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5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

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Loren stepped out of the tent and smiled at Alhana as he enrolled scroll. He immediately recognised Hold Monster, a powerful paralytic.

Inside, not a single person noticed the scroll gone from the cluttered desk.


"As you wish, please be prepared to leave at a momen't notice. The last time we angered a dracolich, a mountain crumbled..."

While the others had been talking to Maccaath the Crimson, Alhana had checked the extents of the chamber. In back, furthest from the tunnel through which they had entered, was another short tunnel that led to a chamber that held a small portion of the Dragon's treasure that had been taken years before from the Hosttower of the Arcane. There were three shelves that had been cobbled together out of salvaged wood, whale bone, and pieces of giants’ armor and which held a number of scrolls, tomes, books, parchments, and folios that all bore the markings of magical writing.

Though she had avoided entering the chamber in case of alerting the dracolich, Alhana knew immediately upon seeing Lorenn happily checking the contents of his scroll case, that the half-elf would be interested in the chamber's contents.

* * *

Maccath replied to Mord, "Yes, should you defeat the dracolich, I shall make ready to leave. Should you fail, I suspect that I will die not long after. In any case, I will not be leaving this chamber if you don't return, and so I have no need for these:"

She opened a chest and took out a pair of crampons - spiked footwear that fit over boots. Having noticed that Sesto was suffering from poor footing, she handed them directly to the cleric.

"You can return them to me if you survive."

Imani's Agents spent some few minutes blocking out a battle-plan. They informed the Trolls, and a few details were changed: Oggsbruff insisted that he must be involved in the attack on the dracolich, to "Be shur dat Oggsbruff be next King ovva Berg!"

His second, a troll with a padded leather helmet, would join Mord and lead the other trolls (including Mord's skeletons) in an assault on the Dragon Cultists in the north-east end of the lair, while Oggsbruff would join the majority of Imani's Agents in descending into the lair through the crack in the Scriptorium. This group would seek out the Dracolich and do what they could to end its threat forever.

They had little knowledge of the lair. All Maccath could say was that it was a "Vast cavern of ice, cloaked in fog, and well below freezing in temperature. A ridge runs down the middle like a spine of ice, and all about are shelves and pillars of ice, pools of freezing, yet liquid, sea-water, and jagged shards of sharp ice."

In addition, she added, "Retreat will be near impossible. As difficult as it will be to get down to the lair safely, it is at least twice as hard to get back up."

As all-or-nothing as all of that sounded, there was not much that could be done to improve the situation, and Imani's agents set out to make the best of it.

OOC: Anything you want to do before attempting to descend into The Dracolich's Lair?


As an afterthought to the plan, Mord asks Maccath if there are any human (or just human sized) servants of the dragon who might conceivably be able to command or even work with the ice trolls. If she can descrive them he works with his magic to suitably disguise himself as the real article. Bouncing his disguise off of her eye for detail to get it just right. He also practices adjusting his/her voice to match as well as he can without having heard it himself.

(Ooc: If nobody else, he'll 'become' Maccath herself.)


"Yup, Alhana. Everything is rolling." he said, rolling the scroll. "They finally agreed on a plan of attack: attack."

OOC: Lorenn casts Comprehend language before going down
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After roughing out the battle plan and seeing Mord and the trolls off, Miami's Agents made their way to the Scrptorium - a smallish chamber behind Maccath's tent, where arcane books and scrolls were stored. Loren was already there, perusing the shelves. A crack in the far end of the room led down toward the lair.

OOC: I assume Loren would. Loren (and anyone else who wants to look at any of the books or scrolls) must make a dc18 Arcane check. If you fail that then roll a Wisdom Save.

Maccath informed Mord, as he made his plans to confound the Cultists, "The ice-hunters will sometimes send a man down to negotiate with the dracolich or entreat with the cultists. It is not inconceivable that the trolls would escort them. The trolls being decked-out for war is a bit of a giveaway, however. And it would be unusual for so many of them to be involved."

The Scriptorium "Crack"

The crack in the ice that led from the scriptorium to the dracolich's lair was a treacherous climb over a difficult, icy surface that sloped steeply and unevenly downward - steep to the west, and even steeper toward the south. After sixty feet, it opened into a ceiling fifteen feet above the floor below - or at least it appeared that way, as the floor was covered in a cloying mist that made it difficult to determine exactly where it was, and exactly how large it was before possibly plummeting further.

