D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)

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It is far more likely they met because Searinox was telling some merchant that his bogus wears were most certainly NOT of dwarven make and in the ensuing argument, perhaps Darian intervened on Searinox' side.

Sounds like something he would do, especially if said wears would allegedly come from Mirabar (its Canon now;) ).
As for the swordplay, i'd like to think that thats something he alrdy knows but doesn't rly show yet. At the very least he's been taught Bladesinging sone Time ago i would assume. Just nvr rly needed to use it yet.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
I like it!

Now I'll just have to come up with a reason why Wilhelm is talking to a halfling riding a wolf (dog), and to study those game rules...

Okay, Searinox and I worked out how our characters know one another:

They met in market square six years ago, as an argument about the authenticity of "dwarven" forged wears was disputed. When the argument turned violent, Darian jumped in and helped Searinox defend himself. Afterward probably over drinks, Searinox mentioned something about wanting to become more skilled with rapiers and they decided to spar a bit. Since then, every few months when Searinox was in town, they would spar and Darian would attempt to supplement Searinox' training with the rapier. A similar attempt to teach Darian magic met with utter failure and they don't discuss what happened then. A few months ago, Darian commissioned a pair of rapiers from Searinox. Yesterday, Searinox arrived in town and stopped by the Harte mansion. Darian was pleased with the rapiers and while they were catching up on what each other had been up to since their last get together, Darian mentioned a card game tonight with the infamous Veradda. Searinox expressed some interest and Darian invited him to come along.


Buddy has something snarky and cynical to say about everyone. Drow are just too easy. He’d probably get along great with them, actually, as people hate Drow about as much as Buddy hates people.

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See, stats don't make the character. The character is made around the stats. The more I hear of Buddy the more I am liking him. I'm gonna be sad if he gets stepped on by a giant.

Searinox would have known some swordplay, but with the help of Darian he will become proficient (i.e. at 2nd lvl) something fun to show in RP.

Fareon and Wilhelm have a long road to travel up the Trade Way. By the time the two of you reached Waterdeep, Wilhelm would have traveled over 300 miles and Fareon about twice that.

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The only real problem with a betting game like this is you have to play in order usually. And being able to choose the order you play in is an advantage.

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