D&D General DM Says No Powergaming?

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Extra 6d10 damage won't cut it.

Maybe if bard was a level 20 assassin with sharp shooter surprising the dragon.

= 324 damage... nope, still not enough.

Edit: maybe if you invoke tge massive damage rule.

But only on aday, where the dragon has not a single legendary resistance left.


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An Adult Red Dragon has 256 hp, and Bard clearly crit and also hit the weak spot Bilbo told him, I think it's fair to say he had vulnerability in that one place, so he could make do with just 64 damage in one hit with all the dice.

Smaug also clearly spent all his Legendary Resistances resisting Bilbo's Vicious Mockeries earlier that day, dude had no chance.


Oh well, apparently they don't make arrows of dragonslaying the way they used to. : (

Maybe we should change the name to "arrow of dragon hurting".
More like "arrows of dragon enraging".

Anyways, storywise, my homebrew world has several accounts of armies facing off against dragons (the First Dragonwar), with it not ending well for the dragons.

However, what I really care about is in-game. And short of doing a modified Battlesystem scenario for 5E, commoners with bows vs. ancient dragon isn't something that will ever come up. So I'm not really worried it'll take a ream or two of peasants to take down a dragon. The PCs will be involved long before that ever becomes a concern, at best.

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Extra 6d10 damage won't cut it.

Not the standard Arrow of Dragon Slaying you read about in the DMG. The Black Arrow is a sentient Artifact. You can tell because Bard spoke to it.

EDIT: I realize this reads as completely serious. Maybe I should have appended a winking smiley?
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When it comes to anti-dragon weapons, I assume people are inventive. I've had towns that also shot special ballista that kind of acted like harpoons on whales, barbed arrows with weights attached. In addition, they can fire nets etc. It won't kill the dragon, it's all about slowing it down and hopefully bringing it to ground. Biggest threat of course is simply well trained archers.

All of this of course is just backdrop and story. People have been figuring out how to kill every animal we've ever discovered, along with overcoming enemy equipment and tactics for that matter. I don't see why dragons would be different.

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