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the magical equivalent to the number zero
— Automatic Languages: Centaur and Barbarian. Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnoll, and Orc.
Not sure if that's a typo, because I've never heard of a Barbarian language before. But still, I'm curious what languages you end up with. I want to know if Caerth will be able to speak Sylvan or Orc with Celephonicus (or Angus?) without the others understanding. :)

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World of Kulan DM
Not sure if that's a typo, because I've never heard of a Barbarian language before. But still, I'm curious what languages you end up with. I want to know if Caerth will be able to speak Sylvan or Orc with Celephonicus (or Angus?) without the others understanding. :)
Barbarian is a homebrewed language for the Lands of Harqual. It is to the Northlanders of the continent what Common is to the people of rest of the northern lands and Suar is to the people of The Far South. I probably should come up with a better name than just Barbarian, but I'm not sure what I'd change it to.


World of Kulan DM
In Latin, it would be Barbara/Barbarus, but the idea of Latin doesn't have a strong presence on Harqual, so I'm not sure that is the way to go. In Norwegian/Swedish, it would be Barbar. In Finnish, it would be Barbaari. Harqual is heavily influenced by both Norwegian and Finnish myth, in some ways, but there are also Greek deities too. If I had to choose, I'd probably go with either Barbarus or Barbar.

In Greek, it would be Várvaros.

The Barbarian language is tied to the North Gods and was born when Cronn first appeared out of Kulan's arctic and the first Northerners were formed by his tears after meeting the World Goddess, Mirella. In a sense, Northerners could be considered the Children of Tears (or Barn av Tårene in Norwegian).

Most of the peoples of the Northlands (including Harqualian Centaurs) speak either Barbarian or a regional dialect of it. For example, the Northerners of the Twilight Valley near the Greystone Mountains speak a version of Barbarian called Waracou. There is also Ismand, which is spoken all across the Northlands but not spoken anywhere else. It is a lot more uncommon and hard to learn (two skill points).

FYI, Common has its roots in Barbarian, but it is now its own language with its own alphabet. It is also called Harqualian. Barbarian, Ismand, and Waracou do not have alphabets or are written down in any form. When Northerners write, they use Common or another regional language such as Denilian, Kieli, or Sprache.

I'll upload my latest version of Harqual's language document in a moment...


World of Kulan DM
I'll probably add both Barbaari and Várvaros as regional dialects based on Barbarian/Northlandic, but the second one won't be a Northlands language. I'm thinking it would be spoken in the Sword Gulf Region where the Onan Territories are located. That region is very Roman/Greek.

Barbaari would be a combination of Northlandic with Kieli and would be spoken mainly where the Northlands and the Ragik Peninsula 'cross axes'.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Looks good so far... I see a shield-wielding theme for your PCs. Heh.
Well, he's a big guy like Tim, so he needs to be a "stone wall," so-to-speak. It just made sense for him to go that route. Normally, I try to make each fighter-type different, but these two characters fill similar roles in their parties, so they both ended up being "sword and board" guys 😛 Well, Angus is pokey and board 😛


World of Kulan DM
Updated Treasure List

+2 Screaming Bolts [x9] [leftover from destroyed skeletal crossbowmen] (given to Brutus)
• 48 gp, 102 sp (in rotting belt pouches found with skeleton crossbowmen)
Cruel Justice [see below] (originally claimed by Aureus;, now claimed by Quinn)
• Dead Rook Egg (50 gp)
Eyes of Doom [x9] (Phar is hanging onto these for the group)
• Heavy Crossbows [x2] (1 lent to Brutus; the other was lent to the local militia)
— 3 more that were badly damaged and are being fixed by the blacksmith.
Kang [see below] (claimed by Caerth)
• Lycia's rough maps of the Malotoch cultist lair
• Rusted Tin Container (containing 24 sp and 10 cp)

Odilos's Gear
Amulet of Health +2 (given to Meridith by Caerth)
• Arrows (poisoned) (17)
• Belt Pouch (9 pp and 60 gp; plus vial of poison [vial was given to Aeron to make a cure])
Cloak of Resistance +1 (given to Wieland by Caerth)
Composite Longbow +3 (claimed by Aureus)
Cure Moderate Wounds Potion
• Masterwork Spear (poisoned)
• Wild "Teleos" Rhino Hide (claimed by Caerth)
• Note in Common: "My bastard of a son is rumoured to be hiding somewhere near this village. Go there and find him and the breeder. Try not to hurt her. Pretend you are mercenary seeking work if the locales become suspicious of you. Try not to kill anyone without good reason. And, no Odilos, hunger is not a good enough reason. And do not infect anyone, at all. Be a shadow not a club. I know that's hard for you, but I must insist! If you get into trouble, I will not send reinforcements. If you must have help, there is one of your brothers in the village. While his blood isn't strong, he could be useful."

