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Anabstercorian hovers over the burning rainforest, the sun hot and harsh on his skin. Once he would have reveled in the devastation of this place, would have laughed and cackled as it burnt to ashes... But today, perhaps he had mellowed, for this devastation held no real joy to him.

It was probably because he wasn't involved in it. He blasts a couple of Sunbusters in to yet-unburned parts of the forest and cackles and laughs! "Whee!" he thinks! "This is great! Burn burn burn."

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Let that what lay hidden for so long come forth, stand amonst the beauty of this inferno. Let the rightious fall before the wicked, and as darkness sweps across the lands the seas become as blood, the skies rain fire and let all tremble before the coming of that what lay hidden for to long.
May the forces of good stand united against the oncoming tides of darkness. Because evil won't go bye easily and for those that know all to well, know that thou shall not escape this hunger for destruction. No running, no place to hind. Stand and fight if you value your life but it won't be enough. To bring a beacon in this darkness you must unit stand together and face the oncoming slaughter of the hordes swarming from places long forgotten.
The evil that lay hidden has arissen and it shall be heard.

And so Vaeregoth turns from the burning forest, shakes her head and questions why the humans attacked:

"We stayed still and peacefully in our underground and mountain hives and cities but no. Peace and order weren't enough for these strange humans. Always eager for war and destruction. As retribution we came down from the mountains left our hive and showed them what they had awoken, disturbed, and unleashed upon themselves. Destroyed, eaten and enthralled all we found and went back before they could act accordingly. And still after the destruction they bring vast armies to our lands to seek their demise. Since they haven't had enough we wait and hold them off for now. But woe them that continiue to anger the queen. For She might reach deep inside and use her full potential and use her full resources at her disposal. But content for now She will wait and observe how these humans and other exotic creatures keep assaulting Her domain. Still shaking her head Vaeregoth thinks another example is nesissary after the blazing infernos in Geoff and the southern forests. Vaeregoth seeks no war but if they come for her. She will grant them her anger and they will have it. But her full powers and her full powers of her swarms haven't been in need of acces and use. For these humans are brought to the slaughter by the thousands or even millions. And us the formians can wait, our kind lives to serve, lives to die all for the greater cause and properity of the Hive. Peacefully if we can and we did for so long but now war has found us and it amuses her. She now reaches deep in her mind and searches for despair in the minds across the continent. And there she found it. The emotions, the fear of cornered beasts. In Celedan it is. And glaring with a expression that would almost seem a smile she shifts to the Celedan forest."
(to do what I posted earlier and I still await the results from that action, see previous page).
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The Lortmils extend their technological wonders into the Pomarj and the Kevellond League. That includes railroads, technological communications, etc.

The Lortmils is sharing our technology with the following peoples...
Turrosh Mak
Black Omega
William Ronald

Also, seeing as how we in the Lortmils here are just kind of sitting around, we'll begin transporting around 5 PL worth of tanks (assuming we have that many - I want at least half that amount in there) into the Hellfurnaces to help out our allies there. We'll also start to move in 15 or so PL worth of troops armed to the teeth with technomagical equipment.

It also looks like the Iron League needs a little assistance... our planar allies (those that are not building up defenses at the moment) will be shipped over to the Iron League (via kaboom's taxi service, if he allows it) to assist in fighting off whoever is attacking them.

Anything we have left that is not defending our borders or the defensive line that was set up by the Pomarj, will be going towards developing more technology. What we've got now is incredibly useful (ie, tanks), but we think that we can do better - and so we shall.
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The Kingdom of Ulek, Kron Hills, and the Wildcoast will gladly accept all technology from the Lortmill mountains of any kind (railroads, weapons, ect..).


The Lortmils also extends their technological advances (railroads, technological communications, etc.) into the Kingdom of Ulek, Kron Hills, and the Wildcoast.


We will deploy our robot force with superior tech against any Technomancy invading force that might appear, who will react with lightning reaction wo those who enter us. And teleporting PL5...? 10th level magic Gnome...... else you could just teleport 20 times PL 5 and still get the 100 there. At least I think you can't do it.. everyone seems very keen on bypassing the requirement of 10th level magic. Edena be keen on this please. The traveling times and distances are very very very lightly taken if taken and considered at all. You all have to TRAVEL.

