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The Untamed Wilds: Caravan Campaign


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 53 - 84: Conducting Town Business

During the time alloted to remain around town, Sheldon and Indigo relay to the other Seekers that they will spend some time working with the Carpenters Guild, particularly in teaching them to better work with the pack animals. They especially work with Olivia who is the younger Ansylin girl who can manipulate way.

They each spend some time with Alba learning Rheini and some time with Lyndha learning to read and write Ansylin.

Because neither use a bow, they spend some time with the scout parties when they are on guard duty, teaching combat strategies and trying to determine who might be able to sense way.

When the hired miners return to the Blacksmith, Indigo would like to have better swords made for her. Neither Sheldon nor Indigo are interested in wearing metal armor.
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During the extended stay in town, San-Bolo also work with the carpenters guild, learning what they can about how to erect buildings and make repairs. Turtle will help with the heavy lifting.

The trio also spends a great deal of time with the Rheini, learning their language and teaching the ones they know. Bolo takes a special interest in the child she and Indigo helped heal, showing him her techniques with the bow and determining if any of the Rheini can manipulate way.

At night Sannit speaks with Giodavi and the other male members of the Seekers often, learning what he knows of the political climate of the neighboring cities, and befriending the mayor.

Bolo continues to visit with Lyndha, Indigo, Maeli, and Alba for similar discussions as to the leadership of the town and to continue learning to read. She will teach Sannit on her own time.

Also they train with their weapons and way techniques and hunt to keep their skills sharp. At some point the trio leave Southroad Fair for a few days for a small camping vacation. Nothing against the other Seekers, its just a bonding trip for the three of them.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tor also works with the Carpenter's Guild, as he is very interested in learning about design, construction, maintenance, and repair of large structures. He figures that such knowledge is not only good for maintaining one's own residence, but also for penetrating the defenses of enemy structures as well.

Merin learns all he can from the Rheini, not only their language, but customs, traditions, and cultural beliefs as well. He also works with Lyndha some more on both reading and writing. Literacy is a huge priority for Merin, because he believes that it would be useful to be able to keep an "apprentice journal" of his journey from Way Novice, to Way Apprentice, and (eventually) to Way Master.

Meanwhile, Myth practices his stealth, by stalking around the outer edges of town, and watching people as they go about their day. He isn't sure why, but his instinct tells him that he should learn what is routine to see in this town, and what is "out of the ordinary."

Sylvar B.

Saemund spends the majority of his free time doing calisthenics and training with his large axe while wearing the deer skin hauberk so that he gets used to the way it feels.
Saemund also takes some time to hike into the surrounding country side to practice using way. Mainly he attempts to detect nearby metal and living creatures.
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Day 63: Miners Return

After 10 days, the miners who were hired by Martello the Blacksmith return to town, loaded down. They had collected 1000 ingots of aluminum and 1650 ingots of iron. They depart again the next day stating that there is still more iron to be collected.
GM: The find gives the party 2650 clams worth of credit with Martello, thus far.

GM: During this time in town, the following XP is earned for role play:
  • Tor: 7 points
  • Merin : 8 points
  • Myth: 3 points
  • Sannit: 14 points
  • Bolo: 10 points
  • Turtle: 5 points
  • Saemund: 7 points
7 points XP is awarded to all characters and companions for problem solving and innovative ideas.

GM: While working with others about town, the Seekers discover a few new people who are determined to be able to manipulate way:
  • Sapona: a young Ansylin girl who works at the Bath House
  • Verden: a Rheini man who is a picker for the Winery
  • Olivia: a young Ansylin woman who is a crew leader for the Carpenters Guild
  • Pernapido: a Rheini boy who is a hunter / scout

GM: During this time, the Ale Caravan arrives from Boga City heading south. Similar to when the Spice Caravan was in town, this creates a festive situation where about 1/3 of the community goes a bit overboard.

The caravan brings news of social unrest in Eastaboga, but that city is so far removed it might as well be fictitious. They ask about the Southroad Seekers, having heard news of them. They talk about a clan of Mhytres being hired to work construction at Boga City and that major repairs to the old damage are being done. They do not seem to have any climactic news.

They stay for 1 day and trade for pine fuel and silk.

