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5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

Mord vs Kobolds

Mord waited until a few kobolds had made their way toward him. One shuffled down the shallow slope and flung a clay pot at him which burst on the ice floor in front of him with a foul, noxious smell that made his head ache. More kobolds came down, and Mord summoned writhing tentacles that scooped them up. A few of the kobolds were dashed to death by the tentacles and the armoured kobold directly in front of him was dragged back and crushed. They shrieked in their high-pitched draconic - a noise that Mord thought sounded rather pleasing, to his mild surprise.

Still, a few kobolds managed to slip past him (one even ran all the way up to Lorenn) and yet more appeared to be coming. The one that had been in the cavern to the north finally braved running through Kalorn's illusion, and it rushed Primus with a spear. Though it seemed like Primus was in his own world, the psychic easily stepped aside, as if he had always known that the spear would thrust just where it did.

Finally, a kobold came to the top of the slope and launched three small bursts of fire at Mord, singing him badly.

GM: Mord's at 4 HP if he has no way to avoid any of that...
Damage Taken:
(BGs) KDS3, KDS4, K6, K9 & KA3 11 & Restrained (Mord's Tentacles) (KDS3, K6, & K9 are Dead);
(PCs) Mord 9 Poison (KA3's pot) & 8, 7 & 9 Fire (KS2's Scorching Ray)
(NPCs) None
KDS3, KDS4, K6, K9, KA3 Dex Saves vs Mord's tentacles. Not one made it...
5#1d20+2: 5 # 3 [1d20=1] 10 [1d20=8] 11 [1d20=9] 9 [1d20=7] 5 [1d20=3]
KoboldAlchemist3 Poison Pot vs Mord. Just got him?
1d20+4: 14 [1d20=10]; 2d6: 9 [2d6=6, 3]
KSorc2 Scorching Ray vs Mord
3#1d20+4: 3 # 17 [1d20=13] 14 [1d20=10] 23 [1d20=19]
3# 2d6: 3 # 8 [2d6=2, 6] 7 [2d6=5, 2] 9 [2d6=4, 5]
Kobold3 vs Primus
1d20+4: 7 [1d20=3]; 1d6+2: 4 [1d6=2]

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Mord watched with satisfaction as a number of Kobolds were dashed against the walls or crushed to death by Tentacles. He was thus distracted when the acid splashed over him and in his surprise, lost the spell. The damage was done, but now the Tentacles dissapeared from whence they came and the floor became as solid ice once again. The bolts of fire then seared into him and he screamed in pain as they brought him to the brink of collapse.

OOC: Warcaster gives advantage, but of course he failed on the very first hit.

Concentration:: 4#2d20k1+1 9 9 13 18

Imagine that. Anyways, I did mention him wanting to back away if the spell cleared the way for him to do so. He won't risk an AoO at this point, but if he can he'll do so.

Sesto, Kalorn, Lorenn, Loklafd & Alhana vs Troll3

Sesto hunkered down under his shield to avoid things being thrown at him while he healed his ice-shard injuries. Kalorn called out, goading the troll while firing bolts of eldritch energy which singed its flesh. The troll roared but held back for the moment.

Then Lorenn, who had very nearly been caught up to by a wily kobold, flew over on his board (leaving the frustrated kobold behind) and created a ball of fire that scorched the troll from behind. With nowhere to retreat to, the troll changed its mind and barrelled forward, sliding down the steep slope at a breakneck pace. It wasn't able to keep its feet and it crashed through the bodies of the other dead trolls, kicking and flailing at the people at the bottom, knocking them away across the icy floor. Loklafd was struck so hard that his prosthetic leg came off, and he struggled to regain his feet.

Alhana ducked around a corner to take cover from either side, and she fired two arrows through the crowd. One struck the troll as it lay on its back, flailing about.

Kobolds in the Web

The Kobolds that had been left in Lorenn's web struggled to free themselves to no avail, but they had set the web on fire and it burned up, freeing them. Unfortunately for one of them, he had been so caught up in the stick mass that he burned to death. The others were singed, but they were free and they followed the rest up the circular tunnel.

