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(OOC) Scourge of Daggerford (Full)


Yeah the distances are pretty big. It's a real problem in PBP that I can't ever make fights that go at bow-range. You'll never be able to tell where you are! I'll try to keep the map broken up into smallish bits, even if you get separated. See how that works, anyway.
It was more that I needed the image larger to see things more clearly.

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That's strange. It's huge on my laptop and on my phone I just zoom in with my fingers. Is there something I need to do to make it bigger for you?

Huh. On my laptop they open to almost full-screen when I just open the sblock. I had no idea any of you were having trouble seeing them. I'm pretty proud of my maps, so it's a shame if you guys don't get to enjoy them.

Can you describe how small they are?

Anyone else having this problem? I mean, on my laptop screen they are slightly bigger than three-squares to the inch. (Nearly a cm per 5-foot-square for the metric inclined). I can see all your characters' faces clearly.

I work pretty hard on these maps, I'd hate for them to be wasted.


Only problem I ever have is having to zoom in to count squares and then scroll around to 'estimate' the coordinates I want.

That's true, I don't always use maps that have squares directly on the map (or I play fast-and-loose with scale). Still, I try to keep it as 5-foot squares to the grid-marks on the outside and keep the character icons to that scale.


Yep, and that's what I base my actions on. Sometimes it's just harder to make out than others. And that's no fault of yours. Especially when map elements don't stick to their own squares, let alone your rescaling.

Yeah that's true. I often scroll around right at the end to make sure my co-ordinates on my notes match the map (sometimes I still screw that up) and sometimes the icon is no where near where I thought it was.


Don't get me wrong. I like your maps. For some reason, they're just small on my machine. I have no idea why. I will try and get a screenshot.


Okay, I can't figure out how to get the screenshot. I know you push the Print Screen button, but I can't figure out where it saves. I found I can save the file and open it in the photo viewer and zoom it that way.


An easy way to zoom on the map is to:

1. Right click on the map
2. Chrome: select "Open image in new tab" / Firefox: Ctrl+click "View image" to open it in a new tab
3. Go to the new tab and zoom in with Ctrl+scroll
4. Kill the Hobgoblin
5. Profit
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
I'm on a MacBook, and the maps are too small for me to see until I drag them to my desktop. Which is easy, and then I can expand to full size. Not a complaint, but a possible assist for anyone struggling.

After all this talk of Maps, I've posted a big one. I hope you all can see it. I wanted you to be able to tell where you are relative to the nearest enemies. (And Zasha, too, who is up in the top left). There's a few people just off the map. I forgot to mention that Averiel climbed down off the palisade and is just behind Dandin on the bridge.

I've been playing a little silly game in my head, role-playing what's going on at the other locations. A few goblin in-fights, trouble loading the boats, that sort of thing. So as not to bog the game down with too much information, I've only shared a bit (like Zasha and her pursuit) but the Julkounians are stubbornly not going quietly (while trying not to get themselves killed). They are valuable slaves, so the hobgoblins are disinclined to murder them, unless they get *too* annoying.

Just at the bottom of the map on the right, there's a hobgoblin bannerman and a goblin bully who have been sent to see what's taking the next load of prisoners so long to get to the boats. There's a chance they'll see you this round, though with the dark and the rain, visibility is not very good.

The goblins leading the prisoners are carrying torches (for the benefit of the humans, and to look intimidating) so that group is easy for the characters to see, and the characters are generally aware that there are enemies toward the docks, but the specifics are not too clear. Darkvision is only limited-useful, between the rain and the distance.

Near buildings (within 5 feet) there is darkness, and in open spaces dim light, if you want me to be somewhat "official" about it. Use your imagination, I'll generally not fault you for it.

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