[OOC] Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden [closed but waitlist is available]


Hey @Quickleaf,

I can’t remember, did we rest before entering the temple? Just trying to figure what spell slots Aric has left.

Also, fyi, Aric doesn’t have any healing spells prepared! And he doesn’t have a healing potion…
I remember you broke base camp early to beat the storm... so I think you have not had a long rest.

Yeah, when a party gets low on healing resources (and they don't have spare the dying), and you need to make DC 10 Medicine checks to stabilize someone, that's when having a healer's kit is worth its weight in gold.

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My only concern with a long rest would be that the area might not be secure. Plus if we're trying to hurry, it's a long chunk of time to be out. But we could at least try to rest until everyone is back on their feet.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
We can wait half an hour for the dwarves to go back and return to us. Waiting for two hours for the dwarf to awaken or lugging him around is impractical and/or dangerous

And besides, if there is nothing more to this temple and we're just getting out after the metal door (I doubt it or they would have cleared it before) we don't need a guide.


A compromise might be we just say 20 minutes pass total. You short rest. Someone helps Angrom lug unconscious Rurm back up, then that PC returns (but Angrom stays with Rurm). And Brydum continues as your guide.

You’ll be somewhat low on resources and sleepless (one night is no penalty), but you’ll have regained some HP, whatever short rest powers you have, and still be on track to reach Termalaine by morning.

Up to you all!

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