The "Chute"

Mord and the Trolls had gone down the circular corridor to the lair's primary access - a chamber known as 'the Chute". The chamber was far colder than any area of the ice caves that Mord had explored so far. The cold issued from a yawning pit in the floor that twisted down into darkness, and above which was anchored a heavy iron hook in the ice of the ceiling.

Carved by kobolds into the ice of the walls were images of white dragons in flight. A five-foot-wide walkway extended around both sides of the pit, connecting the entrance to an exit across the room. A portion of the walkway was damaged (by Lorenn), crumbled away into the pit.

These trolls had never descended into the lair, and they had no ropes. Mord quickly realised that there was probably no way to get them to go quietly, and it seemed likely that they intended to jump in and risk the slide. (After all, Trolls were never afraid of minor injury that did not include the chance of being burned.)

OOC: Who's first? (We should probably discuss things like marching order and any precautions that anyone is taking.) Feel free to do it in the OOC thread if it seems like something that requires much back-and-forth.


OOC: Oogabooga always goes first, for fresh meat. Primus is more than happy to let someone else be the first to get eaten.

Before Mord could communicate any sort of plan to the trolls, one of them shouted "Oogabooga!" and jumped foot-first into the Chute.

Oogabooga slides violently down a sloping tunnel, then out into the cold air of the lair (he likes cold air) and he lands hard on an ice-shelf (taking half of Fall: 3D6 = [2, 6, 1] = 9 so 4 falling damage). He then slides toward the ledge of the shelf, which drops into mist. He can dig his claws in to stop himself from going over with a dc18 Strength save.


Mord smiles at this information and after taking a moment to reminisce, he molds his form into that of a particular Ice Hunter warrior with a chip on his shoulder. And before they set out he asks Loklafd to instruct him in the phrasing and pronunciation of a likely battlecry for the warrior in question. (And in their language)
Maccath informed Mord, as he made his plans to confound the Cultists, "The ice-hunters will sometimes send a man down to negotiate with the dracolich or entreat with the cultists. It is not inconceivable that the trolls would escort them. The trolls being decked-out for war is a bit of a giveaway, however. And it would be unusual for so many of them to be involved."

Mord did his best to simulate the look of the Ice-Hunter who was known as Orcaheart, and who was Chief Barking Seal's champion and had not been friendly at all to Imani's Agents (he had not been friendly to the Dragon Cultists either).

* * *

Oogabooga dug in his claws and stopped well before sliding off of the ledge. The Lair was dark and shrouded with mist. Other than a single flat-topped nearby pillar looming out of the mist, Oogabooga could not see anything beyond the ledge he was on. As he stood, four other trolls came sliding down. There was not a lot of room on the ledge and the first two trolls that came down slid right for him, uncontrolled. The following two managed to stop themselves with their claws.

OOC: Oogabooga can side-step and watch them slide past and over the ledge, or he can try to stop them with a claw attack each (so +7 vs AC16). If he misses either of them, they'll bowl him over and all three will go over the ledge. Edit: Haw! The second troll broke his fall on the first - look at his low falling damage! Hehe.

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) None; (PCs) None;
(NPCs) IceTroll1 5; IT2 2: IT3 6; IT4: 4 (Falling Damage - So far)


Mord sent his skeletons down next with instructions to catch him if they could. Then, casting a spell for guidance and readying a couple of small kobold daggers he'd pucked up just for similar tasks, he turned around and started his slide belly first and using the daggers to 'try' to slow his fall. It wasn't dignified, but he wasn't likely to come off as dignified antwhere short of teleporting down directly. And he wasn't about to waste any of his precious magic outside of an immediate and dire need. Not that he could see to safely target his landing at this time.

Unfortunately, the skeletons inferiority to the trolls themselves becomes clear as they lose all control on the descent.

Athletics: 2#1d20+3 10 6
Casting guidance on himself.
Athletics: 1d20+1d4 21

Mord & his Troll Skeletons

Mord was able to control his descent down the chute. At the end, there was nothing to be done but drop the last fifteen feet onto the icy shelf. By the time he got there, a little bruised, his skeletons had slid right past the gathered trolls and over the ledge into the dark roiling mists. The trolls varied from outright offended to superstitious about the skeletons, and none of them made any attempt to stop them from going over the ledge.

OOC: Just @Charwoman Gene the troll sergeant to get down for this group. (And everyone in the other group).

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) None; (PCs) Mord 6 (Fall);
(NPCs) MordTroll1 11; MT2 16 (Fall)

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