5E Interesting Race/Class/Background combinations

I have have Half-Orc Cleric named Reverend Hul Trunton. His background is a Cloistered Scholar. His story is that he was born rich, but learned to hate the violent ways of his people, and after a wizard came through his village one day, he realized the power of study. He liquidated all of his assets and left. He spent days on end studying, until he came learned the power of the gods. He became a Life Cleric, and dedicated his life to good.


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Mechanically interesting, or backstory/character development interesting? Any race/class combo can be interesting if you develop the character. But some have distinct mechanical quirks or advantages.


I like using a Background to show some character growth over time.

Anyasa is the weird elven witch living alone on the outskirts of a human village. She might brew the peasants a 'love potion' or magically help mend their tools, but mostly keeps to herself. She's even got a black cat familiar. Clearly a witch. But really she's just biding her time. She's putting on an act while she's been hiding out for a 'few years' (40 so far) among the short-lived humans, avoiding her Criminal past. She used to run with a bad crew and wanted out; now she wants nothing to do with her old life, but of course it won't let go (Criminal Contact). Her old skills are a bit rusty, but in the meantime she's discovered a real talent for magic, and more importantly had a change of heart. Mechanically you get a wizard with a few rogue skills.


I have not had the chance to play a character, only dm. But I think I would go with a mountain dwarf valor bard. He would specialize in dwarven operas. I imagine him talking like the necromancer from the Venture bros.


One of the most interesting aspects of 5E is that backgrounds have been turned into a core feature of character creation, almost on a par with classes and races. What's fascinating is that, thanks to that system, you could come up with fairly imaginative character concepts with little to no effort.

While backgrounds play little role in the power level of your character, and can be ignored if you just want to kick down some doors and bash a couple of goblins, it is a very nice bone thrown to the role-players. I like its inclusion very much.

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I would like to think my current two 5e characters are interesting.

Half-Elf Draconic (Silver) Bloodline Sorcerer with the Acolyte background, raised by the Temple of Tyr, recently converted to the faith of Elistae.
His dearest wish is to be a world-renowned painter, and for the longest time he WASN'T proficient with painter's tools.

Lizardfolk Light Domain Cleric/Fighter with the Guild Artisan (leather worker) background, who worships Hades, eats his enemies and makes weapons from their carcasses (to the great unease of his companions) . . . And wears a baker's hat on his head in an inept attempt to blend in with his companions.
In a comedic turn of events, ol' Thiss has recently been declared an official ambassador to the non-lizardfolk races, to the incredulity of his adventuring companions.

Ogre Mage

Yuan-ti Pureblood Charlatan -- This is my usual choice for Yuan-ti Pureblood PCs trying to "pass" as human.

Criminal Paladin of Devotion -- You were a common criminal until one day you saw the light. How does your past still haunt you?

Acolyte Warlock -- Why did you turn away from your God to make a pact with some other entity?

Half-Elf Noble -- Nobility is normally only reserved for those of pure blood. Somehow, you were an exception. Is this some rare noble house of only half-elves? Or is something else going on?


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Human, Chirurgeon (Sage, replace History with Medicine), Paladin of the Ancients/Warlock of the Great Old Ones. No conflict between his patrons, because they're the same being-- a horrifying Far Realms goddess of love, beauty, and "self improvement". He was the court physicker to a dying, wise and beloved king, and he swore his blasphemous Oath in a desperate bid to save his life. When his liege died... the nameless goddess offered to release him from her service... but grieving and purposeless, he chose to dedicate himself fully instead.

Played dead straight as an Ancients Paladin, but as many of his Warlock invocations as possible were fluffed as... biological.

Half-Orc Noble Rogue (Swashbuckler). The bastard firstborn son of a duchess, the reason she was forced to marry down, ineligible to inherit her titles or estates. He has the best education money can buy, an officer's commission and letters of marque... and he adventures to leave a legacy for his younger half-siblings that his incompetent and grasping stepfather can't squander.

Absolutely ate up with the Genteel Proficiency Delusion, and it would probably shatter him into a million pieces if he ever had to admit that much of his physical prowess comes from his father's side.


So far I've just played my first game of DND last week so I haven't gotten a chance to mess around with customizing backgrounds yet.

However, a few ideas have popped up.

Tux Palico: A tuxedo(colored fur pattern) Tabaxi Warlock Hexblade with the Lucky. Playing off the bad luck feel of black cats via Hex. He is currently trailing a person as he has a promise to uphold to his master. So Tux is tracking down......

Jedah Silvertongue: A rogue human Warlock Great Old One patron who is a Charlatan and abuses whatever means is available to acquire power. Currently he's trying to elude a "damnable cat" that is constantly trailing him. Also as a running gag in different games, he appears as a NPC that is constantly "dying" or being a thorn in the PCs sides where more often than not, his own plans blow up in his face.

However, he has the "devil's luck" and survives constantly. In truth he posses an arcane magic bag full of gold called "The Coins of Fate's Folly. He legit uses these coins to bribe Charon, yes *THAT Charon, to not take his soul into the after life, thus Jedah revives from each death when it happens. Although, he's starting to run low on coins....*
Currently Jedah has a lead on a powerful magic sword of the wind. Such a magic blade could surely be used as a bribing piece. So he's looking for the sword Crissegarm, but upon finding it learns that it is actually....

A Ragewalker(reflavored Half-Elf Barbarian Path of The Beast subclass) that ISN'T said blade Jedah is looking for. For short her name is Criss.