Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

Level 0 x6
Create Water x2, Detect Magic x3, Purify Food

Level 1 x (4+1+D)
Bless x2, Endure Elements x2, Impede, Animate Rope (D)

Level 2 x(4+1+D)
Conduit of life, Consecrate, Remove Paralysis x2, Shared Healing, Spiritual Weapon (D)

Level 3 x(3+1+D)
Demon Dirge, Dispel Magic, Holy Storm, Insignia of Healing, Mass Conviction (+3), Stone Shape (D)

Level 4 x(3+1+D)
Celestial Brilliance, Lesser Holy Transformation, Recitation, Spike Stones(D)

Level 5 x2
Revivify, Surge of Fortune, Wall of Stone (D)

https://srd.dndtools.org/srd/magic/spells/spells/spellsph.html#CALL%20ZELEKHUT - can I cast it once we settle down before sleeping? Then I replace it with Surge of Fortune in the morning.

We're close to the temple right now and I believe in five days it can get to the temple, scout, report remain close, and finally try to weaken Eike at the end.

I considered taking divination instead of Celestial brilliance, what do you all think?
I like celestial brilliance in an area filled with undead

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Because I have a mini-sheet and because I'm tracking spell durations on each of my IC posts, I just 'reply' to my previous post which copy pastes everything into the new post.

I have several people 'pinged' because I have spells on you that I'm tracking. Because I'm copy/pasting, Do you get 're-pinged' every time I make a new post? If so, that must be super annoying and I'll un-@ you!
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World of Kulan DM
https://srd.dndtools.org/srd/magic/spells/spells/spellsph.html#CALL%20ZELEKHUT - can I cast it once we settle down before sleeping? Then I replace it with Surge of Fortune in the morning.
Actually, I just noticed a rule about rest and memorizing spells that I wasn't aware of (or completely forgot about) while I was looking up something else: Magical Oddities (Part One).

• A character's ability to prepare spells is diminished when the character has cast any spells just prior to spell preparation.

When a character begins preparing spells for the day, any spells she has cast during the past 8 hours count against the number of spells the character can prepare and cast. See page 178 in the Player's Handbook for an example.

Here's another example of the recent casting rule: Harold, a 1st-level wizard who specializes in evocation magic, has a basic daily spell allotment of three 0-level spells and one 1st-level spell (see Table 3-17 in the Player's Handbook). Harold gains an extra 1st-level evocation spell for being a specialist and also gains a bonus 1st-level spell for Intelligence. The additions make three 0-level spells and three 1st-level spells available to Harold each day.

Harold goes to sleep at 10 PM one evening and plans to rise 8 hours later (at 6 AM the following morning) to prepare spells. At 5:35 AM, however, a horde of goblins assaults the character's camp and Harold dispatches their leader with a magic missile spell. All is well after the attack, which is over in about 10 minutes (including some time to search the surrounding area for any additional goblins). Harold gets back to bed by 5:45; he will have to rest for an extra hour because of the interruption to his rest. The earliest he can begin preparing spells this day is 7:00 AM (his original wake-up time plus 1 hour). Assuming no further interruptions, Harold will be ready to prepare spells at 7:00 AM, however, he can prepare only two extra spells at that time because he had cast a 1st-level spell at 5:35 AM, which was within 8 hours of his spell preparation time.

So, as long as Maur cast his spell before going to sleep and rises and prepares his spells at least 8 hours later, then he can memorize Surge of Fortune in the spell slot that had been for Call Zelekhut.


World of Kulan DM
@Neurotic, I might reply to your post later on tonight, but it is more likely that it will be tomorrow. I've had a long day. Woke up very sore this morning. Very tired right now. Blistering headache. Time to rest... hopefully sleep for a while.

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