D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)


We'll wing it. I thought we would play and have your characters interact with each other a bit, before Veradda offers you all a job.

Odd thing is no one has Gaming Set: Cards as a tool.

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Ok let's try a round see what happens. Do not have to post in order, see if we will need to.

Crit Queen's Call:
Round 1:
EarlyBird - check, no bluff

Pot Size: 10cp

Going to add check to the actions. As I didn't have anything listed for those who didn't wish to buy a card or ante up.

[sblock=Crit Queen's Call]
Ante in - agreed starting amount which is also minimum buy amount
take three cards from the pile - roll 3d6
-then around the table a player may
-- check: keep your hand for the remainder of the round, may only be done after receiving your first three cards, you can roll a bluff check and anyone rolling an Insight check will gain advantage on their roll (checking is easier to read)
-- buy a card: put in minimum amount to swap a card in hand (reroll on of your dice)
-- up the ante: bet more than minimum and either swap a card or Bluff by not taking a card
-- call: only after someone has upped the ante (must place same amount into pot) character may swap out a card - also known as staying in the game
-- fold: throw your cards back into the pile
--- Queen's call: After everyone else has had a least one turn, you may stop the round by putting the current bet amount into the pot and saying "Queen's Call"
-sleight of hand vs highest passive perception, if successful may slip a card back into the pile and draw new one (i.e. may reroll one die) failure means no reroll, failed by five or more means you got caught
-Roll Deception with advantage and DM will determine if your hand/bet is good enough to keep the better roll.
-vs Insight - Bluffer secertly sets the DC (pm roll to DM), all those wishing to make a check may, and then will let you know how your character has done. Fail by 5 or more and your character automatically folds.

Best Hands -
Highest Three of a Kind
High Straight
Low Straight
All Evens
All Odds
Two of a Kind
High Card[/sblock]


Hmmm.... so the card game may take longer to play out than I would like. But it's best to know this before we start, so that is a plus.

Going to say I'm ready... (5 minutes later) yep I'm ready, but will give everyone another week to finalize anything they wish to.

So let's say that I'll start the IC around this time next week. Still going to have the group sitting around the tavern table, but may put the card game on hold as it may take a bit longer to coordinate.

Work up a different game perhaps? One that works better online. Perhaps, ignore the bluffing parts:

Ante up 2 cp
roll 3d6
Pick one:
a) reroll 1, costs 2 cp
b) reroll 1, and reroll 1 again, costs 4 total cp
c) stand pat, cost 2 cp and forces everyone else to add additional 2 cp to pot (only happens once no matter how many people stand pat)
d) fold

It doesn't rely on seating order. And the only choke points are:
1) wait for everyone to make first roll.
2) wait for everyone to make their choice.
After that, the winner is revealed.

Optional, generate an additional reroll using Sleight of Hand. DC is passive Perception of the marks. :)


Sounds good, I should have kept it simple. I'll post these rules in the opening post once we get things started.

Again I don't need anyone's info on how they met each other (wish to be surprised just like the group), I just need to know you are ready for me to start with this giant menace of a game. lol

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