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Planescape Planescape IS D&D Says Jeremy Crawford

Front & center In 2024 core rulebooks.

Planescape is Jeremy Crawford's favourite D&D setting. "It is D&D", he says, as he talks about how in the 2024 core rulebook updates Planescape will be more up front and center as "the setting of settings".


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Um, how about no? I don't need someone else saying "this has to be the way it's going to be." If I want to chuck FR, Ravenloft, Planescape or Dark Sun out the window in favor of the cosmology of my homebrew, that's the way it used to be and how it should be.
Has this ever really been an issue? I normally just explain some things about my home-brew game and we're good to go, and cosmology is normally pretty far down on the list of things that need explaining since it rarely comes up unless you hit high levels.


As much as the playtest has turned me off (except for the species stuff), if they actually make Planescape A Big Deal, I may stick around and just homebrew class stuff until I'm not grumpy about it.


Was this in doubt?
You have to remember the intended audience for these videos. Todd even says it at the start of the new one about Sigil: "For those that do not know about Sigil, how would you describe Sigil?"

We are not their primary intended audience. They figure us old hands will already know all of this and be able to decide to get the book on its own merits. The videos are for the younger generations, the ones who possibly weren't even born the last time a Planescape book came out and know little to nothing about it. So for them, they see this strange new setting book that doesn't look like anything else in the product line, and maybe they need a little reassurance that no no, this is still D&D.

Erdric Dragin

Not if you don't want a non-Great Wheel cosmology, like Eberron or Dark Sun.
Except those cosmologies exist WITHIN the Great Wheel Cosmology. Planescape should be rebranded more as an Omniverse than a Multiverse.

Eberron has been explained as being in its own crystal sphere, cut off from everything else, and the 3 dragon overgods built their own cosmology within it.

Dark Sun has been described as just being cut off from the planes with a tenuous tie to the Ethereal.

Even Dragonlance has its own cosmology. Its "Abyss" is not the same "Abyss" as in the Great Wheel. Or any of its outer planes. Yet another instance of a crystal sphere (I know 5e doesn't use that term, but it was dumb to exclude it and it's the best way to keep settings self-contained from the main-verse) having its complete own thing with as much, as little, or completely no ties to the Great Wheel of D&D.

It's the best of both worlds I think.

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