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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

EN5ider #268 - Head Games Mini-Adventure

  • 5
Today we have another mini-adventure on EN5ider! This one is a classic fantasy story of an enchantress that stirs up trouble in a community, leaving 4th level adventurers to save the day.

Epic Monsters: Fenrir (5E)

  • 16
Epic Monsters is going after the world’s most ferocious and deadly wolf, a creature destined to consume Odin when Ragnarok finally comes. I am referring of course to Fenrir!

EN5ider #267: Weapon Degradation

  • 5
EN5ider is getting into broken criticals today—broken weapons that is! Whether you're keen for a more realistic game or to bring a little destructive excitement to the table today's entry will fit the bill.

Mythological Figures: Genghis Khan (5E)

  • 17
Today Mythological Figures considers one of history’s most wide-reaching rulers, the founder of the Mongol Empire and brilliant tactician: Genghis Khan!

EN5ider #266: Herbalist's Knapsack

  • 1
Adventurers out in the wilderness and making Investigation, Perception, or Survival checks? EN5ider has some fun things for them to find and use!

Epic Monsters: Black Shuck (5E)

  • 18
This entry in Epic Monsters is one I am definitely fond of—a big black dog hailing from the easternmost bit of England, the one and only (or many, as you like) Black Shuck!

EN5ider #264 & #265: Tiger Eyes Mini-Adventure & Zeitgeist #6 - Revelations of a Mad Man (Part 2)

  • 0
We’ve got a double dose of adventure this week at EN5ider! In addition to the usual dose of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path there’s a new type of article with Tiger Eyes—a supplemental mini-adventure built for inclusion into an already on-going campaign!
Mythological Figures: Atalanta (5E)
  • 6
Mythological Figures is headed back to Ancient Greece today with a huntress by the name of Atalanta!

EN5ider #263 - Intriguing Organizations: The Stone Path

  • 0
EN5ider is traveling across time today with the Stone Path! For a comparatively small sum you too can travel to the distant future—as long as you don’t mind making the trip as a statue!

Mythological Figures: Brünnhilde (5E)

  • 9
Are you ready for a valkyrie? Let’s hope so because today in Mythological Figures we’re getting into one of Norse mythology’s premier shield-maidens: Brünnhilde!

EN5ider #262 - Bullet Wounds and Battle Scars

  • 8
Today on EN5ider we take on the abstraction of hit points with a new optional rule: Vitality! Get the adventurers more invested in combat by diversifying the effects different types of damage have on the game with Bullet Wounds and Battle Scars.

Epic Monsters: Shub-Niggurath (5E)

  • 6
Great Old One or Outer God? That’s not what we’re determining here with the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young and instead I’ve conjured some statistics for the dubiously named Shub-Niggurath!

Mythological Figures: Sinbad (5E)

  • 3
Today’s a bit of a shipwreck because Mythological Figures is taking on the erstwhile sailor Sinbad!

Epic Monsters: Storm Hag (5E)

  • 9
Epic Monsters is getting a little obscure today with a legend from the Great Lakes in the United States, specifically Lake Erie: the Storm Hag!

EN5ider #258: Enchanted Trinkets - Arcane Apparel

  • 2
EN5ider's Enchanted Trinkets series is back with 20 of the most fashionable and flavorful minor magic items this side of the wizard's tower! Check out Arcane Apparel for a healthy batch of items to reward parties with that GMs won't regret down the road.

Mythological Figures: Morgan le Fay (5E)

  • 8
Mythological Figures is back in Britain and more specifically Camelot with today’s entry: the enchantress Morgan le Fay!

EN5ider #257 - Intriguing Organizations: Tribe of Nar'Adsch

  • 0
EN5ider is getting positively barbaric with today's article--Intriguing Organizations: Tribe of Nar'Adsch! These barbarians are the descendants of a once great kingdom shattered by the doings of a warlock and they have sworn themselves against all things infernal, completely obsessed with destroying devils and demons wherever they might be found.

Epic Monsters: Cerberus (5E)

  • 59
Today on Epic Monsters we visit the underworld which means of course crossing paths with Hades’ guard dog: Cerberus!

EN5ider #256 - Reputation Rules: Organization Dice

  • 0
This week on EN5ider we take a look at how to manage PC interactions with organizations in a campaign setting when a faction isn't central to the story. When the rogue has curried favor with the thieves' guild or the paladin declared them heretics use Organization Dice to rapidly figure out consequences!

Mythological Figures: Tarzan (5E)

  • 35
Are you ready for some pulp? Because today on Mythological Figures we’re getting literary and going into the jungle with Tarzan!


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