And we are digging in as much as we can. We are going allout defensive. We are preparing defenses deep, DEEP underground if they might even get this far. But we battle if out at full force at the surface now. This is our territory and we rigged and trapped it so you can't even set a step without settiing something off (figurely speaking offcourse :D). We have been prepared for mountain attack for as long as we excisted in these parts. We need no conquest we need to keep what we have in these dangerous times.

And Edena I'd like a update on how long it takes to constuc certain things. as railroadsm flying cities, castles, rebuilding cities, contruction underground fortifications ect. How far you can get with those things in 1 month. I'm not trying to ruin peoples days here but Just trying to keep realistic about what you can do in 1 turn.
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Reply my thanks to you. Because alot of small nations could just be overwhelmed if we just started teleporting noticable amounts of PL everywhere around the map.

Turrosh Mak

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Re: Note:

The Forsaken One said:
We will deploy our robot force with superior tech against any Technomancy invading force that might appear, who will react with lightning reaction wo those who enter us. And teleporting PL5...? 10th level magic Gnome...... else you could just teleport 20 times PL 5 and still get the 100 there. At least I think you can't do it.. everyone seems very keen on bypassing the requirement of 10th level magic. Edena be keen on this please. The traveling times and distances are very very very lightly taken if taken and considered at all. You all have to TRAVEL.



As for the travel time thingy, I agree. Other wise my forces would be ranged alot further from home. (I've tried my best to keep distances in mind)
besides, Gnomeworks, you don't have to teleport your tanks to the line, they can just drive there. :)


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Turrosh Mak – Of course, your ambassadors are welcome to establish embassies within any or all of the entities of the IBKSC. The IBKSC is a loose confederation of quasi-independent fundamentalist states. We among the IBKSC are not big fans of strict laws and confining laws, we believe deeds are more important than words. Treat us with respect we deserve and you will most likely get treated in the same fashion. You are free to establish embassies in any of the following locals:

Ket – Lopolla
Stonehold –Vlekstaad
The Bright Lands -- Ul-Bakak (not really the capital, but the only locale with the capacity to support embassies)
The Empire of Iuz – Dorakaa

Dorakaa, of course, is the seat of the central government. While you are free establish embassies in any or locales, please be aware of the following:

Ul-Bakak and Vlekstaad are have very harsh climates – Dry and hot, wet and cold respectively.

Dorakaa is, well, a lively place, and not for the faint of heart. Also, your movements in Dorakaa would be much more curtailed. This is not done out of mistrust, but for your ambassador’s own safety. Not all denizens of Dorakaa will be capable of understanding (or even care) what an “ambassador” is. It goes without saying that, anything that would harm your representatives would be blasted into oblivion if they tried anything, and you will receive our best protection while living there. Even with all of that, however, Dorakaa is not a safe place.

Of course, any other nation we currently have formal agreements with, may also establish embassies if they wish.

To Sollir Furryfoot – While the IBKSC is a strong believer in the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. That does not necessarily translate into the “the friend of my friend is my friend”. For nearly 60 years, the Bandit Lands were a part of the Empire of Iuz (which in turn is a member of the IBKSC). This is until Hellmaster Phibrizzo led a revolt against our leadership. While we salute his chaotic and independent nature, we cannot abide the disrespect he has shown those who are clearly his betters.

You have, however, offered to trade technology. We would be willing to establish a non-aggression pact if you would see such a trade as paying tribute (meaning you trade technology with us, but we don’t with you) to the IBKSC.

To everyone who is waiting for me to get back to them on something -- still waiting on a report from Edena. Edena when you get a chance if you could email me on my status, that would be great. I know you you just have to be beat.


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Why do you think I've stayed out of the way?

Even though the majority of my army is teleport capable, the logistics would be thunderously painful to deal with. No, I'm staying out of the way and letting you all kill yourselves. Why do I need to get involved at all?

Also, WHERE IS VECNA? He's too powerful to overlook. Where the blazes is that demi-god?

(Won't be back until tomorrow - Big DnD game! Whee! Rappan Athuk, here we come. ^_^ I'm sure Edena knows how to best control the Solistarim in my abscence - After all, he invented them.)
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John, knowing Edena he's always doing the things you are "complaining" about when you are "complaning" about them :D:D

Anab HF, I'm going out in 5 mins (saturday night 23:00:D). And tomorrow I'm having a DnD game as well Kalanyr and Edena will handle my forces. But I'll be back a few times to check in.

