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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game [OOC]

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ooc: with my armor class and shield of law still active they would need to roll real good to affect Maur. I'm still worried about Crisenth casting freely. Bad guys are actively avoiding full attack, intelligent, huh?

Good post, too bad she got healed earlier


second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
if I can change my post it would be:
Light once again fills the chamber after the extinguishing of the holy flame as Quinn once again draws Cruel Justice
A schnlick is heard as the keen edge slices almost soundlessly through the rook and then its greasy feathers get burnt with a fwoosh! and followed by crackling and sputtering of burn feathers. The stench is horrid.

Place bastard sword in off hand and and not use
draw Cruel Justice as part of a move action
move a distance of 20 feet south at a cost of 40 feet
base att ScottDeWar,Jr: D20 → 1313
base damage ScottDeWar,Jr: D6 → 55
fire damage ScottDeWar,Jr: D6 → 66
crit threat: 15-20 [x2] missed by 2

att 9+4+1+1; dam 4+1+1d6 fire. conviction is over, right?
Final: Att 28; Dam 10 + 6 fire

Sash: round 3 fiery weapon, DMG pg 224 [Dandwiki: A flaming weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit.]

Quinn's combat stats:
Hp: 113/113*[1*]
AC: [28] +1 [haste]; +4 [deflection]; +3 [natural]; +5 [breastplate]; +2 [magic]; +2 [dex]; +1 vs rook [dodge feat]
vs attack of opportunity AC [
fort: [+13] +3 [moral]; +4 [resistance]; +3 [class]; +3 [con]; +1 [cloak]
ref: [+13] +1 [haste]; +3 [moral]; +4 [resistance]; +3 [class]; +2 [dex]; +1 [cloak]
will: [+12] +3 [moral]; +4 [resistance]; +3 [class]; +2 [wis]; +1 [cloak]
SR vs chaotic spell or caster: 25
energy resistance: fire 5 [red sash]

**con damage from cloudkill: -1 con [16->15] -1 to a few things:
[*1] HP total: 105 [-9 from cloud kill]
[*2] fort saves [+12] [-1 from cloud kill]

BAB: [+15] +9 [class]; +4 [str]; +1 [haste]; +1 [moral]
dam: +1 [conviction] +1 [bard song]
bard song has ended

Longbow +1 att; 1d8 +5 dam
+1 composite +4; threat range: 20 [x3]

bastard sword +1 att; 1d10-1 dam
mwk, alchem silver; threat range: 19-20 [x2]

Cruel Justice, Scimitar +1 att; 1d6+1 dam
(Adamantine/Intelligent/Keen); threat range: 15 - 20 [x2]

Spiked chain +1 att; 2d4+1
threat range: 20 [x2]
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World of Kulan DM
i am not going to change my post again, but I just had a thought: how much light does a flaming blade radiate? [the red sash!]
Hmm, that's a interesting point. I'm not sure. With the sash activated, Quinn probably wouldn't be blinded. The light it would shed probably would only be shadowy illumination, however. Maybe a 5 to 10 feet radius. I'll see if there is some sort of official ruling on that idea. More than likely there isn't, but I'm going to check.

Of course, you've decided to draw Cruel Justice, so it's moot.


World of Kulan DM
Updated battle map around Angus...

Round Nine Map for Angus.png


second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
I would imagine no more light then a torch for the flaming weapon effect. But it could be disconcerting for that red of a light being swung around on a bastard sword.


World of Kulan DM
Round Ten
Demon Familiar (Eutharic): 27 (activates cause fear ability)
Caerth (dire bat form): 22 (grapples Galzadar)
Screech: 22 (distracting attacks)
Bleak Eagle: 21 (attacks celestial eagle)
Owlbear Skeleton [link]: 21 (appears this round)
Crisenth: 21 (uses wand on Tarrak; moves and readies warhammer)
Aureus: 20 (shoots at Omen [misses])
Celestial Giant Eagle: 20
Phar: 20 (casts spell)
Senior Acolyte of Malotoch (Omen): 20 (casts healing spell and readies mace)
Tarrak: 19 (summoning)
Rook-Harpy: 18 (attacks Quinn [misses])
Monstrous Ghast (Phre): 17 (smites Maur)
Lady Pendour: 15 (sickened; picks up Aureus's bow)
Galzadar the Fallen: 13 (grappling Caerth)
Quinn: 12 (attacks and hits rook)
Maur: 12 ⬅️
Wieland: 12 (sickened; near death) ⬅️
Ailward Stepney (cohort): 12 (shaken this round) ⬅️
Acolyte Zombies [x12]: 12 (motionless)
Acolyte Zombies [x3]: 12 (motionless)

Henry Hawtrey (wild. rogue): 11
Sir Ghal: 11
Temperance Redding (fighter): 8 (panicked; paralyzed; prone; sickened)
Dwarven Militia Fighter (male): 4 (sickened/frightened for 3 rounds)
Dwarven Militia Fighter (female): 4 (sickened; unconscious [dying])
Elle Redding (cleric): 3 (shaken this round)
Scarborax (sorcerer): 3 (shaken this round)
Angus: 3 (sickened)
Zephora Chyrche (militia fighter): 2 (unconscious [dying])
Annabel Ufford (militia fighter): 2 (panicked/cowering)
Tristan (militia): 1 (sickened/shaken this round)

The fear from the rooks last another 2 rounds after this one.

The two unconscious NPCs lose another hp.
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World of Kulan DM
Will Saves vs. Cause Fear [DC 11]
Ailward - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22 (saves)
Shaken for 1 round

Elle Redding - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+5 = [6]+5 = 11 (saves, barely)
Shaken for 1 round

Old Dwarf Fighter (militia) - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+3-2 = [2]+3-2 = 3 (failed)
Frightened for 1D4 = [3] = 3 rounds.

Scarborax - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17 (saves)
Shaken for 1 round

Temperance (panicked) - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+3-4 = [9]+3-4 = 8 (fails)
I'm not sure what happens to her, but it is not going to be good. I might make her make another Will save or die of fear, as she was already panicked, paralyzed, and sickened before failing this save.

Tristan (militia soldier) - Will save vs. Cause Fear: 1D20+2-2 = [16]+2-2 = 16 (saves)
Shaken for 1 round


World of Kulan DM
For Temperance, I'm going to have her make a Fortitude save equal to 10 + the damage she's taken (3 points). If she fails, she falls into a coma. If I roll a natural 1, she dies. If she succeeds, she takes 1d4 points of nonlethal damage instead.

Temperance (panicked) - Fortitude save (DC 13): 1D20+5 = [3]+5 = 8 (fails)
She is now in a coma. She can not be revived beyond the highest level healing spells (7 to 9).

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Now that Angus has his shield back, I think his initiative might change, since the last part of his action (accepting the shield as a move action) occurred on Tristan's turn.

Angus' new stats:
28, Touch AC: 14.
To Hit w/ Azurak (Further -4 for non-proficient / lacking Exotic feat for wielding with one hand): +6
1d12+9 (Crit: 20: x2: 2d12+18)
Hit pts: +8 temporary hit pts.
Will save: Overlapped by Mass Conviction.

(This does NOT include the Rage bonus, because you never told me what those numbers were.) :)

EDIT: I have the numbers now. Thanks, @Knightfall 🙂

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