D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)


Before we get into the dungeon we will need a little backtracking to see what you all wish to partake from the equipment cart:

leather armor (2)
shields (2)
javelins (4)
spears (2)
crossbow, heavy
40 quarrels
60 arrows
shortswords (3)
barrel, water (2)
barrel, ale
blankets (3)
buckets (2)
candles (12)
chalk (6 pieces)
clothes, common (3)
clothes, traveler's (2)
healer's kits (2), one has only 5 uses left
lanterns (3), one bullseye, two hooded
mess kits (4)
mirror, steel
oil (6 flasks)
pick, miner's (2)
piton (15)
rations (24 days)
rope, hempen (2 @ 100 feet each)
sacks (4)
shovels (2)
tents, 2-person (3)
torches (10)
waterskins (4)
female draft horse, Merrybuck
bit and bridle
feed (6 days)
salt (1 lb.)
flour (3 lbs.)
chickens (2)
provisions (12 days) grains, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, salted and dried meats (i.e. stew making supplies for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast)
nails (20)
banner pole (10')
hole punch
spare leather
frying pans (2)
traveler's anvil
hammer, sledge
vials (6) w/corks
sealing wax
spare wagon wheel
spare boards (3) (for repairs if needed)
chests (3): full for now with all this equipment, but can be used to transport treasure if needed

Calligrapher's Supplies: ink, parchment (12 sheets), quills (3)
Cartographer's Iools: ink, parchemnt (5 sheets), compasses (2), calipers, ruler
Forgery Kit: includes several different types of ink, a variety of parchments and papers, several
quills, seals and sealing wax, gold and silver leaf, and small tools to sculpt melted wax to mimic a seal
Thieves Tools (2 sets): small file, set of lock picks, small mirror mounted on metal handle, narrow bladed scissors, pair of pliers
Smith's Tools: hammers, tongs, charcoal, rags, whetstone,
Cook's Utensils (2 sets): metal pot, knives, forks, stirring spoon, ladle
Herbalism Kit: small pouhes to store herbs, clippers, leather gloves, mortar and pestle, glass jars (3)
Mason's Tools: trowel, hammer, chisel, brushes, square
Tinker's Tools: variety of hand tools, thread, needles, whetstone, scraps of cloth and leather, small pot of glue
Woodcarver's Tools: knife, gouge, small saw[/sblock]

List what your character would like, please.

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Darien only needs thieves tools (for some reason the rich kid could not afford them). He doesn't see a reason to carry a lot of stuff (but then he's not the sharpest tool either). If someone suggests he carry something he will oblige as long as he keeps under his lightly encumbered weight.


Buddy will take the other thieves Tools. And if the chickens are alive, Buddy will take one of them, too. He will put it in his pack with a hole so it can stick it’s head out, and he will pretend it’s his Familiar. Until they all run out of food, in which case it becomes dinner.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Just some of the provisions for Wilhelm. He's already got everything he needs, or at least what he thinks he needs. :)


Hmmm... I will leave that up to the players. We are fighting giants (or will be), and you would make a sixth (seventh if ArchfiendBobbie returns).

We won't be using XP so more characters won't ruin anything and the group could use another healer.

What do you say group? Up for a sixth player?

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