D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)


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Having to use your action to have the wolf attack, dash, etc is pretty terrible. Especially at higher levels. I will surely abide by it if that ends up being the rule. But unless I need the wolf to run away, I will never really use it.

He is around mostly for flavor/coolness factor.

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I like that he could Help in combat giving you advantage. Bad until it is a bonus action, but you need to start at the bottom of the ladder and all that.


Why don’t you look at the Revised Ranger Beastmaster. It’s much better than the Vanilla one. Basically, instead of getting a second attack, the animal companion can attack when you use the attack action.

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NP, I have been slow rolling this because I am not to familiar with the characters yet. Wanted to a make sure no oe wanted any other info or to try scouting about the boat or anything of that nature, so I did wish to railroad ahead.

I am writing up a "moving forward" post and will post in tomorrow, as WED is my free day to do a lot of writing and catching up.

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