What are you playing that is NOT D&D?

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While 4e is my system of choice as a DM, my group is taking a break and doing Savage Worlds using the Day After Ragnarok setting. There are two reasons for this; first, Day After Ragnarok is awesome. Second, I'm trying to get better at improvisation and off-the-cuff GMing, so the campaign is going to be a very loose sandbox type. I feel I have too much of a tendancy to get very railroady with precisely planned plots.

I also play in a Pathfinder game, though I think that counts as D&D.

When we just want a laugh, we play The Imp Game. The author is the owner of a local game store, and is a good friend of mine, so that kind of helps the choice along.


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Currently I am playing in a NWoD Changeling game (Max Drengle, "werepigeon", actually Beast Windwing), GURPS fantasy (Delvran the Shade, sneaky wizard), and NWoD Hunter (Alexander "AW" Washburn, nerdy Net-0 datageek).

I am also setting up a steampunk campaign using the SotC rules -- so far I have three players and am looking around for a fourth, but I will gleefully run with the three I have. :)

Haven't played D&D as such (other than NWN, which isn't the same thing) in about a year now.

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Begrudgingly I am running one D&D campaign but its so houseruled and modified it isn't really D&D at this point. Other than that...?


Ghostbusters (A merging of WEG D6 and InSpectres)
Star Trek (LUG ICON System)
Star Wars (WEG D6)

and possibly soon

Champions (4th Edition)

I usually run, rarely play and almost never run or play D&D.

Barking Alien


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Currently Playing

Hunter: The Vigil
Call of Cthulhu

Longer games in the last year
Hollow Earth Expedition
Slipstream (Savage Worlds Flash Gordon)
TMNT (Palladium)
Vampire: The Masquerade
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Mutants & Masterminds

One Shots in the last year
Don't Rest Your Head
The Shotgun Diaries
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Werewolf: The Apocalypse

I think that's about it. Boot Hill is coming up for a short campaign, and Dragon Age for a one-shot. I'm going to work Dogs in soon.

We don't really play much D&D because our group can't agree on an edition. There's 2-3 that like 4e, 2-3 that like 3e, and 2-3 that like AD&D. I'm one of the 4e people, but there's a long list of games that I'm more interested in.


What roleplaying games other than D&D (any edition, including retroclones) are you playing, planning on playing, or would like to play?

My Friday night group just finished a 2 year long 5th edition Champions campaign. The campaign started us at around 150 points and progressed us up to 325. Here's a link to the campaign page LINK.

After running for two years, our GM is exhausted, so next week I'm starting an on again off again Pathfinder game using some of Rolemaster's Arms Law and Spell law in lieu of the traditional D&D combat and spellcasting systems (see LINK for details). The game will probably consist of dungeon crawls drawn from a bunch of old first edition modules, but I'm also considering checking out Kingmaker. I've got a week to figure it out.

I'll be alternating with another GM who will be running a hero system based sci-fi game. The characters will be normal folks ripped from their rather pedestrian lives and exiled off-world for various petty crimes (the character I'm planning is a master Chef who has been exiled for defying the ban on Pâté de foie gras).

D&D 4E. Oops.

However, I just finished an enlightening adventure as a player that used Spirit of the Century. Now I'm writing an adventure for that system! Excellent stuff, for my style.


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Just wrapped up an L5R 3E game this week, starting up a Frandors Keep Hackmaster Basic game next week. Will be doing a few weeks of playtesting for the upcoming "Victorious!" RPG, we will also be doing Dragon Age, and many other games have been talked about, like Traveller, Cortex, Warhammer, and others.

Personally I would like to run a game of Aces and Eights and Twilight 2013.


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Make Mine FATE

I play or GM: D&D 3.5/4E/PF, FATE (Spirit of the Century, StarBlazer Adventures/Diaspora), Burning Wheel, and Mouse Guard, either in store or at Conventions. FATE is by far my favorite base system.



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For some reason, every blasted time I see "Trail of Cthulhu" in print, for a second, my mind reads it as "Trial of Cthulhu.":confused:

Then my mind eventually spins out something like this:

"Mr. Cthulhu, where were you on the night of April 7, 21,347BC?"

"I was in Ryleh, sleeping...alone...waiting for the stars to align properly."

"Oh really?"

"No, Ryleh."

"No, no...I mean that your story isn't believable. I put it to you that it was YOU who destroyed the Atlantean civilization! YOU!"

"Nah, it was my brother."

"Your brother? And his name is?"

*squirm*"I'd...I'd rather not say."

"Your HONOR!"


I run Inspectres for friends or at minicons whenever I can. Would love to find a local DitV game, really enjoyed the one shot I did last year.


Currently, two D&D games (3.5) and one Savage Worlds game. Recently, one BRP Cthulhu game, and a few Dread games.

I don't have any plans per se to branch out, but I'm frequently willing to give something new a try.


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I'm playing in a Deadlands Classic campaign that will soon finish and be replaced by a GURPS game using ideas from Transhuman Space. I've recently run a session of WFRP3e and enjoyed it quite a bit, probalby going to try to run or play it a few more times. Farther back, I ran a few one shots of Dread and one of Og: Unearthed Edition.


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Right now, we are alternating Pathfinder and a fantasy heartbreaker from a member of our group. Now and then there are one-shots of Trail of Cthulhu or Savage Worlds, and I'm planning a Shadowrun campaign.

Apart from that, and following Fifth Element's example, I'll mention our Saturday Lunchtime Magic and our Friday poker nights.

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