OOC: Saemund's character record was updated for XP spent.
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San-Bolo will speak to each of the way users without telling them about the others. They will speak favorably of being able to sense or do extraordinary things, trying to determine how they feel about such things. Later they will call a meeting of the Seekers to bring up the possibility of training others and how the others feel about their growing notoriety.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Days 63 - 84: Waiting Out the Rainy Season, Martello

During the remainder of the allotted time, the miners return with the rest of the iron ore and Martello and his assistant begin working on projects for the Seekers first. An additional 4100 ingots were collected.
GM: The new iron awards an additional credit of 4100 credit with Martello bringing the total with the Blacksmith to 6750 clams.

Sannit's Alu-Steel Lanzita01002290
Sannit's Armored Hauberk60200603260
Tor's Steel Longsword3010033120
Tor's Steel Greaves30100203220
Merin's Steel Greaves20100203220
Indigo's Steel Sabers402002280
Saemund's Steel Battleaxe3010033120
Saemund's Armored Hauberk60200603260
GM: This uses a total of 270 ingots of iron, 28 bricks of carbone, plus 1100 credit, bringing the remaining credit with Martello to 4300 clams. Sheldon's special bracer uses only ingots he already possessed but cost an additional 100 clams, leaving 4200 credit.
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Sannit calls the Seekers together at the build site. Sitting around a campfire with a mug of pine mellow Sannit says, "Bolo and I will speak to Verden, the picker at the winery, about his way abilities. Any of you are welcome to join us, of course, but dividing up may be our best course. There are three others and five more of us if the rest of you want to talk with them privately."

Bolo adds, "We are not going to pressure Verden on anything, just let him know we share these abilities and tell him if he has any questions he can come to us for advice. We will also tell him about the good things we have done with these abilities, like the healing of wounds and illness. We are not going to tell him about any of the others that are way sensitive, those are not our stories to tell."

Off to the side, Turtle rolls over and yawns. Why would any living thing sit that close to a fire?

The next day San-Bolo will locate Verden when they can speak to him alone. Bolo says, "When I was a girl my grandmother spoke to me about things that can only be touched with invisible fingers. We shape this ability, or Way, as we call it, with our will alone. As we will it, we can achieve it. When we healed Gato Sortudo of his illness, we were using Way. These abilities can be used to harm as well as heal. We know first hand of these things, and I suspect you do as well. There is no shame in the growing and harvesting of fruits, but if you wish to be more, let us know." She will give him a talisman she made from one of the songbird feathers.

Sannit says,
"The Way also gives us the ability to protect those that we care about. Southroad Fair is a good place for all of us, but seeing as we live between two large cities, we know we must be vigilant towards our defense."

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Sheldon and Indigo had been working with Olivia and Pernapido since both were readily available away from town, due to their normal activities. Olivia being about the same age as the Seekers, showed marked talent in developing her skill after overcoming the fear of it. Pernapido, being younger, is just starting to develop the talent. Neither have yet shown a proclivity for any speciality.

Sapona is the youngest of the ones discovered. She is also the most difficult to find opportunity to train, but it is noticed when at the bathhouse that she is showing promise toward Kinetics.

GM: Language Proficiencies have been updated on each Character Record. I have decided that trying to formulate a functional algorithm is a bit overkill and will leave this more to role-play.

It should be important to note that certain characters have unique proficiencies that can be well integrated into role-play.
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Sylvar B.

Saemund to Sannit Would it be odd if I were to train with Sheldon, Indigo and the younglings so that I can increase my proficiency is using way? I have yet to discover if I have a propensity toward a particular specialty, and I would like to discover it.


Gamer Extraordinaire
Sannit nods his head to Saemund and replies, "Not odd at all. Training is always good, and not just with the Way. As we help others to grow so too do we grow ourselves. You can also show the townsfolk about your styles with combat and fitness. You have just as much potential as any of us to be a leader and mentor in Southroad Fair. I myself am following the same path that Sheldon is, although I have not reached his level yet."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tor says to Saemund, "You and I should spend time sparring together. The more often, the better. Both of us are up-front melee fighters, so it does us good to keep in practice."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 84: Concluding Town Business

GM: Martello, the Blacksmith:
All previously contracted armor and weaponry has been completed. Sheldon also requested 2 miner's picks thinking that the Seekers could use them to collected small veins of ore themselves hiring out for the larger lodes, leaving 3900 clams of credit with the smith.

