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This post got totally screwed up somehow. I'm just quitting and may try to again later.
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Thanks That would be the dream, but I'm married...

and I'm looking for a place to stay because we have just moved to the New York City

I'm not sure why being married nixes The Dream, but whatever. I have never lived in a city larger than Little Rock, and Google tells me that its population in 1992, when I graduated law school, was 177,919. I was going to guess 200K, so I was in the ballpark. *Sigh* I love Google!
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41st lv DM
I'm not sure if it will qualify as a 'process' or not. I'm willing to listen to suggestions, but final decisions will be mine. Posting frequency is a bit of a wildcard right now. When things are going well and I have lots of time, I prefer for players to post every day or two. But given my work schedule, and life with kids, that may be a bit too ambitious. Probably 1-3 times per week may be about all I can handle. We'll just have to see how it goes.

Next week (Wed+) is GenCon. So hopefully you don't want to start then as posting for me will be a lot more difficult.

In general, thanks to work + real life gaming, Fri-Sun doesn't see me post much (or it's really short).


I'm not sure why being married nixes The Dream, but whatever...

It nixes the dream because my wife hates my inner geek, so I have no chance of living in a castle and pretending to be a feudal lord :(

Anyway, stuck on the subway earlier, I ran my char gen program on my phone and I think I'll submit my assassin if I can get him up here in time.

The abridged version is he was drafted into the army, proved to be nearly useless as he could barely hold a spear or walk in armour. A bright young officer in charge of scouting noticed he was fast and quiet and recruited him into the scouting unit, where he excelled especially in taking out sentries before they were even aware someone was scouting them.

So not so much an assassin (as in he does not kill important people for political aims) as a sneaky person who can kill easily.

EDIT: I meant to mention that I should be able to post at least once a day Monday to Friday and possibly (but unlikely) on weekends. Just not for the next week or so.

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