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Pathfinder RPG



ICv2 Fall/Winter 2014 Hobby Game Rankings: D&D Up To #1

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Expected, but I don't think it will last long, and that has nothing to do with which system is better or more popular it is based on the volume of products published. Pathfinder puts out multiple...
EN5IDER and TRAILSEEKER Articles & Adventures
  • 29
This is a list of the articles and adventures commissioned so far for EN5ider and TRAILseeker. If you're interested in writing or art for either, check out the submissions page. When we launch, each will have 3 articles and one adventure for free. They'll be the free samples which will show you why you should subscribe! Each publication will initially produce four items per month, including one system-neutral item and one adventure.

Waibel's Rule of Interpretation (aka "How to Interpret the Rules")

  • 308
The only CORRECT interpretation is the one I say! :eek::cool::p The sooner the rest of the world gets that, the sooner we can all sit down and have fun...and end all fantasy rpg forum arguments...


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Check the official thread. You have designers popping up and giving a bit more info. http://paizo.com/products/btpy97vo/discuss?Pathfinder-Roleplaying-Game-Pathfinder-Unchained-Hardcover#tabs
Hot Roleplaying Games
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I've made a couple of changes to my live Hot Roleplaying Games chart. The chart monitors over a quarter of a million forum members and approaching a thousand blogs on a selection of major independent RPG discussion forums to create an overall sample of what games are being discussed on the web.



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