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Disney Buys DC: Who Joins The MCU?

If you're looking for actual kid heroes, cribbing the 90s version of Young Justice or the modern version of Super-Sons before poor Jon was arbitrarily aged up might be viable - although the latter don't fit the OP requirements, and even the former is debatable.

Better idea that also doesn't fit the OP, skip DC and Marvel altogether, throw armloads of money at Aaron Williams, and start a PS238 film/TV franchise. The world is probably ready for it, and Aaron seems to have all but abandoned doing comics.

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Staff member
The MCU currently lacks any kid heroes
That’s their own dang fault. Marvel has had their own super kids & meta-teens over the years- Power Pack, Franklin Richards, Jubilee,The New Mutants, Illyana Rasputin and I’m sure there’s others.

Some, like Bucky, wouldn’t work (for obvious reasons) but they definitely could mine their own IP without needing DC’s.


I don't really think I'd like to see a combined DC/Marvel Universe.

If they were to combine a DC heroes thing, let it be something like one of the various DC multiverses, which are not the primary universe.

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