GM: The troll strikes Sesto, Kalorn, Lorenn, and Loklafd. All must make a dc14 Dex Save for half damage. On a fail, they are also knocked prone. Either way, they are knocked back 15 feet. Troll remains prone ATM.
Damage Taken:
(BGs) IceTroll3 13 (Kalorn's EB) & 11 Fire (Lorenn's Sphere) & 14 (Alhana's Arrow);
KSorc1 7 (Fire Web); KDS2 7 (Fire Web); Kobold5 7 (Fire Web, Dead)
(PCs) Sesto -40 (Healing) & 20/10 (Troll Crash); Kalorn -13 (2nd Wind Heal) & 20/10 (Troll Crash); Lorenn 20/10 (Troll Crash)
(NPCs) Loklafd 20 (Troll Crash)
Troll3 Dex Save vs Lorenn's Flaming Sphere
1d20+1: 9 [1d20=8]
Troll3 Dex Save vs Slide. It falls.
1d20+1: 6 [1d20=5]
Slide Damage.
4d6: 20 [4d6=6, 6, 3, 5]
Loklafd Dex Save.
1d20-1: 3 [1d20=4]
Alhana arrows vs Troll3
2#2d20l1+11: 2 # 19 [2d20l1=[8], 15] 13 [2d20l1=[2], 15]
2#1d8+6: 2 # 14 [1d8=8] 8 [1d8=2]
Kobolds sruggling in the Web
3#1d20-1: 3 # 6 [1d20=7] 9 [1d20=10] 11 [1d20=12]
Fire Damage
2d4: 7 [2d4=3, 4]
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Location: Ice Caves; Encounter: Kobolds & Ice-Trolls

End Round Five; Begin Round Six

[sblock=Party (PCs)]
Name * (Position) * AC * HP * Notes
Primus (T19) PP19 AC11(16) HP 29/59 HD 7/8
Alhana (T16) PP14* AC17 HP 68/68 HD 8/8
Mord (W17) PP11* AC14 HP 4/51 HD 5/8
Lorenn (S18) PP14* AC17(20) HP 17(27?)/54 HD 6/8
Sesto (R17) PP15 AC18* HP 36(46?)/59 HD 5/8
Kalorn (S19) PP15 AC16(21)* HP 38(48?)/63 HD 8/8
[sblock=Allies (NPCs)]
*Eko (XX) PP13 AC11 HP 0/1 (Burnt)
Loklafd (S17) PP12 AC14 HP 18/58 HD 7/9
Sooty (U20) PP11** AC12 HP 1/1
[sblock=Enemies (BGs)]
Ice Troll3 (O17P18) HP less 38
KoboldSorcerer2 (AM24)
KoboldAlchemist3 (AG21) HP less 11
Kobold3 (U18)
*KoboldDragonshield3 (AD18) HP less 48 (Dead)
KoboldDragonshield4 (AG20) HP less 11
Kobold4 (X20)
*Kobold6 (AD19) HP less 11 (Dead)
Kobold7 (AB20)
Kobold8 (AK21)
*Kobold9 (AD20) HP less 11 (Dead)
KoboldSorcerer1 (AO31) HP less 7
KoboldDragonshield2 (AR30) HP less 7
*Kobold5 (AQ32) HP less 7 (Dead)
Already Dead
*Ice Troll1 (M17N18) HP less 103 (Dead)
*Ice Troll2 (N18O19) HP less 102 (Dead)
*KoboldAlchemist1 (O7) HP less 23 (Dead)
*KoboldAlchemist2 (W7) HP less 18 (Dead)
*Kobold1 (P8) HP less 13 (Dead)
*Kobold2 (AB8) HP less 13 (Dead)
*KoboldDragonshield1 (AR33) HP less 45 (Dead)

[sblock=Map] IceCave7.png


Mord cursed as his spell faded before it had truly begun. He'd hoped to delay the kobolds long enough for his allies to finish the battle with the troll and turn to the other threat. Still, he wouldn't go down easily and so he summoned a pair of bolts, aiming primarily at the potion lobber, but settings secondary sights on the spellcaster. Once his spell was away he turned and dove into the heart of the illusion, hopefully these kobolds would be fooled enough to not follow him into the weird blackness of Kalorn's spell.

OOC: Eldritch Blast: 2#1d20+8 10 17 2#1d10+4 8 5

Move to U14


The crash was violent but a nice barrel roll did the trick and Lorenn managed to stay on his board. Hey Eko, we need to try this slide once before leaving this place. Eko? But Eko was long gone.
B'lyath! I'll bring you back soon buddy...

