Pathfinder 2E [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)

I wonder that myself. In both games. Is anyone else in group 1 going to create a new character? Hopefully Thanksgiving in America is over and posting will just fly from people's keyboards.

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Sorry work and holidays have really REALLY thrown me off here for the last two weeks. I really have been dropping the ball on all my games. I am hopping to get caught up today.

As for a 4th level character. I think after playing this short game and reading the rules I remember why I stopped playing Pathfinder in the first place... so many rules. Right now I just don't have the energy to re-read the updates (I have not even downloaded the recent ones) and I think I am going to bow out for now. The game was fun but that was the GM and story NOT the rules :)


I have to admit, as someone who was really excited to playtest PF2, I'm kind of done.

If you need me to fill out a spot to make a group work, I'm there (I'm loyal that way), but if the game doesn't happen... I'm okay with that too.

I will definitely give the game a try when its done, but I feel it needs a lot of work still.


I do not know what we can really do unless we wait for the other party to finish. If we had leavers in this group surely they will in that one too. I mean, I am an obsessive enough poster that I could probably play multiple characters if it came down to it, but I am not sure that would be all that satisfying for everyone else.

No reason why someone in the other group could not play the next adventure while the first one is going on. Although that game has also stalled. They are still in the first big room. Anyone from game 2 who wishes to jump into part 2 of the adventure can pipe up. As I said, I'll continue to run it in PF2. We need at least 4 4th level characters using the 1.6 errata.


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Sorry. I have been in the hospital for the past week. I am not sure when I will be back to normal. Please NPC Elkhorn for now.

Update: Out of the hospital. Recovering at home. Slowly getting better. Please continue to NPC Elkhorn. I hope to be back at it in a few weeks.


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Vaguely alive, if struggling with time to post.

If it keeps being an issue I'll bow out while I still have any dignity, rather than stay quiet this long without a word again.

Many apologies, all.

Game 2: Calling

Are you still playing?

Game 1: Characters? Or should we just combine down to a single group?

Charwoman Gene

I have a concept just have to build her out. I'll try to complete her soon, I just have to build a 3' by 5' model of an open book today. I love holiday decorating... XD

No problem. We need char sheets people.

Players in game 2, if you want to join "game 1" in part 2 of the adventure path, feel free. We probably aren't finding any replacements for game 2 part 1.

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