Turrosh, we have the robots of the barrier peaks :p

And they kicked williams B-hind once and they won't care to do it to someone else as well :)
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John Brown:

That will be perfectly fine with me, so you can put the League of Warlords and Hellmaster Phibrizzo on your non-aggression pact.

William Ronald

The forces of the Kevellond League -especially the druids and other spellcasters - try to stop the forest fires in Geoff.

The Forsaken One: We received fairly good intelligence (albeit from other sources) that your forces were going to strike first. Also, the e-mail you sent me indicated as such. As your wrote it in character, I assumed it to be the truth. Combine both things together, and you will see why I struck first. If you have strong evidence someone is going to kill you, you do have the right to self defense. This includes shooting first.

Also, I have proposed a prisoner of war exchange with you, Kalanyr and Festy Dog. They have been well treated.

Defensive lines going up.

Gnomeworks, Kaboom, Turrosh Mak, and all my allies: I have given you village-sized areas for your embassies. They are, of course, home ground for you. I ask that these places also serve to help educate one another about our respective cultures.

To Lord Iuz:

We would like to establish formal embassies with you, as Turrosh Mak has done. While we have had disagreements, we have kept our non-agression pact.

Turrosh Mak

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The Forsaken One said:
Turrosh, we have the robots of the barrier peaks :p

And they kicked williams B-hind once and they won't care to do it to someone else as well :)

Heh, I thought you were just being sarcastic, I forgot about the Barrier peaks 'bots.

I have never ever told you IC of a possible attack. I am NOT stupid. if you might have gotten it from Serpenteye of Iuz. That's possible. And oly from those 2 because only the DU Iuz and my underdark allies knew of this IC. No-one else knew at least not from me.
So IC you had to know it from one of them if you wanted to justify the I struck first thingie :) Cause I was planning to but no one knows so I'm just acting on the new situation IC as far as all concerned know.

yeah Ph34r my 1337 heatRays :D
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What Melkor posted about dead lands above was a drastic understatement (and I intended to post this before I read his post.)

The Wild Coast, Dyvvers, and the eastern part of Gnarley Forest are dead.
The County of Urnst, is dead.
By dead, I mean DEAD.
The trees are skeletal, every leaf fallen, all the bark stripped, most of their branches still swaying in a wind that is far, far too cold for summer.
There is underbrush, the leaves turned ashen grey, then stems rotted and dead, somehow still standing.
There is grass, as grey as a leaden sky in winter.
There is no noise of insects.
There is not the sound of any bird to be heard.
No small animals scuttle through the gray leafed underbrush.
The sound of brooks, streams, and rivers can still be heard.
One looking at them, would see however, that the water has turned murky, sickly, and a deathly odor comes up from the water.
The ruins of towns and cities jut up from the grey landscape, like broken teeth out of rotting gums.
The Shadow has come to these lands, and entered into the very bedrock below, and all the region is dead, the soil as sterile as Terra's moon.

Except where the Shade have held the land the longest.
In the area of the Shadow Throne itself.
There, it seems grass, foliage, and trees are coming back to life.
Back to unholy unlife.
Leaves of gray, brittle and burned looking, are growing from stripped, skeletal limbs.
Fronds of gray are raising themselves out of the pallid ground.
Within the skeletal trees and grey underbrush, small things move, but they are not furry animals.
They are Shade animals, and to them all that lives is prey, to be torn and rended and devoured, even as the Shade animals prey on each other.
There, the rivers radiate cold, and they are black will the poison of Shade, and in them tiny things of Shade swim, the ghostly manifestations of fish.
The deadly poison of Shade has gotten into the Nyr Dyv, for it lies just north of the Shadow Throne.
The whole Nyr Dyv has turned a sickly grey, fouled and dirty, and millions of dead fish are washing up on all it's shores.
Those drinking from the Nyr Dyv fall sick, and many die. Others recover after a long illness.
The poison in the Nyv Dyv is steadily worsening.
The poison has gotten down into Wolly Bay.
The entire northern part of Wolly Bay is sickly grey, and again millions of dead fish are washing ashore, some as far south as the Pomarj.
The waters just north of the Pomarj are yet clear, but the poison is spreading, moving southward, ever southward, towards the open Azure Sea.

