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Eberron: The Plumbers OOC

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So for the delay. Still can't decide what Korra's going to do. She has very few hit points left and no way to attack back against her attackers. And being 40 feet away from the others, she may as well be 4000 ft away from the others.


Possibly a Idiot.
Honestly, we were totally out-maneuvered with that ambush. It might be time for a strategic withdrawal. There is a lot of verticality and a few crowds we could escape into.

Well we need to start punching our friends to make sure they aren't shapeshifters at this point.

Am I last? If we are waiting on me, I'll make a decision.


Hey, you've already eliminated one gnoll, and one is greased. How many times can he actually make his save before he falls? But understood :) However you want it to play out :)


Also, could the group hire a carriage and count the travel time as a short rest? We got some healing/spell recovery to do...
You are about an hour away on foot from the safehouse. A carriage for 2 cp would halve that to 30 minutes, so you can take a short rest if you want to, but you can't combine it with the travel, unfortunately. If you were farther away you could. Sorry!


OK, so, how does everyone feel about the plan at player level? We send Liutbrand and DePoe on a changeling hunt, and we head for the safehouse. I think we've got enough injuries (and Alara is out of spells) that it makes sense to do a short rest somewhere out of sight of the safehouse before moving in. All in?


You can short rest, yes. If you wanted to buy some things, you could look for something in the area. Certainly Tavicks Landing has market areas if Terminus doesn't.

Sending DePoe and Liutbrand on the changeling hunt was mostly to get them out of the way until/unless their players return. Alternatively, Liutbrand could take DePoe to try and take care of his poisoned condition.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Apologies for my abrupt disappearance. Switching to a new job has taken up all of my time; hopefully I'll settle in quickly so I can get more active again.

DM, feel free to NPC my character for now.

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