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Crowdfunding News – Terra Oblivion, Ngolo Diaspora, and more
  • 11
In this article, I share RPG Kickstarters that end by July 16th. This week, I focus on projects that speak to me from Khepera Publishing, MVmedia Philip Reed Games, and more. Unfortunately, that...
News Digest for the Week of June 19
  • 13
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Multiple new D&D books announced, change in management at Paizo, Baldur’s Gate III gameplay, GAMA Board shake-up, Starfinder playtest, and...
Role: A New Kind of Platform For The RPG Community
  • 15
While under quarantine, virtual tabletops have grown in popularity as they became the main way tabletop gamers connected. On Kickstarter, a new option, Role, is funding. I spoke with Role CEO...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Shadows of Esteren, The Troubleshooters, Bloodlines & Black Magic, and more
  • 7
This week I look at crowdfunding projects from Kickstarter, GameOnTabletop, and IndieGoGo that end by June 4th. The number of RPG-related projects available jumped from prior weeks to twenty...
Streaming Video for Tabletop Games, Ranked
  • 7
If you're like many gamers you've shifted your gaming online. We already covered virtual tabletops, but you can also use video to really enhance the experience--or even just use video alone and...
RPG Crowdfunding News - MÖRK BORG CULT, HârnMaster, Tiny Taverns, and more
  • 33
This week I include RPG crowdfunding projects that end by May 7th. As with the last three articles, I’m incorporating information from Kicktraq to give a view into how these projects are doing...
VTT Spotlight: D20PRO
  • 6
D20PRO is a multi-platform, multi-player virtual tabletop (VTT) that takes roleplaying games from around the table to gamers around the world. I interviewed Tobias Drewry, CEO at Mesa Mundi and...
How to Play VTTs Like a Boss
  • 9
Virtual tabletops (VTTs) are on the rise thanks to many gamers sequestered at home. I collected advice from all the major publishers on how to make the most of playing virtually.
VTTs Feel the Strain
  • 53
Gamers are increasingly turning to virtual tabletops (VTT) to network with other players around the globe. But thanks to the pandemic, Other virtual platforms experienced an unexpected surge that...
Playing Virtually? Don't Miss These Deals
  • 7
Many gamers are using virtual tabletops (VTTs) to connect with gamers while staying safe in their homes during the pandemic. We reached out to several of these platforms to ask what they're doing...
How to Game When Everyone Else is Online
  • 10
As the measures to control the pandemic ramp up globally, it's becoming increasingly necessary for families to not just practice social distancing but shelter in place--which means no contact with...
When Pandemic Isn't Just a Game
  • 11
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is officially a pandemic. The implications for what a pandemic means for the tabletop gaming industry...
Pay What You Want (But Please Pay Something!)
  • 50
DriveThruRPG has the option to offer products for no set fee, but rather Pay What You Want (PWYW), in which customers pay whatever they think is appropriate for the product. The concept isn't new...
Starfinder Meets Alexa: A Review
  • 16
Starfinder on Alexa has arrived, my lovelies, and we are lucky enough to have a review of the experience! Strap on your bubble helmets and snag your sleek black that sounds just that side of...
Three Charities We're Thankful For
  • 3
As Thanksgiving approaches in the U.S. it's a great time to consider how our purchases can help fellow creators. These three charities are a great place to start.
Crowdfunding News – Kingdoms and Warfare, and more
  • 4
This week I share RPG crowdfunding campaigns that end between November 15th to the 21st. Among these 17 campaigns is the fourth member of the million-dollar RPG crowdfunding campaign. What’s that...
Crowdfunding News – Forbidden Lands: Bitter Reach, Sins of the Father, and more
  • 6
At least 20 RPG Kickstarters end between September 27th to October 3rd. This article covers these as well as a few quickstarters. As well, I give a brief update about the Kickstarter union...
D&D Reader App Coming This Fall? [UPDATED]
  • 314
Many people have been asking for official D&D PDFs, and WotC has been addressing the need for electronic reference materials at the table in various ways. According to Mashable, WotC is releasing a D&D Reader App this fall. It's not a PDF, but it's basically a D&D-specific Kindle-esque app for iOS and Android. Mashable reports that "Each book is broken up into different sections. So with, say, the Player's Handbook, you can tap on little thumbnails in your library to check out the introduction, a step-by-step guide to character creation, a rundown of races, individual sections for each character class, equipment, and all the other pieces that, together, form the D&D Player's Handbook."

D&D Beyond Launches on August 15th for $3-6/m

  • 304
$3/ month isn't that bad. And you really only need it if you want to use homebrew.

D&D Beyond Beta: Your First Thoughts Thread!

  • 125
Presumably because they are owned by twitch and it gives them a pre-existing structure to use. AD

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