Maeli, the Herbalist:
All salable trinkets and collected beetle carcasses were traded, increasing the available town credit to 565 clams.

GM: Day 76: Construction began on the Southroad Seekers Guild House. 500 ingots of iron were retrieved from holding with Martello, the Blacksmith, and traded to Clavo for the next due 2500 clam installment.
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Day 84: Paranormal Tasks and Mundane Activity

Having found time almost each day to work with the newly discovered town people, considerable progress was made with initiating instruction for manipulating way, to the degree that Lyndha and Maeli agreed to continue the work during any of the Seekers' absences, thereby forming a local secret society for Benders.

Verden is almost condescending, at first being about twice Sannit's age. He is aware of his gift and had been using it to find pine vine fruit for making wine. He quickly lost any adverse attitude after discovering the greater potential of possibilities he was neglecting.

Olivia and Pernapido show diverse talent but a quick uptake on learning. Sapona seems to be particularly tuned to kinetics and Merin is sent to work with her more often.

GM: After spending the remainder of the rainy season interacting with the town folk, the following people were determined to have greater skill in manipulating way than that of the Seekers, though only Passaro has any real talent for paranormal combat.
  • Lyndha
  • Maeli
  • Alba
  • Passaro
Former Seekers still residing in town:
  • Galen
  • Siofra
  • Aust
  • Revan

GM: Due to persistent activities, the following awards have been recorded to characters:
  • Sheldon increases Will and Persona.
  • Tor increases Strength and Knowledge.
  • Merin increases Knowledge and Persona.
  • Myth increases Body and Essence.
  • Indigo increases Motility and Persona.
  • Sannit increases Persona and Collegiate.
  • Bolo increases Persona and Commercial.
  • Turtle increases Knowledge and Strength.
  • Saemund increases Knowledge and Collegiate

GM: Merin now has Combat: 10 and needs to decide on a Novice Skill of Melee, Projectile, or Weaponless.

Sannit now has Collegiate: 10 and needs to decide on a Novice Skill of Aberrative, Academic, Theologic, or Divination.

Turtle increase in Knowledge conveys an increase Commercial or Combat.

All other increases have been fully accounted.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 84: The Last Drop of Rain

GM: Day 76 or so, Remembering Back:

Sometime toward the end of the rainy season, the Tobacco Caravan arrived from Boga City bringing with it strange and interesting news. A few days back, the caravan had sent a hunting party into the corn fields for game. The hunters had come in contact with a party of Mhytres. The Mhytres were likely a clan of Maldrog but no communication was exchanged, neither did any conflict arise. The oddest part of the encounter was the description of their gear. Never before had any caravan member seen so much metal.

The Mhytres had heavy weapons and plates of metal covering parts of their body, as well as decorative helmets. The caravan hunters could only stare, open-mouthed. The Mhytres had stood silently for a moment, assessing the hunters' possible intent, then nodded and walked away back toward the east, toward the mountains.

The morning is bright and fair as the Seekers were gathering their supplies and fitting their pack animals for departure when news of tragedy comes to them by runner. Sometime during the night Martello, the Blacksmith, had been murdered. No notable stranger had been seen about town. No alarm had indicated such an event during the night, but a single mark of the Ansylin Assassins' Guild was left on the dead man's chest.

Assembling the leaders of the town and all the Seekers at the Boar's Head Tavern, discussion ensues of possible action. A surprising voice of reason comes from the normally silent and unreadable Clavo, the Head of the Carpenters Guild.

"Similar to Giodavi, I was once a ranking member of the Magistry Marshals. I understand the gravity of war. We have just over 100 members of this community. The Marshals alone are a 1000 trained soldiers. If I thought it would make a difference, I would take my axe, march into Asylim, and start carving them down. I'd bet I could still carve through a dozen of them before they filled me with enough arrows to bring me down, but that would draw no more than a yawn from the man we all suspect is behind this.

We do not have an army; and even so, making war wastes so many lives. We need to think differently. We might be able to strike at his income somehow, but we need to replace our smith. The Tobacco Caravan spoke of seeing metal clad Mhytres, and you Seekers even met a group that came to us and traded. I have heard rumors of Mhytres' skill since I was a child. Legend has it that a collective community exists in the mountains to the northeast. If we could establish a direct trade, I can only imagine the benefits

GM: This begins ACT II, which is located at the following link: TUW The Steel Trade
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