Dark Fairytale IC


GM: Easy now you divine mini nuke. It's dead so I won't wait for remaining actions.

Shavara trips upon a loose section of ground at her feet, causing her to trip into the oncoming green beam that hits her and before her nerves can even register pain she is nothing more than a pile of dust. Shavara's prized magical loot hits the floor with a slightly musical thud.

Seeing their companion vanish spurs the party into action. Leonan launches several beams of fire at the target the first misses but the second and third score hits. Shildor swings his mace bashing the target repeatedly, this causes a opening for Colember who utilises it to the best of his ability infusing his strikes with the divine power granted by his God he strikes the undead with a glancing blow followed up by a staggeringly powerful strike that causes the beholder to explode in a series of giblets, teeth, eyeballs and fetid flesh.

Shavara feels cold really cold, yet finds her self not shivering below her she can see her lute resting upon a pile of Ash and her companions covered in zombie beholder gunk. Shavara opens her mouth to speak yet no sound comes out, she does however find that she can move freely through matter.

After the initial shock of it all Shavara can only assume she is dead and now simply a spirit, there appears to be no sign of any reaper, angels or white lights, everything is as it was really except cold and slightly off colour. Below her she notices her lute giving off a odd glow as is the ring upon Kaleth's finger.
GM: So I'm going to allow Shavara's spirit to temporarily inhabit either Kaleth's ring, which would allow interaction with the little girl inside along with Kaleth if he enters the demi plane or her lute which would function as a sentient item that can only speak through song.

Sorry for killing you I guess I thought you would make the save TBH those pesky ones

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GM: @jmucchiello Sorry I made the last post just as I was going to bed. Turns out you are right disintegration is green, who knew and on a second point turns it they relaxed the rules for disintegration in 5e in that true res or wish can restore you, even better is that the beholder eye beam does not specify true resurrection etc. So you are just dead, no saves though but you can easily be revived.

OOC: Not that easily. We need to find someone who can cast 7th level spells. All the lower level spells will not restore body parts/create a body.

What? Where am I? It was dark and cold but for some reason Shavara felt no fear.

OOC: I didn't think I'd fail the the save either with +7 on it. :) This is why you should give out inspiration more often. Though I suppose I could fail that again too. Someone has to scoop up some of the dust or else True Res is needed.

Bonding with the lute makes much more sense.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan looks at the ash pile and the instrument in shock.
"We were just getting to know one another. Maybe Masters can help, although they warned us that death is a possibilty." He starts scooping the dust into his components pouch before realizing inherent danger in mixing his already volatile magic with death dust.
"Does anyone have a bottle or good pouch and prestidigitation? We could collect whole of Shavara and maybe save her later. I will take her bonded item, it may help later as a focus." He looks hopefully up.
"This is just like the story of a girl who wanted adventure despite being told how dangerous it us. As the story goes, she went from bad to worse, but always persisted, with the help of some friends. At the end, she enjoyed her life, fell in love and in fullness of time told her own kids that adventure is overloaded and dangerous just like her parents did."
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Shildoor punches a nearby wall in frustration. "I Failed as a Wall." he mutters to himself, it seems that his pride might have suffered a dent.
He then turns back to the others.
"All I have are some flasks of Holy Water. We could empty one and transport some of the dust in there."


Everyone makes their peace with the loss of Shavara but the mission still stands and what awaits them no one expected.

Defending the narrow shaft is a simple task of abseiling down the short shaft until it hits a ledge large enough for the entire group to gather upon and take in the sight in front of them. A entire city lies in ruin the architecture is like noting you have seen before many buildings made of spherical shapes with metal banding around them all covered in grime and dust some are smashed. Stones litter the floor giving the impression that their was a cave in a some point in the past. To your left is a strange rock formation almost looking like stairs leading down towards the city.

Kaleth feels as though his body weighs ten times what it once did and a great feeling of dread washes over him. There is a great psionic pressure coming from somewhere further in the city.
GM: OK in order up speed this up just let me know if you guys want to investigate any of the generic buildings on your travels and I'll make some roles. I'll flag up any landmarks so to speak as you advance.

Kaleth touches his head. He takes several deep breaths to center himself and then pushes with his will. The pressure subsides some he scans the abandoned city below.

There is something down there. It is pressing on my mind. We need to be careful.


GM: Sorry I was supposed to update you yesterday but I got called up to a emergency meeting that really could of been settled in a email and not a all day meeting at the RDC, sigh my AM just loves meetings.

I'll assume your all my to bothered about looting since no one piped up.

Heading down the stone steps is a simple task and you find yourself on a winding street. Running along the side of the street appears to be glass tuning inlaid into the stone floor it is cracked in many sections and it runs all the way along the street.

Lining the street are the glass sphere like buildings you saw earlier from the street level they appear to be homes and the glass is frosted over and covered in grime making seeing anything in the inside difficult.

Eventually the path leads to a two way intersection and in the middle of the forks is a much larger building made from the same glass substance it is much larger than the others probably 100 foot in and split over two floors. The path splits either side of this building suggesting they may join up again somewhere down the line.

The psionic pressure bearing down on Kaleth is closer now but still a distance away.


You make haste towards the source of the psionic pressure Kaleth, easily leading the way through the abandoned streets.

As you get closer to the source even those without psionic training can feel something like a small nagging thought at the back of their mind that they just can't pin down. Finally you find a building where all roads converge and it would appear to be the center of the pressure. Strangely two, you assume dwarves given their stature stand in full battle dress guarding the entrance. It is difficult to tell if they have noticed you yet as their eyes are obscured by helmets and they are stupid unnaturally still. shield_guard_by_omuk.jpeg


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"The plan? We talk to them. Then, we draw them out. Are we sure they are not statues? And why do we have to investigate this instead of going around? Those weird statues were mind bending enough. Here we feel it and don't even see it. Besides, maybe it just wants to return to its own home and not suffer this orderly world?"
Leonan thinks for the moment.
"Maybe you should refrain from using your ability to touch minds - who knows what you could touch here. And how do we know if something takes you over? Anyone can use Protection from evil? On the dwarf?"
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Charwoman Gene

Colember approaches one of the armored dwarves, sword fully sheathed. "Hello friend, may the blessing of the Light be upon you!" He lays his hands on the dwarf while speaking some holy words.
OOC: Protection from Evil and Good


The dwarf that Colember touches slumps forward as if someone was holding him up just suddenly let go,his knee his the floor with a clatter and it takes a moment for him to get back up the dwarf looks around and bewildered before pointing his weapon at Colember. "Get back" His voice is shakey as he speaks.

The second dwarf seems to remain still, undisturbed by your actions and then it happens "Leave this place" The source of the voice is unseen, it appears to be inside your head you don't do much hear the voice as you do feel it, almost like a thought that was forced into your mind.

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