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Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
FYI, tomorrow I'm going to post a list of the NPCs the characters have met (and heard mention of). It should be useful for you guys.


World of Kulan DM
Crow God NPCs

Cast of NPCs (in order of appearance)
Timmins (male human) – First met in the tavern/inn Gurnard's Arms. He is a retired warrior. He told the story about Drakk's Heart.

Wilbur (male human) – Timmins sickly friend who was healed by Sheyla (a previous PC run by [MENTION=478]Thanee[/MENTION]). He is now back to being fully healthy and acts as if he is in debt to the PCs.

Sir Gareth Porthglaze (male human) – The sheriff of Carnell. A bear of a man of good humor. He bonded with the PCs during their first night at Gurnard's Arms, especially Quinn. He tried to fight alongside the first group of PCs against the sand spiders and was badly injured.

Rosemergy (female halfling) – A matronly old halfling who owns Gurnard's Arms. She is quite fond of "Master Lorien" for the great performance he put on in her inn. The locals call her Rosie.

Lord Gar Ebal (male human) – The Master Seneschal of Pendour Manor. He expects proper address from visitors and yet he comes off as rude himself. He was against hiring the PCs, as he did not see them as being worthy but has since changed his mind.

Sir Ghal Ebal (male human) – Acts as the Captain of the House and as Lady Pendour's personal guard. One of his titles is Guardian. He is Lord Ebal's son.

Her Ladyship, Elisabeth Pendour (female human) – The current ruler of the lands around Carnell in her husband's place after his death. She is in her 30s and is elegant and graceful. She is being blackmailed by an unknown villain. Now that she has her husband's key — that opens a sealed stone sarcophagus in the Pendour Family crypt, she hopes it will give her some leverage over the blackmailer.

Lady Melantha Pendour-Chartrese (female human) – Lady Pendour's sixteen year old daughter. She is the quiet sort, and she is promised to marry a young man named Lord Xander Chartrese, the eldest son of a noble family from Belporte.

Raius Bellath (male human [elvenblood]) – A young steward and soldier in training who escorted the first group of PCs back into the village after their initial meeting with Lady Pendour. Has been assigned to work with and guard the PCs' backs by Lord Ebal.

Aeron (male human) – Aeron is Caerth's mentor and father figure. He is an old hermit who settled in Carnell. He and Lorien know each other from the man's youth, which Caerth hadn't known.

Mabon Bronzethegn (male dwarf) – The village's local blacksmih. He is a seacliff dwarf. He is friendly and gave the PCs beeswax and a rope and hook for their task.

Dorn (male human) – Bronzethegn's apprentice. He is homely human boy who is a bit scattered in his behavior and mannerisms. He's also a bit lazy.

Hornauer (male wererat) – The "King of Rats" encountered on Gurnard's Head. He was oily and weaselly but cared about his 'subjects'. Likes shiny things.

Quinten Mohren (male human) – Yorick's nephew who arrived in Carnell while the PCs were on Gurnard's Head. He was sent for to take his uncle's place. He'd much rather be doing anything else.

Lord Xander Chartrese (male human) – Betrothed of Lady Melantha. He is obviously very fond of the girl and dotes on her constantly.

Other NPCs Mentioned
Gangrell (male kitt *) – Lady Pendour's scribe
Maggie (female human) – Gareth's wife
Marabelle (female human) – The head cook in the manor's kitchen. Don't piss her off.
Nikolaas Chartrese (male human) – Xander's father and a long-time ally of the Pendour family. He is a renown lord in the city of Belporte.
* aka, a small catfolk

The Dead
Brennen Taggart (male human) – A local killed by the harpies/rooks. He was Sir Ghal's good, longtime friend. (The PCs never met him.)
Lord Peregrine Pendour (male human) – Lady Pendour's dead husband. The PCs brought his body back from the island tower. They found the body chained to a metal signal pole. (The PCs never met him.)
Yorick Zeelen (male human) – The PCs never met him, as poor old Yorick was killed by the sand spiders. Lorien discovered his dead body in the launch.
The Rude Adventurers (male humans) – A group of three nasty men who stole the launch and tried to get Lord Pendour's 'treasures' for themselves. The PCs found their bodies in the old tower. The baby scrags killed two of them. The other was found dead elsewhere in the ruin. (I forget where. Heh.) (The PCs never met them.)
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World of Kulan DM
FYI, my plan is to wait for both [MENTION=49929]Scott DeWar[/MENTION] and [MENTION=6814006]Thateous[/MENTION] to post their own "creative" descriptions for the night before the dawn and the funeral. But if either of you would prefer me to work up my next post and get it up instead of waiting for you, let me know here. I can wait. My next post likely won't go up until either tomorrow or Sunday.




World of Kulan DM
FYI, I'm going to start writing my next reply tonight after I watch the NHL Skills Competition that I PVRed earlier today.

EDIT: You know. I'm tired. I'll write it up tomorrow. :yawn:
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World of Kulan DM
sorry. really painful week for my hands. the long bones simply ache.
No worries. I've had my own issues to deal with too. Plus, today I watched the NHL All-Star 3-on-3 Tournament. Supper will be arriving shortly and then after that I'll try tackling the next post. It might turn into a multi-parter.

(I have to look up what Caerth needed to atone for. EDIT: Found it. Saving it here for my reference...)

Like Phar, Caerth senses the magic sword in his thoughts, his mind, his very personal memories. The half-orc involuntarily puts his hands on his head, trying in vain to keep the blade out. He senses the probing, seeking out the crimes of his past. Bullying animals, scarring trees, yes, but he was only a child back then, and his mentor punished him for it. But, no, don't dig deeper...

In a rush of anger, the now almost mature Caerth lashes out at the stag. For some reason the animal had gotten on the half-orc's nerves and it felt both good and terrible to strike down the offending beast. Blood covered his hands and Caerth reveled in it, smearing it across his face as the stag cried in impotent pain. It had been too long since he had given in to his bloodlust, and in this faraway land, not even his powerful mentor would ever discover what he had done...

In defeat, Caerth bows slightly towards the sword. It had discovered his only true sin and while the blade did not speak of atonement, the druid knew what was expected, no, required of him. He would return to his mentor, confess to the old crime, and be brought before the other druids to accept the punishment they would deem appropriate.
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