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The Fall of Plaguestone OOC [CLOSED]


Possibly a Idiot.
Hope that works.

It's a bit iffy as to why Grimsby didn't do anything before, but I suppose we could hand-wave it by saying he was lost in his work.

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It sounds like you’re wanting to take a night’s rest before you investigate Hallod. That’s fine. Some of you have some conditions that need to be addressed. Wounded is easy. Restore HP with Treat Wounds, or be restored to full HP and rest for 10 minutes. Silvi’s Drained is going to be harder. Boy, they made stirges hella bad this edition! Drained will be reduced by 1 every night she gets a good rest (so a week to completely eliminate it). In the meantime, her HP value is reduced to 12. (13 in the morning, but you don’t automatically get that 1 hp back.). A night’s rest will restore your Con modifier x level in hit points. If you wish, you can take all day and night tomorrow to rest as well, to get Con mod x twice your level in hit points back.

Let me know what you would wish to do. Your "ticking clock" is a month, so you aren't really under any time pressure, to be fair. If you wanted to take the entire week off for Silvi, we could switch into Downtime Mode before you continue the investigation,. etc.


Hmmm... I'd be happy to take time off, but it seems like we'd want to follow up on this lead ASAP. Let's rest the night, follow up on the lead in the morning, and if that doesn't pan out (or even if it does), try to take more time off after that.

I will go with the groups decision on this as I just started but I agree with Fitz. We don't want the lead to go cold so should follow up in the morning and then decide if we need to continue or have time to rest until Silvi is fully on the mend.


Just go with what works for the story and continue on the next day. The number of hp Silvi has barely matters considering the fact that against basically any strong foe she is likely to be crited.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Okay, I just can't seem to get the details of my character into a sheet of sorts. I've got everything I need except gear (I think), so can someone help me with filling it all in?

I really want to play, so I figured asking for help beats staying stuck in the process for a while longer.

Mortimer Pendergast, LN versatile human barrister scoundrel rogue 1

STR 10
DEX 16 (+2 ancestry, +2 background, +2 extra)
CON 10
INT 12 (+2 extra)
WIS 12 (+2 extra)
CHA 18 (+2 ancestry, +2 background, +2 class, +2 extra)

Background: Barrister (+2 Cha, +2 Dex). Trained in Diplomacy, Legal Lore. Group Impression skill feat.
Rogue's Racket: Scoundrel (Cha is key ability). Trained in Deception, Society (replaces Diplomacy). Successful Feint means flat-footed, crit success also to allies.
Human heritage: Versatile. Assurance (Stealth) general feat (always at least 10 on Stealth rolls).
Human ancestry feat: Cooperative Nature (+4 on Aid checks).
General starting feat: Incredible Initiative (+2 Init)
Rogue feat: You're Next
Rogue skill feat: Pickpocket

Expert in Perception
Trained in:
Lore: Underworld Lore
Lore: Guild Lore

Gear: Daggers are good. Not sure about anything else. He's a barrister, or at least he was, and he's modelled after a retired assassin. So whatever fits, I guess.

Please let me know if I've got something wrong, or made illogical choices. I'll type my bio soon.


Looks good to me. Might want some armor. If you're not sure about gear, you can just grab the Rogue Class Kit. (page 289).

Make sure you have your numbers in, too. Especially Perception and Stealth (for initiative), and AC and HP. Basically if I need to jaeger you for a bit if RL has blown up for you for a bit.
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Sorry for the delay. Galahad should have had the ability to get everyone healed back up to full with medicine checks though that's by no means assured. Also, they've made more changes to Alchemists since we started. He can now make 3 minor healing elixir and Antitoxin per resource each day.

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