5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


As Mord lands, he turns to get a feel for the room. He notices suddenly that there were 2 less trolls than before, and he could not see his minions at all. He would have asked the question, then noticed that those trolls left had stood to either side of the ledge before him and suddenly he understood. They would rather let their friends, let alone his skeletons. Remembering that one more was due to come down shortly, he also moved to the side as well.

"Mord HP = 45/51


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn looked at the climb

"I'm not sure sneaking in is doable. Rope and pitons it is, unless someone else has a better idea?"


OOC: Kalorn has a good point, but hammering in pitons makes a loud ringing noise. And takes a bit of time. It could be done, but the crack can be traversed by a brave and sure-footed person without all that, if need be. Does anyone want to try it, or is everyone gonna wait for the rope-and-piton climbing system to be rigged?


Books and scrolls are for Lorenn what cheese blocks are for mice. But a Dracolich's library... was more like a cheese orgy. And Lorenn was eating all of it.

When the others arrive, Lorenn uses his board to flies carefully into the the crack and looks for a fixed point, like a stalagmite to attach a rope. This way, they should be able to slide down holding the life line, safely and silently.
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Lorenn spotted several books of "forbidden knowledge" - some of which called to him with a sort of sentience that threatened to destroy his mind. As tempting as they were, Lorenn knew to avert his eyes and he warned the others to do the same while he gathered a few, more innocuous scrolls. He checked the scrolls contents as he floated down the crack on his board. Satisfied, he added them to his scroll-belt and looked for a place to secure a rope. There were no ice formations that would do, but there was a curled rope ladder at the far end, where the crack opened over a caverns ceiling leaving a fifteen foot drop. Unfortunately the rope ladder was rolled up and frozen solid into a mass. Still, it was securely anchored and was just possible for him to add another rope to, which he did, and he threw the other end down to the shelf below before dropping over the edge on his board.

OOC: Anyone following Lorenn on foot can reach his rope if they make a dc14 Athletics check. Then It's easy enough to slide down the rope to the shelf. Otherwise you slip and slide to the South-west end where you can try to wedge yourself with a dc12 dex save. Otherwise you fall and I will let you know then. Sesto has advantage on the first check with his crampons.

Lorenn grabbed four scrolls: gaseous form, haste, water breathing, and disintegrate.


Lorenn got his feather fall spell ready in case of misstep.

OOC: I know by RAW it's a reaction spell and should be used while falling. But could we used it like a parachute spell that Lorenn casts on the group before we all jump into the crack?



As Lorenn disappeared into the crack, Imani's Agents stood around discussing the best way to descend safely. Oggsbruff grew impatient. He had been told to go last, in case his bulk blocked up the tight-fitting tunnel. But when Loklafd lit a torch (the lair was dark, as was the crack itself) that was the last straw for the armoured troll.

"Get dat fiar outta me face!" he growled and then lumbered forward, "Let's ged on wit' dis!"

He crammed himself into the crack, and digging his claws into the floor and ceiling, he worked his way to the ledge and dangled down into the mist, dropping to the secondary ledge below. Most of Imani's Agents could not track his progress as he disappeared from the torchlight, but as they heard no loud crashing noises, just the cracks and scrapes of his claws, they could assume that he made it safely.

OOC: Even with Disadvantage! Skill: 2D20.LOW(1)+5 = [15, 18]+5 = 20


Loklafd snuffed the torch as soon as the troll was out of sight. He grinned sheepishly at the others.

"Better a troll before us than a troll at our backs, I feel."

Then the older man leapt expertly for the rope and slid down, making the entire proccess look easy.

I figure that Sesto would want to go last and give everyone a guidance casting on their way down to give them a better chance at making the jump. Seems Lok didn't need it though. LOL

Athletics: 1d20+5 24 1d20-1 18 1d4 1


GM: Encounter: Imani's Agents & Oggsbruff vs Old Icy Death in his Lair on Oyaviggaton

(PCs)Alhana (BM12); Kalorn (BN14); Lorenn (AY20); Primus (BO11); Sesto (BL15);
(NPCs)Oggsbruff (BB20); Loklafd (BK15); Eko (BB29); Sooty (AM30);
(Undead)KoboldZombie1 (BM15); KZ2 (BL16); KZ3 (BK16); KZ4 (BK17); KZ5 (BJ17);
Encounter: Mord & Ice Trolls vs Cult of the Dragon in East Lair of Oyaviggaton


