Battlestar Galactica-Final Season (4) 6/13/08--Revealations (Mid Season-Finale)


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THE battlestar galactica theory

The quick explanation. I'll leave the details to fill in later:

The "final five" cylon models are actually human-cylon offspring from generations and generations and generations of cross-breeding. They're really not like the other seven at all -- those models are recent builds (well, recent in the sense of just a few years).

Think of the final five as humans who just happen to have inhereted a bunch of ancient cylon DNA, enough long-forgotten bits of genetic material accumulated from a lot of different family tree branches that it "activated" the cylon portions of their otherwise human bodies and brains.

OK. Got that? I know, I know ... Where exactly would such ancient cylon DNA come from, since the other seven skinjobs are fairly new?

Here's where the theory gets really funky.

What we are observing on the series in the "present" actually involves a time-shift or dimensional rift of some sort as the humans and cylons jump across the universe and back in time to the founding of the original 12 Tribes. ... They ARE the founders.

Once the cylons and humans reach earth, they start the cycle over. They fall in love, have offspring, repopulate the species, grow. Over the millennia their offspring and offspring's offspring forget there was ever a difference. Their origins are lost; the concept of a "cylon" simply disappears from recorded history. ... But the cylon genetic code is carried forward, possibly broken down as "junk DNA," hidden and seemingly insignificant.

Until some day, a long time later, humans decide to construct a newfangled robot helper they call "cylon" ... bringing the cycle full circle.

The hints and evidence are there. Maybe I'll expound on those clues later.


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Steve Jung

GlassJaw said:
There are 10 episodes left?! Why the long delay? Was this the "plan" from the beginning? I don't get this at all.
There's a delay midseason, because that's what Sci-Fi does with all its shows. Don't know why it's a Sopranos-length break.

John Crichton

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I have no problem with it actually being Earth. And if it isn't, I don't think the writers are going for a GOTCHA moment. More likely just another stop along the way.

That said, I'm not fully convinced either way. The ending was left open to some interpretation. I just hope Moore knows how to finish off BSG in a logical way, unlike DS9 which was fantastic up until the terrible letdown of a finale.

John Crichton said:
I just hope Moore knows how to finish off BSG in a logical way, unlike DS9 which was fantastic up until the terrible letdown of a finale.

You mean:

1. Oh no! Alien fleetz!
2. Hey, I was an evil Cardassian but now I'm an evil Bajoran, and with my great aunt Winn we're gonna go chant for a week to summon evil spirits!
3. Fight the fleetz!
4. Chant, chant, chant.
5. Some more fighting!
6. Chanting, bellicose posturing and overacting.
7. Fighting.
8. Even more dramatic fighting.
9. Funny Klingons. Hahahahaha.
10. Victory!
11. Relaxation. Denoument. "Now that's what I call a sticky situation."
12. . . . . What? Huh? Gul Dukat? Seriously? Oh, yeah, right, I forgot!
13. Vroom! Fly to Bajor! Look, they're still chanting. Looks like I got here in the nick of time (ironic, since the entities who warned me exist entirely out of spacetime and could have given me the heads-up, like, weeks ago).
14. Oh no. He has evil cosmic spirit power. How will I ever beat him? I know, I'll use the trusty "Run into him and knock us both into a fiery pit" technique. That's sure to work!
15. Victory (and there was much rejoicing, yay).
16. Hey, Berman and Braga, we've got this 90-gallon jug of maple syrup? Where should I put it? Oh, pour it all over the closing montage? Okay, sounds good to me.

The End​

You mean that ending?

The Grumpy Celt

RangerWickett said:
You mean that ending?

I like the way DS9 ended. Comapre it to the ending of Voyager, Enterprise or Saint Elsewhere.

The ending of BSG will be at worst a bad episode of BSG, which means it will still be better than most TV.


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I was hoping we'd see a United Earth Fleet jump in demanding that Galactica et al identify themselves and be destroyed. Still, ruins, while not what I was expecting, was interesting. But I think it's making it a little obvious that the 'galactic ping pong theory' is likely.


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A decent episode, but a fantastic ending. Much closer to the far superior seasons 1 and 2 as opposed to the unwatchable drek that's seasons 3 and 4.

It's Earth.

dogoftheunderworld said:
Maybe they will discover the thirteenth tribe is a race of super-apes :)
[Peter Griffin] AWEsome! [/Peter Griffin]


Just finished season 4, which was vast improvement over season 3. Man waiting to see what happens in the last ten eps is killing.

ps: so maybe they stumble upon Wall-E cleaning things up... ;)


I'm hoping for some earth refugees, survivors (descendants) that have fallen or were trying to contact the colonists ...

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