Battlestar Galactica-Final Season (4) 6/13/08--Revealations (Mid Season-Finale)

Lockridge said:
I've probably just missed a sentence but exactly what constellations are they matching up to?
Do they already know what Earth's constellations should look like?
I'm guessing that the constellations were recorded by Starbuck's viper when she visited Earth? But then if it was recorded why couldn't they simply have used the viper's logs to get back?

I watch TV with children around so I tend to miss some of the finer details.
The constellations come waaayyy back from the Kobol episode of the second season, when they enter the Tomb of Athena. They get to see the 12 star signs and they have used them as a basis for their course planning - trying to find a point in space where the star constellations could match.

The Viper might also have had some useful shots of the stars around Earth, but of course they can't be certain that what's depicted in the gun cam is actually Earth, and not a fabrication or another planet.
But the Viper did not have any navigation entries on how to get to Earth. Presumably because it lacks a FTL engine in the first place, and it is mystery how Starbuck could even get from where she was to Earth and then back to the Nebula.

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Weighing the evidence both ways, I think they are at Earth. To add more to the conversation, with ten episodes left, and given how little actually can happen between any two episodes, I do not think they can spend the time faking us out on which planet they have discovered.


If it ISN'T Earth

-it could easily be a planet orbiting a star in the Centauri trinary system. At only 4ish LY away most constellations would be the same.
-yes they were extremely careful not to show continents

If it IS Earth

-looks like the 13 tribe just arrived, brought there by themselves from the end of the last loop. Asimov 'last question'-style.

-looks like the 13th tribe destroyed themselves, or were destroyed. Maybe Lee can stop it from happening again. Maybe the previous times humans and cylons never ended up at a truce that lasted.


It's Earth.

No writing team in their right minds would undercut the power and beauty of that final scene for the sake of a cheap 'gotcha' fake-out.

And while I accept that the use of 'All Along the Watchtower' in last season's ender points to the writing team being capable of... a certain flirtation with not-rightmindedness, there's no evidence that their writerly instincts are completely frakked up.


The Grumpy Celt said:
Sometime in 2009 or later.

I think SciFi is leaving scheduling in the hands of a schizophrenic.

There are 10 episodes left?! Why the long delay? Was this the "plan" from the beginning? I don't get this at all.

GlassJaw said:
There are 10 episodes left?! Why the long delay? Was this the "plan" from the beginning? I don't get this at all.
So far as I know, this has always been the plan for Season 4... really bugs me, but I was prepared for it.

I thought the ep. was great. I do kind of wish they would have killed Anders or Tory or whatever the crap her name is. They both annoy me.

My initial guess for the series finale was that Nicki (Niki? Nicky?) and Hera would be the new Adam and Eve on earth, but with Tigh and the Six baking the bun, it seems unlikely...


First Post
"Mid-season finale"

The end is in the middle, which is to say it's the end before the beginning of the actual end.

Kind of remind me of Mr. Incredible commenting on his son's "graduation" from 4th to 5th grade. :)


First Post
I watched it again last night and I think this is one of the best episodes of the series so far. Lots of good stuff going on throughout the whole episode.

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