TSR TSR3 Throws In Towel, Rebrands Wonderfilled

In the news story that never ends, after reversing its position earlier and admitting that it was NOT the original TSR reincarnated, the new TSR company, embroiled in acrimony for the last two weeks, and having blamed the widespread criticism it has received on Wizards of the Coast, has deleted its own Twitter account and rebranded its website, misspelling it’s own name in the process.

In just a week a much-loved trademark, which was associated with the creation of our entire hobby, and which generally attracted nostalgic affection as recently as a fortnight ago, has been utterly trashed in an astonishing display of self-destructive publicity and incompetence. Two companies (one of which was directly responsible for the damage) have now divested themselves of it, and most major conventions have banned the company behind it, due to the actions and statements of three people: Justin LaNasa, Stephen Dinehart, and Ernie Gygax. "TSR" is no longer a brand which anybody wants to be associated with — not even the company which ‘relaunched’ it two weeks ago, let alone the company they sniped it from. It has been a spectacular masterclass in how not to manage a brand.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 8.31.55 PM.png

This followed an astonishing day of activity where one of the three TSR3 founders, Stephen Dinehart announced - publicly! - that he had blocked WotC and Hasbro on Twitter. After everybody thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous, they did.


As TSR2 rebranded to Solarian this week (after TSR3 sniped their name and trademark due to a missed filing), we've now gone from two TSRs to zero TSRs in the space of a few days.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 8.36.19 PM.png

Most people assume that WotC (or Hasbro) has been in contact with TSR3 regarding its use of copyrighted imagery.

Meanwhile, search teams have been sent out for Michael, the mysterious PR officer announced last week who made two posts and then was never heard from again. In the meantime, somebody has set up a parody Twitter account for him.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
So, does that mean that I can grab the TSR trademark now? See, I have this great idea about a game where you pretend to be some kind of character in a fantastical land full of catacombs and flying reptiles...
What could you call it?


That's a pre-existing park. Have they moved on from claiming they created D&D and GenCon to becoming the retroactive founders of Evermore Park?

Evermore Park has been on Twitter since 2013, back when Ernie was busy inventing chess, and their website is nice, proving definitively it has nothing to do with TSR3. From Wikipedia: "Evermore Park was created by Ken Bretschneider." It opened to the public in 2018.

Ah, they say it's one of their clients...




Is Make Believe Happen the best they could come up with? It's like the kind of slogan that would be hung next to a Live Laugh Love sign. And as @Cadence pointed out, it's already taken. I think it's clear that the only creativity they had was just in what they were stealing from the past. I'm really thinking that Hasbro's lawyers finally acted.

Here's the big names that had it first They apparently took months of strategy and planning. (I'm not sure what they're pre-existing use covers though).


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