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The Fall of Plaguestone OOC [CLOSED]

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Good! And Silvi has healer's tools, too, so she can do it :) She's back up to 13 hp, but still drained, unfortunately. Everyone else looks ready to go.


Looks like whoever needed the most healing after that got really good treatment but that's all. (That was a crit heal) After that, I think the rest could be healed up with a combination of left-over elixir of life from Galahad's daily prep (4) and resting.


Everyone is now healed as much as they possibly can be. Silvi is still down from drained, but that will take time to recover.

How much does the elixir of life heal? Good to know he's got 4 a day, then.


Okay, I just can't seem to get the details of my character into a sheet of sorts. I've got everything I need except gear (I think), so can someone help me with filling it all in?

I really want to play, so I figured asking for help beats staying stuck in the process for a while longer.

Mortimer Pendergast, LN versatile human barrister scoundrel rogue 1

STR 10
DEX 16 (+2 ancestry, +2 background, +2 extra)
CON 10
INT 12 (+2 extra)
WIS 12 (+2 extra)
CHA 18 (+2 ancestry, +2 background, +2 class, +2 extra)

Background: Barrister (+2 Cha, +2 Dex). Trained in Diplomacy, Legal Lore. Group Impression skill feat.
Rogue's Racket: Scoundrel (Cha is key ability). Trained in Deception, Society (replaces Diplomacy). Successful Feint means flat-footed, crit success also to allies.
Human heritage: Versatile. Assurance (Stealth) general feat (always at least 10 on Stealth rolls).
Human ancestry feat: Cooperative Nature (+4 on Aid checks).
General starting feat: Incredible Initiative (+2 Init)
Rogue feat: You're Next
Rogue skill feat: Pickpocket

Expert in Perception
Trained in:
Lore: Underworld Lore
Lore: Guild Lore

Gear: Daggers are good. Not sure about anything else. He's a barrister, or at least he was, and he's modelled after a retired assassin. So whatever fits, I guess.

Please let me know if I've got something wrong, or made illogical choices. I'll type my bio soon.
@JustinCase Still interested? Did you get Mortimer finished up?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
I am still interested. So much time was eaten up by work, sorry about that.

I'll write that bio and adjust the necessary things this week, I expect.

Was thinking about Mortimer being on that caravan, keeping to himself mostly, but now deciding to get into action to prevent being blamed for a crime he is most certainly innocent of.

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