Sliding upside down along the ceiling, Lorenn slashed the Troll's throat before landing on the other side. Then he threw his flaming ball down the slope, going for the strike.

OOC: Dex Save: 1d20+7 27
Movement: Q18
Action: BB: 1d20+8 28 2d8+5 14 2d8 7 (if he moves) 2d6 7 (sneak because prone?)
Critical hit: 2d8 14 2d6 3 (sneak)
Movement: keeps sliding up the slope to I19
Bonus Action: Flaming Sphere DC14: 3d6 14 (or 7)
Total: 28 Thunder +10 sneak + 14/7 Fire (+7 if he moves)

(B'lytath: Drow curse word whose translation could offend the most sensitive people.)
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Primus looked back and forth bewteen the remaining troll and the kobolds. The troll was likely the greater threat, so he sent a thought scrambling headache its way.

OOC: Conserving Psi Points limits what I can do, but at least I can do decent damage.

Mind Thrust on Troll: DC 16 INT save or take [roll0] Psychic damage. Ha! Max Damage! Requesting his head to explode if this kills him, for cool factor. Blood leaking from eyes and ears is ok if it doesn't.


Dusty Dragon
(Busy day but here is a partial post)

"Damn your elven hide, we are here to find someone, not fight and we already located her, and you brought down the entire complex on our head!"

Kalorn leapt aside to try to dodge the troll (doesn't the troll take damage from this too?)

Roll dex save [roll0]

Roll concentration check [roll1]

Doesn't the troll take damage from [the slide] too?
Oh yes, he does. I meant to include it in my damage notes up there, but I forgot. He also failed his save, hence the prone condition. It's a risky move, and it didn't work out too well for him. Here:

Damage Taken: Troll3 20 (foolish slide)

Prickly Pear

Sesto felt much better after tending to his wounds. He then looked up to gauge what the troll was up to and, to his surprise, the troll came crashing down the slope. Sesto had no time to get out of the way and took the full brunt of the force. Sesto was winded and knocked back, still sprawling on the ground.
Sesto got up on his feet and directed his spectral mace at the troll's head. And for good measure, he mumbled a dark curse and directed it into the troll's skull.

OOC: Dex Save: 1D20+1 = [8]+1 = 9
Bonus Action: 2D20.HIGH(1)+8 = [7, 9]+8 = 17, 1D8+5 = [3]+5 = 8[/url]
Action: Toll the Dead (Wis Save, DC16), necrotic damage: 2D12 = [11, 3] 14
Move: Stand up and move to... no, stays there.
Yay! CoyoteCode is up and running again!

OOC: Edit:
HP: 36/59
Spellslots used: lvl 1 1/4, lvl 2 3/3, lvl 3 2/3, lvl 4 1/2

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Dusty Dragon
OOC: Oh yes, he does. I meant to include it in my damage notes up there, but I forgot. He also failed his save, hence the prone condition. It's a risky move, and it didn't work out too well for him. Here:

Damage Taken: Troll3 20 (foolish slide)
Ooc: Oh! Well that is fair then, and it makes sort of sense for a creature that regenerates... and he caused lots of damage.

Question is, who gets up first? Makes a big difference for advantage to hit...


Dusty Dragon
Cursing bitterly, Kalorn got up, spat blood, and stumbled towards the troll, blade high

Attack 1 with advantage on prone, I hope, troll 3, using greater weapon mastery: 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4
1D20+3 = [5]+3 = 8

His first swing hit the wall. Kalorn paused, then swung down. "Die, beast!"

Attack 2 with advantage on prone, I hope, troll 3, using greater weapon mastery: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9
1D20+3 = [19]+3 = 22

attack 2 vs troll damage with gwm: 2D6+15 = [2, 3]+15 = 20

re rolling the 2 : 1D6 = [6] = 6

So 20 -2 +6 = 24 dmg.

ALTERNATIVE ACTION: if the troll is dead, attack the Kobolds!

