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Mike Myler

Mike Myler
Mythological Figures: Zhuang Zhou (5E)
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The Mythological Figures column / A Touch More Class experiment has thus far seen: Sherlock Holmes (using the savant), Nikola Tesla (built as a tinkerer), Billy the Kidd (the gunfighter), Paul Bunyan (a monster tamer alongside Babe the blue ox), and last week Harry Houdini (fatebender in the house!) The Kickstarter is live right now (go pledge if you haven’t!) so I’m continuing the series, although today we’re going way, way back to the distant past, far from the literary and historical figures we’ve recently looked at.
Mythological Figures: Harry Houdini (5E)
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So far in the Mythological Figures column / A Touch More Class foray we’ve looked at Sherlock Holmes (a savant), Nikola Tesla (using the tinkerer), Billy the Kidd (the gunfighter), and even Paul Bunyan (with Babe the blue ox thanks to the monster tamer class). The Kickstarter has been live for a while now and we’re at that tricky part in the middle where folks have either already pledged or waiting until the end to do so--with that in mind today’s subject is the undisputed master of escapology, a born performer that nary a century ago easily worked his way into the mythology of not just America, but the world. Who else could it be but Harry Houdini!

EN5ider #278 - Top Shelf Spell Components

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Today's issue of EN5ider takes a good hard look at one of the fundamental aspects of spellcasting and considers one way to make it more engaging: better spell components! Frequent contributor Andrew Engelbrite has over two dozen suggestions on reagents that will bring the magic back to your D&D 5E table in an article that is hard to put down once you've started reading it.
Mythological Figures: Paul Bunyan (5E)
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The Mythological Figures treatments made using A Touch More Class have now included Sherlock Holmes (the savant), Nikola Tesla (the tinkerer), and Billy the Kidd (the gunfighter) but with the Kickstarter now underway (and crushing stretch goals! Over $42,000 in less than a week!!) we're going for someone really, REALLY big. The biggest in the country of bigness. A myth most certainly far too large to be contained in my poor-minstrelesque rambling prologue: Paul Bunyan!
EN5ider #277 - Archetypes of Antiquity
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EN5ider is getting positively Hellenic with today's issue! Delve further to see a proper gladiator archetype, something for warlocks looking to pierce the veil of time, and a domain for the community-minded cleric! Tomorrow the A Touch More Class Kickstarter goes live but if you can't wait, check out the free previews for the geomancer and savant classes!
Mythological Figures: Billy the Kid (5E)
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Last week in Mythological Figures we did Nikola Tesla using the tinkerer from A Touch More Class (and the week prior Sherlock Holmes using the savant) and that trend continues as the Kickstarter approaches (join the mailing list here to get notified when it launches TOMORROW). Today however we're headed into the frontier of the Wild West. The subject? An infamous gun-wielding outlaw that could be held by no jail, the free-rambling drifter known by many names but one more than any other: Billy the Kid!

A Touch More Class 10-Page Preview: The Geomancer

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Today sees the release of a second preview for A Touch More Class, the sequel to EN Publishing's bestselling A Touch of Class. The first preview of the full 101-page book (the savant) is located here, and this installment details one of the spellcaster options out of the nine new classes—another brilliant approach to mages by Josh Gentry absolutely worth taking a look at.
EN5ider #276 - Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg
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Today's EN5ider post is a sidequest by Charlie Brooks where the PCs learn a dangerous secret about the small, remote hamlet of Velsburg as they go about saving its citizens from a bloodthirsty serial killer. If you're looking for a quick excursion for 4-5 PCs of 5th level (or thereabouts) that will compel the table to make a tough decision at its end then read onward!
Mythological Figures: Nikola Tesla (5E)
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Mythological Figures: Nikola Tesla Last week in Mythological Figures we did a build of Sherlock Holmes using the savant from A Touch More Class and we’ve decided to continue that trend as the Kickstarter approaches (join the mailing list here). With that in mind today’s subject is one right out of history instead of literature or myth, and given his forte we’re using the tinkerer class to stat out Nikola Tesla!
EN5ider #275 - Intriguing Organizations: The Osseous Dwarves of Hollow Mountain
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Today on EN5ider we have undead dwarves unable to see they've long since passed from the living, eager to defend their fallen kingdom with the fearsome bone weapons they've carved out of their enemy's corpses. Just another Monday!
Mythological Figures: Sherlock Holmes (5E)
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Mythological Figures is doing something a little bit different today with one of the most famous characters in all of literature. By jove, you may even have already deduced that I’m referring to the one and only Sherlock Holmes!
EN5ider #273 - Enchanted Trinkets: Thanks for the Memories
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This 6th Enchanted Trinkets issue is utterly unforgettable, perfect for including in the next treasure hoard the adventurers find!
Mythological Figures: Musō Gonnosuke (5E)
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We’re back in Japan this week for Mythological Figures to take a look at another one of history’s greatest samurai, perhaps the most famous combatant of Miyamoto Musashi and a fellow whose martial arts style is still practiced today: Musō Gonnosuke!
EN5ider #272: Planar Diseases
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Planar adventures focus on cosmic entities and divine beings but there are tiny creatures too—the kind that go unnoticed until it's too late! Today EN5ider considers dimensional afflictions, sicknesses that go beyond the Material Plane.
Epic Monsters: Jersey Devil (5E)
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On today’s Epic Monsters post we’re going after the Devil of Leeds or as it is more commonly known: the Jersey Devil!

EN5ider #271 - Mini-Adventure: Tree of Truth

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EN5ider inserts itself into a royal intrigue today with this thrilling mini-adventure—can the party survive the deadly wilderness enclosing the Tree of Truth and obtain the provenance needed to save a kingdom from bloodshed?

Mythological Figures: Anne Bonny (5E)

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Mythological Figures takes to the high seas once again, this time in pursuit of the pirate that may be Ireland’s fiercest, most notorious buccaneer: the one and only Anne Bonny!

EN5ider #270 - Villain Spotlight: Skanafel the Devourer

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Today on EN5ider we're heading into the Abyss after a fallen angel—and coming back with a chain-wielding bane of all that is good, the villainous Skanafel the Devourer!

Epic Monsters: Ghatanothoa (5E)

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Epic Monsters has the firstborn of Cthulhu for today, a being so mind-bendingly hideous that even gazing upon its true form can mummify: Ghatanathoa!

EN5ider #269 - ZEITGEIST #6 - Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman: Part 3

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EN5ider's sixth ZEITGEIST adventure brings the current arc to a close today with part 3 of Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman! If you aren't continuing this epic adventure path no worries—the exciting naval battle, dungeon delve, and steampowered enemies within are amazing material for a one-off or as something to include in another campaign. Definitely a must read!


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