(BGs) ???
(PCs)Mord (DI53); (NPCs)MordTroll1 (DC50); MT2 (CY50);
(Trolls)TrollSerg (DN47); Oogabooga (DF53); IceTroll1 (DA51); IT2 (DE51); IT3 (DC54); IT4 (DK51)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Alhana AC17 HP 68/68 HD 8/8 PP14*
Kalorn AC16(21)* HP 63/63 THP 5/5 HD 8/8 PP15 WSS 1/2 EKSS 2/2 (AoAg)
Lorenn AC17(20) HP 54/54 HD 8/8 PP14* SS 4/4 3/3 3/3 Song 2/2
Mord AC14 HP 45/51 HD 8/8 PP11* SS 2/2
Primus AC12(16) HP 59/59 HD 8/8 PP19 Psi(6) 44/44
Sesto AC18* HP 59/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/4 3/3 3/3 2/2 CD 2/2
Loklafd (S17) AC14 HP 58/58 HD 9/9 PP12
Eko AC11 HP 1/1 PP13*
Sooty AC12 HP 1/1 PP11*
Mordtroll1 AC12 HP 28/39 PP9*
Mordtroll2 AC12 HP 23/39 PP9*
KoboldZombie1 AC9 HP 13/13 PP8*
KoboldZombie2 AC9 HP 13/13 PP8*
KoboldZombie3 AC9 HP 13/13 PP8*
KoboldZombie4 AC9 HP 13/13 PP8*
KoboldZombie5 AC9 HP 13/13 PP8*
Oggsbruff AC17 HP 105/105 PP13*
Ice Troll Sergeant AC18 HP 84/84 PP12*
Ice Troll1 AC16 HP 83/84 PP12*
Ice Troll2 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Ice Troll3 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Ice Troll4 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
End Round Zero; Begin Round One



Loklafd, carrying his torch in one hand, and holding the wall with the other, worked his way to the rope and slid down onto the icy shelf. The others followed, with Sesto's kobold zombies on a rope-line. The familiars flew ahead, but visibility was limited in the foggy cavern.

Ahead on the larger ice-shelf, Lorenn could see some treasure sparkling in the light of Loklafd's oncoming torch.


Mord's troll skeletons and two of the trolls had gone over the edge, creating a clattering noise of bones and the grunts and crash of falling trolls. Still, the cavern was eerily silent, but Mord considered that would not last for long.

OOC: No bad guys in sight, but you haven't entirely been stealthy. The Cult camp should be theoretically "up" from where Mord is, and the Dragon's Primary Lair should be theoretically "down" from the other group.


OOC: I should mention that the shaded areas show elevation, with the lightest colours being up about eight feet from each darker patch. Feel free to ask questions in the OOC if you have any.


Realizing that there was nowhere to go but down, Mord moved to the edge of the platform and commanded one of his minions to catch him before hopping down into it's awating arms.



It wasn't what anyone would call comfortable, but Mord landed in the Skeleton's arms without injury. A shadow moved off in the distance through the swirling mists. It was one more level of ice-shelf down from him, but it appeared to be at least as tall as the trolls. One of the nearby trolls saw it too, and began to head into the fog to intercept it.

OOC: Want to try to tell the troll what to do, or wait for the Sergeant (who is probably on his/her way down as we speak... @Charwoman Gene ?


As the skeleton settled Mord back to the ground, he looked after the troll and decided to risk it.


He sent telepathically to the troll. He didn't want to get the trolls riled up, but calling out would just alert their enemies all the faster.

Prickly Pear

Sesto thankfully accepted the crampons and sat down to put them on his boots. He jumped and stomped a few times to ensure they were properly attached. Wonderful, Sesto exclaimed, I wish I had these earlier!

Upon hearing about the terrain in the lair, Sesto was reminded about the scroll Imani gave them on the onset of their quest, the scroll of Water Walking. The freezing pools of water should not be a problem, at least, Sesto said as he unravelled the scroll and cast the spell on all Imani's agents.

Sesto did not bother looking at the arcane books and scrolls as he past them in the scriptorium. His magic was divine and he had no time for the raw and unenlightened arcane magic.

Sesto waited to last, providing divine guidance to all, before carefully walking down the treacherous slope. He lost his footing despite the crampons and he slid down the slope. He thought he could hear some sniggering from his minions that followed. Sesto desperately tried to stop his slide before going over the edge but to no avail. Cat's Grace, my arse, he thought as he fell...

OOC: Athletic check climbing down slope (adv with crampons, plus guidance): 2D20.HIGH(1)+2+1D4 = [6, 6]+2+[3] = 11
Dex save after slipping down the slope (Adv due to Cat's Grace): 2#1d20k1+1 5 7

I can't believe that Coyote Dice Roller stopped working between these rolls!?!

Sesto AC18* HP 59/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/1 2/2 3/3 2/4 CD 2/2

And I am sorry for being absent for two weeks.
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Prickly Pear

The Zombie Kobolds walked down the slope after Sesto. They were tied together by a rope to aid their decent. Still, three of the Kobolds followed Sesto's lead and slipped too, dragging the other two Kobolds with them. As they slid towards the hole they desperately tried to stop but, being zombies, they just comically flailed their arms and legs. They went off the edge, one by one. Just like Sesto did!

OOC: Athletic checks for Kobolds: 5#2d20k1-1 4 15 9 12 18, two passed, three failed.
Dex save for Kobolds sliding down the slope: 5#1d20+1 9 6 7 19 11, one passed, four failed.
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Charwoman Gene

Sargloth, seeing the figure moving in the mists, shouts to the trolls, "Forward, get that thing as quick as we can." He then leads the way in trying to reach it.