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Mike Myler



Mike Myler
EN5ider #330 - Enchanted Trinkets: Patron Tokens
  • 0
Today's issue of EN5ider features a new entry in the Enchanted Trinkets series with Patron Tokens specifically designed for warlocks! Protect your grimoire of shadows with an angel-hide bookmark, travel with style and confidence in a pair of satyr boots, take a chance with the seven-sided coin, and generally enhance your pact magic user's gaming experience with the eleven other magic items within.
Mythological Figures: Khutulun
  • 11
Mythological Figures is headed back to the steppes today with one of the most famous warriors from among the Khan’s soldiers: the athletic noblewoman Khutulun!
EN5ider #329 - Spells: Masterpiece Renditions
  • 0
EN5ider is getting downright classy for today's article with a suite of superb symphonic spells penned by one of our best designers. If you or any of your fellow gamers are playing a bard, this entry is a must-have.
Epic Monsters: Karkaddan
  • 22
This week’s Epic Monster—is it a rhinoceros? A unicorn? Both? Let’s find out more about the karkaddan!
EN5ider #327 - Mini-Adventure: Ghosts in the Graveyard
  • 2
We think you're really going to dig EN5ider's article today. It's positively killer. Believe it—if you skip on this mini-adventure it's going to haunt you!
Mythological Figures: Harald Hardrada
  • 8
We’re going big and bold with today’s entry in Mythological Figures, tackling the man whose life and death mark the very end of the Viking Age: Harold Hardrada!
EN5ider #326 - Monstrous Menagerie: Three Arcane Avians
  • 0
Look to the skies today in EN5ider because death comes by wing whether that be terrifying psionic owls, the curious magical discombobulation of a colorful tropical flock, or cadaver-controlling corvids!
Epic Monsters: Lucifer III, Lord of Hell
  • 63
Lately in Epic Monsters we’ve seen him as he falls and after he fell, and now we consider him at the peak of his power: Lucifer, Lord of Hell!
EN5ider #325 - Frozen Archetypes
  • 0
Spring is finally here but there's just a little bit of chill left and today EN5ider embraces it, exploring new class options for barbarians, monks, and warlocks adventuring in frozen frontiers, icy mountains, and lands blanketed in snow!
Epic Monsters: Lucifer II, Fallen Angel
  • 14
Continuing on from the Epic Monsters post last week we’re tracking the descent of the Prince of Evil, this time with the fallen angel Lucifer II!
EN5ider #324 - Mini-Adventure: Aberrant Echoes
  • 5
Who hasn't ventured into a dungeon with psionic dangers and psychic threats? It's practically a rite of passage. Today however, EN5ider asks you all: have you delved into a labyrinth that is itself a potent consciousness possessing mighty mental powers?
Epic Monsters: Lucifer (1 of 3), Falling Angel
  • 50
Today’s entry in Epic Monsters isn’t the most epic yet, but it’s on its way there: a portrait of modern religion’s greatest villain as he plummets from the heavens, that dastardly falling angel Lucifer! This is the first if three increasingly powerful builds: Falling, Fallen, and Lord of Hell.
EN5ider #323 - Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Wily Wares
  • 0
The annual day of pranks is fast approaching and EN5ider has an article sure to help with injecting a bit of (likely much needed) levity into your games: 10 prank-oriented enchanted trinkets ranging from a barrel of sea monkeys to friendly joybuzzers, omni-dimensional dribble glasses, talk rocks™, and much more!
Mythological Figures: Prospero
  • 26
“My high charms work, and these, mine enemies, are all knit up in their distractions. They now are in my power.” If you’re thinking that I’m talking about the central character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, you know today’s entry in Mythological Figures is Prospero!
EN5ider #322 - ZEITGEIST 10 : Godmind (Part 1)
  • 0
In the 10th module of the ZEITGEIST adventure path the PCs face a fundamentally altered world filled with a host of fey titans!
Epic Monsters: Caliban
  • 11
“That, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again | and then in dreaming, the clouds me thought would open | and show riches ready to drop upon me, that when I waked I cried to dream again.” If you know who today’s entry in Mythological Figures is already, unlike me you’d have answered that televised trivia show question with The Tempest and won the game: Caliban!​
EN5ider #321 - Intriguing Organizations: The Gutter Guild
  • 0
Keeping a medieval city clean is not an easily handled matter or one to be ignored—and that's where the Gutter Guild comes in, cleaning up sewers by wrangling cubes, jellies, oozes, and puddings through the passages below!
Mythological Figures: Titania
  • 16
“Then I must be thy lady: but I know | When thou hast stolen away from fairy land… | Your buskin'd mistress and your warrior love, | To Theseus must be wedded, and you come | To give their bed joy and prosperity.” The thespians among you likely already know who I’m quoting, but to everyone else take heed for today Mythological Figures considers the Faerie Queen Titania!
EN5ider #320 - Monstrous Menagerie: Chimeras
  • 0
You might say that EN5ider is getting a little Moreau in this latest issue—today's entry is all about a quartet of exciting new chimeras! Come on over, grab up a goatrilla, and strap yourself in for some excellent monster designs!
Epic Monsters: Poukai
  • 15
Today’s Epic Monster entry is surprisingly, terrifyingly historical, drawn from the mythologies of the Māori—a monstrous bird able to kill creatures as big as 500 pounds. If you said Haast’s eagle you’d be right, but we’re calling it by its ancient name: the poukai!

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