2 attacks without advantage and without gwm vs kobolds: 1D20+8 = [10]+8 = 18
1D20+8 = [18]+8 = 26

If a kobold dies and there is another one nearby, reaction to attack a second kobold, as per gwm

2 attack dmg vs kobolds: 2D6+5 = [6, 2]+5 = 13
2D6+5 = [3, 6]+5 = 14

Re-rolling the 2 on the first attack: re rolling the 2 vs kobold: 1D6 = [4] = 4

So attack damages are 15 and 14

Possible reaction attack
possible reaction attack vs kobold: 1D20+8 = [8]+8 = 16

Possible reaction attack damage possible reaction attack dmg vs kobold: 2D6+5 = [6, 5]+5 = 16

[sblock=minisheet]Kalorn of Mulmaster, the cursed sell-sword (Fighter(eldrich knight) 3/Warlock(hexblade) 5; alt-human, soldier)
HP: 38/63, Hit dice: 8/8
Temp HP: 0/7
AC: 16 Temp AC:
Passive Perception 15
Saves: Str: +5, Dex: -1, Con: +5, Int: +0 , Wis: +2, Cha: +3
Warlock slots remaining = 1/2. EK slots remaining = 2/2
Action surge = 1/1. Second wind = 0/1, hexblade curse = 0/1
Potions of healing remaining: 6[/sblock]


Taking a smarmy tone, Lorenn replied, "Oh I'm deeply sorry for this discomfort, Milord."

"But you woke up the entire complex with the crazy slurping spell you guys cast! Now if you miss your slippers and a warm fire, my Elven hide can fix that."

Prickly Pear

Sesto is hiding the fact that it was he who made the ruckus in the first place trying to sneak past the kobolds...
Instead, he looks over at Mord who looks badly burnt by a kobald shaman's spell. Sesto stumbles over to Mord but needs to catch his breath before he can cast a healing spell.

OOC: Sesto moves his remaining 15 ft to T15, next to Mord.

Lorenn & Sesto vs Troll3

Lorenn managed to roll with his board to take the bulk of the blow out of the Ice-Troll's sliding crash. He flipped upside-down and slashed the troll's throat with his blade, and then sliding up the steep slope, he sent his flaming sphere rolling down. The troll scrambled to get up, kicking the bodies of his dead fellows in the way of the flames. Still he was lightly scorched and he clutched at his slashed throat.

Having been struck by the sliding troll, Sesto slid across the ice on his back. He gestured, and his spectral mace struck the Troll in the back. He prayed, and a deep tone echoed through the corridor. The troll's eyes went blank, and the creature fell to the ground.

Sesto climbed to his feet and moved into the side-tunnel, disappearing into Kalorn's illusion.

GM: I had to pick-and-chose the order of actions.
Damage Taken:
(BGs) Troll3 38 (Lorenn's Sword), 7 fire (Lorenn's Sphere), 8 (Sesto's SpiritMace), & 14 (Toll the Dead) (Dead);
(PCs) None; (NPCs) None
Troll3 Dex Save vs Flaming Sphere
1d20+1: 21 [1d20=20]
Troll3 Wis Save vs Toll the Dead
1d20-1: 8 [1d20=9

Everyone else vs Kobolds

Mord flung an eldritch bolt at the kobold with the alchemical pots. The kobold ducked his first bolt, and made to prepare a pot, but he was struck dead by Mord's second bolt, and the warlock disappeared into Kalorn's illusion.

Kalorn stood, spat blood, and stepped around Primus, who seemed to him to be not paying attention at all to the kobold who was trying to kill him. Kalorn, thrust his large blade into the kobold, killing it instantly. He stumbled down the hall toward the next kobold.

Primus felt the troll die from inside it's mind, but was not fazed by the experience. Instead, he turned and reached out with his mind to the kobold sorcerer. The creature was much cleverer than the trolls, but still Primus forced his way into its mind and destroyed it utterly. The force of his mental assault was such that it had a physical effect - the kobold's head burst open and it fell to the floor.

Alhana shot a few of the remaining kobolds while Loklafd threw a hand axe into one. The few remaining turned and fled screeching, back up the shallow slope toward their lair. The ones that had most recently escaped Lorenn's web saw them coming, and decided that it was best to join them by running.

Encounter Over

OOC: I was working through this one at a time, with rolls and all, and I realised that there was no way that enough kobolds would remain to bother continuing. Besides! This fight has taken forever! Let's move on.

Halloween Horror For 5E