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I tend to just post when I post can be multiple times a day. Just depends on work and the wife.

This is my situation, too. Work can, and frequently is, on any day of the week. It jnust varies from week to week pretty wildly.

Sorry to lose you, Charwoman Gene, but I understand.

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Not sure if this is still going ahead, as it seem to be quite.


Guillame was not an ambitious youth, he was content to heard his sheep, chasing away wolves and running after strays, but fate had a different idea for him. The army recruiters marched through his sleepy village and, despite his protestations, he was deemed "of fighting age".

It was not a life that suited him. He was barely able to lift a spear or walk in armour. He mostly stayed out of trouble by spotting it coming and not being there when it arrived. Late one evening Guillaume saw an opportunity to desert and took it. Confident he could be long gone by dawn, he stuck past the bored guards and headed off.

Unbeknownst to Guillaume he was seen, by Captain Lance the commander of a group of scouts, who prided themselves in speed, stealth and observation, three things Guillaume excelled at. Captain Lance, mounted on a swift horse, quickly caught the youth and offered him a choice; join Lance's scouts or be dragged back to camp to be hanged.

Guillaume served out the rest of his time in mild contentment of his lot, proving himself as a scout specialising in sneaking up to guards and killing them quietly.

The DM hasn't posted since 8/16 so while you are free to make a character, we are a bit rudderless at the moment since he was going to pick from a pool of characters he felt were the right fit for his game.


Sorry about that absence, people. The BQT, you are welcome to submit a character, but there are no guarantees that your character will be chosen. Adherence to the guidelines in the first post of this thread will maximize your odds, however, hint, hint.

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