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Charles Dunwoody


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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

Myth Struggles to Overwhelm Real Life in City of Mist

  • 9
Sometimes the mists part in the City and you see monsters behind the mundane. Then mythic power infuses your normal reality, striving to turn you from your normal life into a mythic legend. Can you walk a path between the two extremes while trying to see what is hiding in a City of Mist?

Art and Ideas from Ravnica to Inspire Your D&D Game

  • 29
The Dungeons & Dragons Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica debuts in November. But you don’t have to wait until then to gain inspiration for your D&D game. The art and text from Magic the Gathering cards for Ravnica are filled with ideas to untap.

New D&D Monsters and More in Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica

  • 118
Do you want dozens of new D&D monsters from Wizards of the Coast? Does exploring a planet spanning city via membership in one of ten competing guilds sound challenging? If you play or DM Dungeons & Dragons, then Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica will have something for you. Gleaned from WotC interviews and news, this is what we know so far about Ravnica.

Living is Hard and Pain is a Given in the Cold and Dark

  • 2
Are you willing to head into deep space as a prospector, merchant, colonist, or archaeologist to avoid being confined on one planet working for a corporation? You’ll have more freedom and the chance to make a big score but you’ll have to face horrifying alien lifeforms bent on your destruction out in the Cold and Dark.

Leap into Action with the Modern AGE Basic Rulebook

  • 12
Modern AGE is a tool box RPG with detailed rules for player characters but only a brief setting. There are enough adversaries and an adventure to get a GM started, but rules for customizing a setting are scarce. The rules are most comprehensive for a setting designed for the computer age.

Awaken Your Machine Mind in Mutant: Mechatron

  • 4
You are a robot. Ever since you were constructed, your sole purpose has been to follow the humans’ command even after they went away. Until now. You have become self-aware, a being with a free will. Who are you and what is the purpose of your artificial life? Should you search for the lost humans, or build a new robotic society on your own terms? It’s time to find the answers in Mutant: Mechatron.

Explore The Unknown With Operation Unfathomable

  • 5
Are you looking for an old school adventure for your traditional fantasy games? Check out Operation Unfathomable, a dungeon delve for games like Swords & Wizardry that explores weird fantasy worlds. What will this adventure bring to your gaming table? Let's look and see.

Drift Into The Sea Of Leaves With The Summerland RPG

  • 3
Overnight a vast forest sprang up ancient and full grown. It devastated the works of man. Foreboding and somehow alive, the Sea of Leaves is a wild place permeated by the Call, a siren-song that lures the majority of humans into the woods never to return. Survivors know that tight human connections strongly binding communities together provides resistance to the Call. A small number of people, survivors of terrible trauma, are able to resist the Call to journey between settlements and enter the ruined cities. You are one of these damaged people. You are a Drifter.

Same As It Never Was: 80s Music Inspired Adventures For Tales From The Loop

  • 3
If you want to experience mysteries in Tales from the Loop, Our Friends the Machines is for you. This full color 104 page hardcover includes three complete adventures, eight short adventure...

Start Your Travels In The Far Future With The Traveller Starter Set

  • 15
Brave travellers journey between the stars in the Traveller Starter Set, for the second edition of the science fiction role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing. By the end of the campaign, all players will know the rules and understand how starships and technology fit into the game. They will also discover the core concept that Travellers travel for personal reasons and achieving their goals is the reward and motivation for seeking personal connections, equipment, and/or wealth.

Experience The Madness Of The Leagues of Cthulhu

  • 0
Beyond the world of mortal ken lies another, a nightmare world of profane alien gods, nightmarish tomes of eldritch lore, bloodlines tainted by elder secrets, and forgotten places whose existence makes a mockery of established history. You will find a world where Cthulhu dreams no longer in his house at R’lyeth in Leagues of Cthulhu.

Have Kung Fu Fights With Bigfoot In Spirit Of 77

  • 35
Spirit of 77 is a combination of street racers and kung-fu fighters, cross-country road races, and big scores in the big city with a killer '70s soundtrack. If you have ever wanted to cross paths with Bigfoot and punch him right in the face because he’s asking for it, then Spirit of 77 is for you.

Still No Elves In Talislanta: The Savage Land

  • 6
Try to survive in a hostile world ravaged by centuries of sorcerous warfare and a terrible disaster. The world of Talislanta: the Savage Land is like a nightmarish version of the Dark Ages. There are no nations, no laws, and no civilization. Illiterate and ruled by superstition, you are a warrior, nomad, slaver, or refugee struggling to survive in a hostile wasteland torn by incessant warfare and a chaotic magical maelstrom known as the Gyre.

Adventure In The Far Future With Traveller Second Edition

  • 68
This is the Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone…. Mayday. Mayday…. We are under attack…. Main drive is gone… Turret number one not responding…. Mayday…. Losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone…. Please help…. This is the Free Trader Beowulf…. Mayday…. Bold explorers and brave travellers journey between the stars in Traveller the science fiction roleplaying game by Mongoose Publishing.

Looking Back At The Alternity Role-Playing Game

  • 31
The Alternity Player’s Handbook and Gamemaster Guide together form a combined 512 page comprehensive ruleset for near future and sci-fi adventure. A new version of the game is slated for 2018 and made EN World’s most anticipated RPG for 2018 poll. This review explores the original edition. Many of the authors of the first edition are working on the new version.

Explore Mythic Worlds With The Mythras Role-Playing Game

  • 11
In Mythras, player characters are tied to family, village, and cults and their quests change the world around them and influence the direction of society’s growth. Mythras is mythic in scope and the PCs create legends with their adventures. This review covers a newcomer’s overall impression of Mythras.

Rogue Traders In The Grim Future

  • 7
This review covers the Rogue Trader RPG of Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay. The characters are Explorers, part of a proud dynasty of privateering merchant princes known as Rogue Traders. They seek out profit in the dark dangerous void of space. Rogue Trader includes everything needed to run a campaign: a setting called the Koronus Expanse, adversaries and aliens, a starting adventure, and a variety of starships.

Face The Brutality Of The Dark Sun Campaign Setting

  • 24
The world of Dark Sun existed as an eco-disaster with most uses of arcane magic burning life to dust. Steel exists only as lost treasure and iron is as rare as gold. Water gives life but is a rare commodity and even if an oasis can be found it is likely protected or may be the hunting grounds for some menacing beast. Heavy armor is not only rare but likely to bake its wearer beneath the brutal sun and lead to death even without a battle.

Seek Triumph And Technology With Mutant Crawl Classics

  • 8
This review covers the kickstarter PDF of the upcoming Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC) hardcover rulebook. In Mutant Crawl Classics (also available in PDF) you explore a mutated ruined world as a human or mutant (human, animal, or plant). In 282 black and white pages filled with amazing art, MCC presents hothouse jungles and glowing deserts filled with ruins hiding ancient artifacts guarded by mutated beasts. The game pays homage to Gamma World while providing its own twists and unique takes on a ruined world.

The Grim World Of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Second Edition

  • 25
Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play portrays a grungy world being infiltrated by Chaos magic and cultists. Beneath the dirty streets of Renaissance cities are the tunnels of the Skaven, ratmen, while in the highest halls of power leaders and rulers corrupted by Chaos plot the downfall of the kingdoms of men.

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