D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


Lorenn vs an Ice Troll

As a ball of fire rolled into the Troll, it left a trail of wet floor and a steamy mist. The Troll yelled out in pain, and rushed past the flaming sphere, circling the hole in the floor of the chamber. The creature was tall - over nine feet, and had the ugliest face Lorenn had ever seen, crooked teeth and a hooked nose. As it moved around the hole to get at Lorenn, large chunks of ice crumbled off of the perimeter and fell in, sliding away into icy fog.

Lorenn and the Troll could hear high-pitched shrieks and a deep, murmuring rumble that echoed through the corridors and caverns from somewhere to the north.

GM: Yes, even they can hear the poor kobolds getting eaten by Hadar.
Damage Taken:
(BGs) Troll 9 Fire (Flaming Sphere);
(PCs) None; (NPCs) None
Ice Troll Dex Save vs Flaming Sphere (dc 14)
1d20+1: 12 [1d20=11]

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Location: Ice Caves Encounter: Kobolds, Ice-Troll

End Round One; Begin Round Two

[sblock=Party (PCs)]
Name * (Position) * AC * HP * Notes
Primus (O12) PP19 AC11(16) HP 59/59 HD 7/8
Alhana (N14) PP14* AC17 HP 68/68 HD 8/8
Mord (M12) PP11* AC14 HP 51/51 HD 5/8
Lorenn (AG2) PP14* AC17(20)(22) HP 54/54 HD 6/8
Sesto (F12 Prone) PP15 AC18* HP 59/59 HD 5/8
Kalorn (N10) PP15 AC16(21)* HP 63/63 HD 8/8
[sblock=Allies (NPCs)]
Oorapp (Ice-Toad) (Off) PP12 HP 32/32
Eko (AH2) PP13 AC11 HP 1/1
Loklafd (Q14) PP12 AC14 HP 58/58 HD 7/9
Sooty (xx) PP11** AC12 HP 1/1
[sblock=Enemies (BGs)]
Ice Troll (AE2AF3) HP less 9
KoboldSorcerer1 (H2)
KoboldSorcerer2 (U4)
Kobold1 (P4) HP less 14 (Dead)
Kobold2 (I3) HP less 6
Kobold3 (M8) HP less 14 (Dead)
Kobold4 (O8) HP less 14 (Dead)
Kobold5 (U3) HP less 6
Kobold6 (V2)

[sblock=Map] IceCave2.png


As the cave crumbles on the Troll, Lorenn rised an eyebrow, gazing at the ceiling with some concern before he rammed the sphere into the back of the ugly creature.

"Eko, now!" With a swift moves, he slashed the Troll with his sparkling blade, leaving a booming energy around the monster then slid away to the other side of the cave "Kitty, kitty, kitty."

OOC: Bonus Action: Ram the Flaming Sphere: 2d6 12 (DEX 14) into the Troll (AE4)
Action: Booming Blade: 2d20k1+8 16 2d8+5 15 2d6 4 2d8 14
Total: 12 or 6 + 19 +14 if the Troll moves.
Movement: AG12
Reaction: Shield (if hit 20-24)

Eko: Helps then flyby and follows Lorenn

[sblock=Statblock]HP: 54/54 HD: 3/3d8 - 5/5d6
AC: 17 (+3 Bladesong) (+5 Shield) (+2 Haste)
PP: 14
Bladesong: 2/2
Arcane Recovery: 1/1
Spell slots:
1st: 2/4
2nd: 2/3
3rd: 3/3
Concentration: Flaming Sphere
Active Spell: Mage Armor, Flaming Sphere
Horn of Valhalla: 1/1
Health Potions: 5/5
Antitoxine : 5/5
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Dusty Dragon
Kalorn fell into a low guard, waiting for the spell to dissipate. Despite himself, he inched back a bit. He did not want to see...

Focus. Had all the kobolds died? Would they rush out or pelt him with arrows? Hmmm

Ready action: eldritch blast when there is a clear target.

"Where is Lorenn? Watch the flanks!"


Lorenn & Eko vs Ice Troll

Lorenn waved his blade and the flaming sphere rolled across the icy cavern and slammed into the troll. As Eko flew in its face, Lorenn stabbed the troll with his shimmering blade. Energy formed around the creature, making a soft humming noise. Lorenn kicked his board and zipped across the cavern, back out into the circular corridor with Eko right behind him. The troll reached out to claw at him, but the half-elf was already gone. The flaming sphere melted more of the unstable ledge and it crumbled free, sending the ball of fire and the troll sliding down a vast chute. As it went, it made a loud booming noise, which further crumbled the sides of the chute and sent up a cloud of mist, slush, and steam.

Damage Taken:
(BGs) Ice Troll 12 (Flaming Sphere) & 19 (Lorenn's Blade) & 14 (Boom!);
(PCs) None; (NPCs) None
Ice Troll Dex save vs Flaming Sphere
1d20+1: 4 [1d20=3]
Ice Troll claw swipe vs Lorenn
1d20+7: 13 [1d20=6] for 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=2, 6]
Ice Troll Dex save vs falling into the chute. Oops.
1d20+1: 3 [1d20=2]

OOC: Okay, we'll drop out of rounds in both fights, seeing as no one has a target at the moment. If you want to follow the Ice Toad up the ramp, you'll have to make a pretty difficult athletics check, or you're gonna have to get some equipment out. Or go another way. (Not to be confused with following the Ice Troll *down* the chute, which is easy but might be suicide.)


Primus goes to the slope, judges the distance, and then disappears with a little pop.

And reappears at the top of the slope with the toad.

he says to the Toad in his mind.

OOC: Changed Focus to increase teleport range, then Used 1 psi point to teleport 30 ft.


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn's head turned sharply to the side as he heard the booming sounds and the crashing ice.


"Sounds like the dragon's coming. Keep that wall up, we don't want the kobolds at our back!"

Where the hell was Lorenn? Dead probably. Elves. Tarkol always said you couldn't trust elves.

He moved to the right, rising his sword in a high guard, ready to intercept the dragon, mentally reviewing his protective spells. "Ware the icy breath, I will not be able to protect you". he added grimly.

What the hell was he doing, alone in front to face a dragon. There were supposed to be fighters, a paladin even to help out. Dragon, what a stupid way to die.

OOC: not trying to derail, but it's not a bad guess by Kalorn, even though he's wrong.


"Ice Trolls definitely can't dance." said Lorenn, looking down the hole from his board, disappointed.
Lorenn recognized Mord signature spell for sure.
"What the hell did they wake up, Eko? I really can't leave them alone..." he sighted.

Then, without waiting for a kill confirmation, he shrugged and drifted away to the north, humming his song in the corridor.
"Oh, Sally Brown, she's a nice young lady, Way, hay, roll and go..."
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