The war goes on, reaping it's toll of victims.
In the west, the combined elven, dwarven, gnomish, and gith spelljamming fleets are victorious against the scro, illithid and neogi, and those three fleets are forced to withdraw from their defensive positions over the Hellfurnaces.
The orcs and other humanoids of the western mountains are victorious against the Baklunish and their allies assailing them, and maintain their grip on those mountains.
Amedio Rainforest, as is already noted above, is burning, and with that burning hundreds of special kinds of life are burning away too, forever lost to the world.
The formian ant army marches back to the Hellfurnaces, well sated from it's diet of the people of the Yeomanry, which has been retaken in bitterness by the Kevellond League.
And all the while, Ket is laughing. Laughing, because they so delayed the Baklunish, and in so doing brought so much harm to the Kevellond League, their ancient foe.

In the southeast, the undead horror of Acererak is unstoppable.
Idee is whelmed, it's people massacred and devoured by hoards of ghouls and ghasts, their life essence devoured by wraiths and wights, spectres and liches.
Churches crumble and blast apart, as ghosts, heculva and coffer corpses throw unholy magic against them.
The doughty dwarves of the Iron Hills drown in the darkness of their own caves, as that darkness takes form and shape, and lashing out with red-tinged hunger and malice sucks them all in, never to be seen again.
Only in Irongate do the defenders manage to hold.
Only in Irongate.
It seems that Irongate has an inexhaustible supply of warriors, for when one falls, two more take his place.
Even after countless thousands are dead, Irongate has more warriors than it started out with.
Acererak discovers why. There is a permanent magical Gate linking Irongate to the Kevellond League and the Kingdom of Ulek (as per the official supplements), and through that Gate reinforcements keep coming through, keeping the city alive.
Keeping Acererak from total victory.

In the north, the elves of Delrune throw back the new assault from the Dark Union, for Gamboge Forest has long prepared for assault, and the wood and wild elves within it aren't pushovers of any sort.
Thousands of Union soldiers go down beneath their shafts.
Undead are destroyed by the shining symbols of the Seldarine, and the crystalline cities of southern Delrune repulse the attackers from their walls.

In the east, an unresolved and escalating battle is raging between the Fleet of the Lendores and the large Union force sent to destroy it.
Barbarian ships have come in droves to the aid of the Lendore Fleet, along with large numbers of tritons, merfolk, sea elves, and even locathah.
However, to the aid of the Union has come the might of the Sahuagin Empire, and the Union has sent major reinforcements to aid her mages.
Barrages of magic light up the skies, while below the ships the water runs red with the blood of those slain below.


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(I realize that the Robots of the Barrier Peaks were claimed by Turrosh Mak.
It would appear that Turrosh Mak has lost control of them.
In fact, it would appear that they are now completely out of anyone's control.
In this case, that would be the truth.)

From the Barrier Peaks, a new terror has appeared.
A terror never before seen in the Flanaess, out of some hideous nightmare, but far worse, for this is reality and the deaths are all too real.
The robots have come down out of the mountains.
The weapons of the robots are the weapons of superscience.
Armor does not stop particle cannons or laser guns.
Spells generally don't stop high explosives or disintegration grenades.

Fortresses are blown asunder, their defenders rayed down.
In futility the mages and clerics of the Kevellond League hurl back spells, and a few robots fall before the powerful meteor swarms, walls of iron, harm spells, and a few sink in rock to mud spells.
Then they are rayed down, or cut in half by laser beams.
The massacre is total; the fortresses are stamped into the ground more effectively than any titan could have done the job.
The robots enter Bissel.
The Days of Terror will be the name of those days from now on, that assault on Bissel.
From those fleeing into Gran March and Veluna come tales too incredible to be believed of flying machines that shoot green death, of metal monsters that devour people alive, of walking towers that stomp buildings down under metal feet 20 feet across, of the fall of entire cities and their total destruction, lighting up the sky for 40 miles as they burn.
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William Ronald

Well, the message you sent seemed to be in character. Sorry if I interprepted it if it wasn't. I did receive secondary information that made me strongly believe you were striking first. No offense meant.

Archcleric Hazen scries the devastated land and a look of horror mingled with sorrow forms on his face.

"Something must be done. I have tried to make peaceful overtures to people -- even with strong evidence that they were planning attacks. I believe it was my right to strike first if threatened."

"There is still no word about a prisoner exchange with the Hellfurnaces Alliance. I will resend the offer. I must consult with my allies for their counsel. I am considered wise, but find myself in need of their wisdom."

A clerk stops by and drops a list on the desk. Hazen turns - the list of the dead and devastated in the Flanaess.

He begins a prayer of mourning for the dead. The prayer goes on for hours.

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