So, who wants to talk about new Doctor Who (spoilers likely)

Remus Lupin

I never read that the universe rebooted from Amy's memory, but that Amy's memory of the Doctor allowed the universe to be rebooted, essentially as it had always been. I didn't take it as license for an enormous degree of retconning, but maybe I just missed a memo somewhere along the line.

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THat bothered me more than most. Say you are Amy, and you just get the news from your fertility doctor that you cannot have children. Do you convienently forget that you have this real close friend with a machine that can take you anywhere in time and space? Maybe 21st century medicine says you cannot have children, but what about 10,000th century medicine? Heck, you watched them create entire people out of goo.

Yeah, in fact, I would have bought it more that perhaps her experience from Demon's Run scarred her emotionally and made her reluctant to have children, instead of being physically unable to have children. That would have given their split a little more emotional weight.

I'm a little concerned that their story arc will be about Amy becoming fertile again. :-S

That said, despite my complaints, the episode itself (if you remove it from the context of character history) was well written, well executed (except for the slow mo parts), and well acted.

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Are we still actually supposed to be scared of Daleks?

I thought Russell T Davis did a good job with his Eccleston episode 'Dalek', where he expressly wanted to bring fearful back to them again.

Unfortunately everyone forgot this in all subsequent Dalek episodes (including Davis).

Mind you, it is somewhat the way of things - Weeping Angels were terrifyingly brilliant in the episode they first appeared. However, subsequent outings have completely destroyed their premise and weakened them enormously (IMO).



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Oh, and the Daleks have been around for a long long time, right? Think of how much human civilization has changed in just a hundred years. I'm okay with Daleks having different motivations and opinions on the world in different episodes. I mean, they can apparently show up at both ancient Stonehenge and WW2 London and whenever the end of Eccleston's season took place.
Personally, I think the fact that the Daleks have been around a long time means that it's okay for them to undergo some cosmetic changes that make them look a little less like a production for a high-school drama club. They're a little more polished now, but the basic rubbish design is still at the core.

It's a sleeker toilet plunger, but it's still a toilet plunger.


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Just watched episode 2.

Again, SPOILERS so skip my post if you don't wan't any...



Guest stars galore. Arthur Weasley (Mark Williams), Walder Frey (David Bradley), and Inspector Lestrade (Rupert Graves) all in one episode? Nice.

Dinosaur FX. Wow. Even for a high budget scifi show like this, I didn't expect the visual effects on the dinos to be so good. Really great stuff.

The Doctor's ruthlessness. I like my Doctor to be compassionate whenever possible, but it certainly doesn't hurt to see him be a cold killing bastard once in awhile. Just goes to show what happens when the bad guy pushes him to far.


The Doctor recklessness. After last season's realization that he was endangering their lives with his traveling, the Doctor suddenly decides to drag Rory and Amy back in again, this time with the latter's dad in tow? WTF? Come on writers. Don't make him so bloody thoughtless!

All in all, kind of a meh episode but enjoyable enough. Let's hope nxt week is better.
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Terrible pacing pretty much ruins what should have been a real whopper.

Worst time-travel, dinosaur, giant mech, Egyptian queen TV show episode evar.

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Felt a bit like old school Doctor Who, in that it felt more targeted towards (older) kids. Which is fine, I expect them sometimes.

This must have been bloody expensive. Lots of space CG, dino CG, dino puppetry, and robot suits and puppetry.

Loved the robots. If I had the time, I know precisely what my Halloween costume would be.

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