk that was likely to have been taken from a sailing ship.

Seated at the writing desk was a female tiefling wearing a blazing crimson cloak over tailored furs. The cloak was fastened with a silver-and-ivory brooch bearing a design reminiscent of a stylized, branching tree — the symbol of the Arcane Brotherhood. Two kobold attendants stoond nearby, glancing nervously between Kalorn and the tiefling, as if expecting trouble.

After a few brief moments, the tiefling looked up with an expression of pale disinterest and asked, “Have you come to save me or to kill me? Not that there can be much difference between the two.”

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Dusty Dragon
"We come for information. The saving is optional. I see no need for killing."

Smiling thinly at the faint joke - the best kind - Kalorn added. "We have been sent by Imani, Sage of Hap, to seek your expertise concerning dragons. Are you free to talk?"

Seeing no immediate threat, he waved the others forward.

"Ah, Imani. Yes, he and I had some correspondence some time ago. Before I was lost to this Godsforsaken place. Still, it has not been an entire waste. As you see, I have my research." she said, indicating the scrolls and papers on her writing desk.

"You have made quite the journey," she continued, "I will answer what I can."


Mord pushed his way into the tent and glanced around the room, with mild surprise. Then he turned to their 'host?'

"Are these..." He gestured towards the two kobolds. "Your servants? Or are they spies of the dragon?"


Mord nodded in response. "It is imperative that this conversation be kept from our enemies ears until we are ready to act. We are safe from divinations for the moment, at least though other methods of spying could be possible."

Assuming that Maccath is able to assure their silence, at least in the short term, Mord draws out the speaking stone to contact Imami.

"Imami, we are with Maccath now."[color]

Regarding her kobolds, Maccath shrugged, saying, "I don't think that they speak Common. If they flee, they may be off to warn the dragon, but more likely they will seek other kobolds or trolls first."

At the moment, the kobolds just watched, twitching nervously.

Imani replied, "Excellent. My dear Crimson, I hope we find you in good health. Please help my Agents to acquire the Draakhorn and instruct or aid them in its use. In exchange, they will arrange to bring you home to Luskan, as well as our previous arrangement. I hope this is agreeable to everyone?"

Maccath the Crimson waited to see if that was what the agents intended before she responded.


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn's eyebrow rose when Imani spoke... wasn't Maccath initially supposed to be in Luskan? hmmm... but that was for later.

Instead, he had to think of the tactics. Several kobolds had died, but a few had escaped yesterday. So they hadn't warned the dragon, or the dragon was uncaring. The trolls were on their side. Still, better not to take chances.

Kalorn looked at Lorenn meaningfully, and shifted towards the entrance - should a kobold make a run for it, he was going to cut it down. Hopefully Lorenn would understand the situation and do the same...

(OOC to GM: did some kobold escape yesterday?)


Mord smirked at the comment. "Let them run to the trolls then. They'll find one guarding our backs. They've decided to help us slay this dracolich. As for the Arcane Brotherhood, alas, their leader has no interest in your return, I'm afraid. Something about being so foolish as to come here and to be captured. You may wish to make other arrangements."

Then he looks about the room once more. "You've been afforded some level of freedom, it seems. Performing your research on behalf of Icydeath perhaps? Have you learned anything of use to us?"

It was not an indictment so much as an observation. Mord was a practical sort, and in her place, likely would have done the same to save his own life.

Prickly Pear

Finally, Sesto stepped into the tent and greeted Maccath. Sorry, the slope up was a wee slippery.

Sesto had trouble getting up the icy slope, much to the enjoyment of the head troll who laughed with glee. The heavy armour was not ideal for this task. As a mental note to himself, Sesto would ask his smith to install small sharp spikes under the sole of his shoes.
Eventually, Sesto gave up and swallowed his pride and asked the troll to give him a shove up the slope.
He had left the zombie kobolds at the entrance with Mord's skeleton trolls.


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn reached out a hand and helped Sesto up. Keep your cleric happy, his uncle would say. "Don't let the kobolds leave" he said quietly.

The Crimson agreed to accompany the group to Luskan or Hap, whichever seemed prudent. However, she said, "I can help you to use the Draakhorn, should we be able to retrieve it. The immediate problem is that Arauthator keeps it deeper in his lair. I have seen it only once, but I am nearly sure that it is there."


Primus shrugs nonchalantly. “As long as I can see it, I can get it. And I can get us out. Unless something here shuts down teleportation?”

Maccath answered, "I am not aware of any teleportation seals, but you may have noticed how the mists and fogs increase as you travel into Oyaviggaton's lower chambers. The lair is the lowest of all, and visibility is terrible. Also, I don't know your capability, but the Draakhorn weighs just over a hundred pounds. Can you teleport it?"


"Would we be able to use the horn against the dracolich here should we be able to claim it before or during battle with it? Though, we should be wary of any traps which might protect it beyond mere proximity."

Mord studied Maccath's face for a moment. "Can you tell us what the horn dies, exactly?"

"The Draakhorn was once a horn of the ancient red dragon Ephelomon, consort of Tiamat." explained Maccath the Crimson, "In the war between dragons and giants, it was a gift that Tiamat presented to dragonkind to use as a signalling device.

The horn was blasted with Tiamat's fire into a dark ebony hue and is wrapped in bands of bronze with draconic runes that glow with eldritch fire. It is so large that it takes as many as three man-sized creatures to use; two to hold it up and another to blow.

It will alert all dragons within two thousand miles to rise and be wary, for great danger is at hand. Coded blasts were once used to signal specific messages. Knowledge of nearly all of those codes has been lost to the ages. I have discovered a few of them, but I cannot teach you them now, here. And I would not dare to blow the horn myself without many days of preparation."


Primus shrugged. “If someone can lift it, I can probably move it. Won’t know until we try. ”

(If we get to lvl 9, he’ll have access to a power that creates an open portal to anywhere he’s seen within the last 24 hours that is within 1 mile. It’d be enough to get out of the dungeon, at least. And it’s a gate, so you just walk through it. As for straight up teleportation, like with his other skills, that would be up to the DM.)

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