The Star Arms
Cruel Justice [AL LN; Ego: 22 (23); Int 17, Wis 17, Cha 10; Star Arm (adds to Ego)] > +1 keen adamantine scimitar (+9 to Ego)
— Speech/Read Language (Axiomatic, Celestial, Common [Harqualian]) (+3 to Ego)
— Telepathy; 120 ft. Darkvision and hearing (+1 to Ego)
— 10 ranks of Intimidate [Lesser Power] (+1 to Ego)
— 10 ranks of Sense Motive [Lesser Power] (+1 to Ego)
— Zone of Truth (3/day; CL 6th) [Lesser Power] (+1 to Ego)
— Detect Thoughts (At Will; CL 6th) [Greater Power] (+2 to Ego)
— Special Purpose: Defeat/Slay Chaos [The Guilty] (+4 to Ego)
— Dedicated Power: Cut off opponent's hand (Reflex save, DC 17; opponent is automatically disarmed on a successful save)

Kang ("Mercy/Murder" in Orc) [AL NE; Ego: 6 (7); Int 13, Cha 13, Wis 10; Star Arm (adds to Ego)] > +1 adamantine stiletto dagger (+4 to Ego)
— Empathy; 60 ft. vision and hearing
— Deathwatch 30 ft. (Continually Active) [Lesser Power] (+1 to Ego)
— Hold Person (3/day; CL 1st, save DC 12) [Lesser Power] (+1 to Ego)

Ambush on the Cultists on Level One of the Temple
Aureus finds four unused torches, four flasks of acid, and four flasks of what smells like rancid water. Each of the dead cultists also had a heavy mace & dagger, chainmail, light metal shield, and an unholy symbol. The weapons are in good shape and so is the armour (but smells slightly of decay).

• Chainmail [smells of decay/mold] [x4] (left on the dead cultists)
• Daggers [x4] (Aureus is using one and has the other three in her pack)
• Flasks of Acid px4] (Aureus has them in her pack)
Flasks of Unholy Water [x4] (Aureus wrapped these in a cloth so they can be disposed of properly later)
• Maces, heavy [x4] (Aureus put two of them in her pack; Brutus claimed one and Timmins claimed the other to help break up the altar; she left the other two with the dead cultists; Timmins left the mace with the dead cultists as it weighed him down too much)
• Shield, light steel [x4] (left with the dead cultists)
• Torches [x4] (Aureus has these in her pack)
Unholy Symbols of Malotoch [x4] (Aureus wrapped these in a cloth so they can be disposed of properly later)

The same gear of the captured cultist, Vesh Trevil, was taken with him back to Carnell by Gareth and Quinten. The PCs could claim the other items later, if they so choose.
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World of Kulan DM

Here is the PDF of Caerth's character sheet done using PC Gen. I was able to add in the orc substitution levels, but not everything might be fully implemented in the program itself.

I did add Screech into the program, but I also put him under the Other Companions section of the PC sheet as you noted for him in the Rogues Gallery. I also added the full details for Kang in the Magic section.




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World of Kulan DM
@Scotley, here is Phar's PDF character sheet generated through PC Gen. Almost everything is included, except for some of the spells you've selected from PHB2 and Complete Mage. I left the spell slots you used for those spells empty in the program, so it only show the other spells. The PC Gen community created a file for Spell Compendium, so I'm able to add those in the program.


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World of Kulan DM
In order to get Phar's use of the Feycrafted Darkwood Buckler to work properly in the program, I had to add a virtual feat for Phar.


World of Kulan DM
Created a virtual mini for @ScottDeWar_jr's PC, Quinn, with his permission. If he likes it, it will become his new token on the battle map.


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