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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game [OOC]


World of Kulan DM
I'm going to say that the +2 Undead Controlling Light Steel Shield cannot be purified. It must either be destroyed or sold.

EDIT: I'm still trying to figure out if there are any rules for gaining something back for destroying magical items. So far, no luck. It is probably something I will have to house rule. At the very least, the PCs will get something other than just the goodwill of the people of Carnell.

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World of Kulan DM
For @Scotley:
Phar will have to use read magic to decipher this spellbook.

Spells in Reynold's Spellbook (given to Phar by Timmins)
All from PHB and SC

Animate Rope
Babau Slime
Backbiter [SC]
Breath Flare [SC]
Corrosive Grasp [SC]
Detect Undead
Expeditious Retreat, Swift
Hail of Stone [SC]
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Orb of Acid, Lesser
Portal Beacon [SC]
Ray of Flame [SC]
Spirit Worm
Summon Monster I
Summon Undead I

Acid Arrow
Augment Familiar
Command Undead
Discern Shapechanger
Ray of Weakness
Summon Undead II [SC]
Wraithstrike [SC]


the magical equivalent to the number zero

What is the caster level of Caerth's wand? Is it the minimum required?

Unless you want to roll for each casting, we can just give each NPC back an average roll of 4 + the caster level bonus.

I believe it’s at the minimum required level. And as I’m on my phone, I prefer average instead of rolls.

As for rolling for the amulet of natural armor: Loot roll: 1D20 = [20] = 20

Hmm, I think you guys don’t need to roll.

Oh, and buying Willowchild Farm and making it our base of operations is a great idea! How about you guys?


World of Kulan DM
When it comes to the items that belonged to Meridith, her parent(s) will bury her in her armor and with most of her weapons including her magical longsword that she let Timmins borrow while on the island. (Timmins gets back his masterwork longsword.)

The cloak of the Bowens goes to Wieland as does her +1 verminbane shortbow of seeking. As well, Wieland inherits the amulet of health +2 (that was given to Meridith by Caerth).

EDIT: Wieland gives his old cloak of resistance +1 to Scarborax in thanks for saving the young soldier from Tarrak.


World of Kulan DM
Syndra's surviving relative is her human father who lives out on a ranch at the very edge of Carnell's influence. His name is Roberte Chylton. Her mother is an elf from the Verdalf Forest (located far to the west beyond the Kul Moren Mountains) named Gwynnestri.

While Roberte and Syndra were estranged, he takes her death hard. He will build a funeral pyre for her body and bury her ashes along with her mundane items on his ranch. He will pack away her magical cloak in his ranch house and offer to let Caerth keep two items from him and his allies if he wants them: her masterwork bugbear hide and a potion of protection from evil that survived the fight against the undead horde. (He doesn't have any emotional attachment to either.) If Caerth doesn't take them, then he will pack the armor away and save the potion for his own use.

He will keep Syndra's masterwork shortspear and take it to her mother the next time he travels to see her in the Verdalf Forest.

Masterwork Bugbear Hide: 625 gp; 25 lbs.; Max Dex +4; AC Check -2; AC Bonus +4; Arcane Failure 20%; and Size M.
d20 System Sourcebook: Quintessential Fighter (p.49).
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World of Kulan DM
Phar would be content with only 8 hours rest.

As to what to do next, what about Galdazar? Are we going to do the ritual before we go off to something else? Once we do set off to do something else Phar votes for Eike and Xander.
We cannot, we don't have the components needed.
Yes, there are the 3 special components for the ritual. Finding two of them shouldn't be difficult, but finding/creating the third is more complex.

But, before going after anyone, you guys need to decide which divination spells you're going to use.

Scotley said:
Are we dicing for the amulet of natural armor?
for the amulet of natural armor: 1D20 = [20] = 20

I hope so!
Ha! Ha! Another Natural 20! Unbelievable!


World of Kulan DM
Hmm, I didn't think the plan was to dice for every item. (If so, it will take a while.) I thought it was dice for the really good items and then come to an agreement on the everything else. But, I'll leave it up to you guys.

So, you changed your mind about wanting the amulet of natural armor +4, I see. ;)


World of Kulan DM
I'm currently chatting with @Tellerian Hawke on FB. He rolled for the amulet and got a 16. He's also rolling for the rings of feather fall. (He'll post his rolls in a bit.)

EDIT: He rolled a 12 for the 1st ring and a 6 for the 2nd ring.

Angus is going to give Aries back his amulet, regardless, and @ScottDeWar_jr already posted that he's giving back the amulet that Angus loaned him.
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World of Kulan DM
Once Brutus is laid to rest, some of his gear will be available to the PCs. There are some in-game background for the character that the PCs will learn about in my next post before that happens.

When his body was found, his +1 silvered greataxe was missing as was his magical amulet and a special ring given to him by Lady Pendour. (The items were stolen by Eike and/or Xander.) If the PCs find the villains and recover these items, they will be allowed to keep the amulet but not the axe or ring. (It will be explained shortly.)

These items were found with his body: his +1 gargoyle studded leather, and punching dagger, as well as the heavy crossbow and bolt case w/24 bolts and 9 screaming bolts that the PCs gave to him when he first accompanied them to Gurnard's Head. The crossbow and bolts are theirs to reclaim, if they want. Or, they will go to another member of the militia.

Brutus became quite fond of Sir Quinn, so the half-ogre boy's special armor is Quinn's to inherit if @ScottDeWar_jr chooses to claim it. If not, Brutus will be buried wearing it (along with his dagger). I'll post the stats for the armor if SDWj decides to take the armor.

Brutus will be buried after the two villains who killed him are brought to justice. Until then, his body is protected by the gentle repose spell. (That is one of the few necromancy spells that isn't forbidden to be cast, as long as it isn't used to raise the dead without the permission of a cleric of Hades. Again, I will explain why in my next post.)


World of Kulan DM
Also don't forget that there are still some items that were identified and left in smithy that the cultists didn't steal.

There is the prelate's +1 chainmail (minor damaged that can be repaired [DC 20 Craft (armorsmithing) check]) in addition to the two other sets of +1 chainmail taken off the two priestesses. I'm assuming the PCs are donating all these suits of armor to the militia, correct?

There is also the ring of mind shielding.

There is the alchemical-silvered bastard sword that needs to be completed by a trained weaponsmith (Mabon?). It was used by Quinn during the battle in the cave, and I think SDWj officially claimed it (but I'm not sure). In order for it to be completed, a successful DC 20 Craft (weaponsmithing) check must be made. The check must be rolled! On a natural 1, the sword is ruined. On a natural 20, I will say it receives an additional blessing from the gods. :)

Aureus still has two of the cultists' dagger in her pack. She left two others in the smithy. One is still there but the other was stolen. She also has 4 of the flasks of acid in her pack, but will leave those with Mabon. (She's feeling weighed down.) She's also been carrying around Xander's velvet bag (w/4 gems) and satchel bag (w/300 gp) but she now puts those in the manor's vault for safe keeping.

Phar still has Xander's spellbook and it now belongs to him. Xander running away means he has forfeited all his possessions... and his life, if the PCs catch him. I will post details on Xander's spellbook sometime this afternoon.
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