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(OOC) Scourge of Daggerford (Full)

I tried saving the round-five map as a .jpg instead of a .png like I usually do. Let me know if that shows up differently. (I also blew it up a bit).

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Well, I'm getting tired of waiting on [MENTION=6805410]Fradak[/MENTION], so I'm going to move on tonight or tomorrow. I've noticed that [MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION], you haven't posted for Titus either. The girl will duck under the hobgoblin and run toward you with him in chase, so TitusWolf can absolutely jump on the hobgoblin if you like.


I think we're still on the previous round? Fitz dealt with most of everything on the previous round, but hasn't handled Dandin, nor rolled the round yet.

I gotta apologize for this game grinding to a halt ATM. My computer went into the shop right as ENWorld came back alive. All my maps and stuff are on there and we are in the middle of such a big fight with a lot of moving pieces.

I will try to push it forward as soon as I can. This is actually my favorite game that I run, so maybe I expect too much of myself for it. Anyway, it's not being dropped! Stay with me.

I still don't have my computer back but I figured that I would take a look and see where we are at to keep it all in my head. I noticed a few things:

@KahlessNestor (does the at mention function still work?)
Angis has not gone yet for round 7.

The roller no longer works, so I can't see what anyone (who used it) rolled on their turn. So feel free to edit your posts with new rolls from coyote! (Maybe Tommi will roll better!)

Hopefully I will get my laptop back soon and I can get moving again.,,

I have my laptop back so my games should hopefully get moving again. (It died almost exactly when enworld got back up after the upgrade and took a ridiculous amount of time to fix).

I will catch up over the weekend and hopefully you will all join me in getting some momentum back like we used to have!

I've been playing with some formatting since we got the new site, and I'm wondering if you think that it might be better if I moved posting the locations to directly under the map, in the same spoiler block. It would look something like this:


(PCs) Angis (R25), Dandin (M29), Drui (T21), Enseth (T22), Lionel (M30), Snake (L28), Titus (Q24), Tommi (T18)
(BGs) HobCaptain (Z22), Hobgoblin1 (U22), Goblin1 (S27), Goblin2 (S28) Etc.
(NPCs) Blah Blah... I picked a big map by foolishness, you get what I mean.

What do you think? How does that display for you?