D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)

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You can get a taste of the rules there... then I have these made up.

[sblock=Crit Queen's Call]
Ante in - agreed starting amount which is also minimum buy amount
take three cards from the pile - roll 3d6
-then around the table a player may
-- buy a card: put in minimum amount to swap a card in hand (reroll on of your dice)
-- up the ante: bet more than minimum and either swap a card or Bluff by not taking a card
-- call: only after someone has upped the ante (must place same amount into pot) character may swap out a card - also known as staying in the game
-- fold: throw your cards back into the pile
--- Queen's call: After everyone else has had a least one turn, you may stop the round by putting in the current bet amount into the pot and saying "Queen's Call"

-sleight of hand vs highest passive perception, if successful may slip a card back into the pile and draw new one (i.e. may reroll one die) failure means no reroll, failed by five or more means you got caught
-Roll Deception with advantage and DM will determine if your hand/bet is good enough to keep the better roll.
-vs Insight - Bluffer secertly sets the DC (pm roll to DM), all those wishing to make a check may, and then will let you know how your character has done. Fail by 5 or more and your character automatically folds.

Best Hands -
Highest Three of a Kind
High Straight
Low Straight
All Evens
All Odds
Two of a Kind
High Card

Anyone want to play a practice round? You'll need to roll 3d6 in an sblock...

Well, I don't think Darian would find the wizard much fun to practice swordplay with. I see it more as Darian is not so unwise as to think he's very smart. So he sees Searinox as the smart friend. It is far more likely they met because Searinox was telling some merchant that his bogus wears were most certainly NOT of dwarven make and in the ensuing argument, perhaps Darian intervened on Searinox' side. Searinox said something like "I really should learn to swordplay" and Darian offered to teach. But they both quickly realized Searinox' ability to learn swordcraft was as likely as Darian becoming a wizard. Still, a friendship formed. And when Darian learned about the card game, he wanted his friend to meet Veradda (and perhaps his friend could tell him if there were any cheating going on).


Searinox isn't proficient with the rapier yet, but will gain that skill at level 2. Was thinking that you could help play out the learning of that ability.

Is why I paired you up.

EDIT: Ante is 2 CP for now, The pots will get bigger during other rounds.

Searinox isn't proficient with the rapier yet, but will gain that skill at level 2. Was thinking that you could help play out the learning of that ability.
Did not know that. Multiclassing plans? Then I guess they didn't give up so easily. (Well, they gave up on Darian learning magic certainly. :) )


First Post
Whoops! I think I was half-asleep during the portion where I did armor. Corrected.

Now, to test rolling...

Or not, because I need to go back through the stickies and figure out the rolling :confused:
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Here’s my hand.


And yes, Buddy is something of an enigma, as was his inception. He is most decidedly average at most and subpar at some, so he floundered a bit before his calling became apparent. But even then, he butchers his calling by being a Cleric who wants to be a wizard. Truly a jack of all trades, master of none. Too bad he’ll never have the Charisma to multiclass into a Bard.

That said, I wanted him to be useful. He gets a frick ton of skills for being a human prodigy. I was goin to go with str instead of dex and rely on heavy armor, but I decided against it.

Oh, and I chose the ability increase to raise his 7 to an 8. I just didn’t want a -2 on anything. He’s slightly undereducated, and overweight. Nothing that can’t be fixed if he really wanted to forgo Wisdom and become Average Man. Just expect him to steal stuff. A lot. Cause he’s going to get REALLY good at that real quick. And god help the party if he gets ahold of any stat boosting items. I’ll also be on the lookout for a pair of Thieves Gloves.

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